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  1. I am excited for a comparison with the old formula.
  2. information about fall/halloween release soon?
  3. Nice, because I actually prefer it to the new one.
  4. I understand. (You see, I am A SUCKER for Chypre and old fashioned perfume and have spend a lot of money tracking up the olfactory monsters from the past). Yes, please.
  5. And I appreciate that. Not really.
  6. And as a great admirer of Donna Karans Black Cashmere & Chaos (now OOP) I would also love a more oriental OCCO with some insence and warm dry spice too.
  7. An OCCO fougere would be a dream come true, actually. Something unisex with Sage, Rosemary, basil and cumin to add to the dirtyness of the leather, perhaps...
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