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  1. Thanks guys! I might have TH around here somewhere.
  2. This is an older woman, an alpha control freak. She’s resentful I have been assigned to her turf. I’m meeting her for dinner, hoping to make friends (because if I want to stay sane, I have to). What can I wear to get past her guard and connect?
  3. I wore Mystic Dewdrop with LFM to a male-centric event last night, and oooooh man it worked. My dosage was initially a dot I made on felt by flipping over the sample bottle to soak it and flipping it back immediately. I did this twice and stored the second dot in an airtight plastic baggie (because I knew I would be there all day). I wore the first felt in my scent locket for a few hours and felt too high, so I cut the second felt in half and wore that instead. I sat under the air handler (quite by accident, I was quickly freezing) and shortly thereafter, that little side room became FILLED with men. Possibly everyone present in the building. When there was standing room only, they clustered around my corner. Every time any of the men said something - I am not exaggerating - they looked at me to see how I reacted. Oh my God. I mentioned trying to get a refund for a product, and a guy volunteered to buy it from me. I had a question and a guy called someone for the answer. I told a couple of guys to do little things (a bit pushier than I usually am) and they scrambled to. Oh my God. I almost don’t want to post this because I don’t want LPMP to sell out of this stuff before I can afford to stockpile it.
  4. Since then, there have been a couple of occasions where I was having a bad phero reaction to something or other, or feeling emotional or such, and a spray of Leather reset me to a sort of calm normal. That seems worth mentioning here.
  5. Because @greenappletart said I should post it here: I got a definite hit on Leather today. 1 spray + cops. I was grocery shopping as usual - not looking like I needed any help. A male employee walked by, saying, “How are you doing?” “Fine, thanks,” I answered politely, still paying attention to shopping. Three or four steps after he passed me - long enough to smell my perfume - he abruptly skidded to a halt and came back, asking if I needed any help. No? Was I sure? He smiled at me while walking backwards, before walking on. 
  6. I smelled @Crash’s entire LPMP collection and ended up so high I was afraid to drive home afterwards. Phero OD party!
  7. I’ve read elsewhere if you really want perfume to go uncorrupted, put a layer of vaseline on first. There are also scent diffuser lockets. I’m still smelling mine a week later!
  8. Necropost because I can’t find the answer to this in a search: What would work for this purpose now that Focus Potion is unavailable?
  9. If I ever get to smell Crash’s bottle I will compare to my Supernatural.
  10. I got a definite hit on Leather today. 1 spray + cops. I was grocery shopping as usual - not looking like I needed any help. A male employee walked by, saying, “How are you doing?” “Fine, thanks,” I answered politely, still paying attention to shopping. Three or four steps after he passed me - long enough to smell my perfume - he abruptly skidded to a halt and came back, asking if I needed any help. No? Was I sure? He smiled at me while walking backwards, before walking on. I didn’t want to report this in the Leather bonding thread, but I’m not sure how to start a journal. Saving it here before I forget. I’m ordering a sampler soon.
  11. Oh, one other note: at one point I had to solve a puzzle, so I was wearing a concentration face on top of my usual RBF. Boyfriend said I seemed angry. No, just a little frustrated...
  12. The day of the event, I used 1 spray of Leather on my arms and put a tiny bit of cops on my hips. My submissive boyfriend was a little grumpy at first. Uh oh. Over 1-2 hours later I added another spray, and this was encouraging. He got very touchy feely and offered to help fetch me things. He usually does, but he seemed a bit more helpful than usual. I sprayed twice more more when I changed into my corset that night. Now my arms, neck, and cleavage had Leather. I wore my usual perfume cover. It’s unclear how much the Leather or the outfit was generating IOI. Boyfriend seemed happy and helpful enough. At the end of the night, notably, he said I smelled wonderful and kept resting his nose in my cleavage. Lol I didn’t get a chance to add more pheromone until after a shower the next morning. I chose a drop of H&S I could hide in my usual apple scented cover (Passion Bee honey smells delicious!). This was disappointing - he actually ignored me the rest of the morning. I was depressed driving home, which I think was a combination of self effects and low blood sugar. I took another shower and used this as an opportunity to try out a swipe of Balm Bomb under my chin. It was nice! I did feel like my mood uplifted. Final impression: I wasn’t as bossy as usual wearing Leather, though I did feel confident enough. I need to try full Dominance and maybe add a spray of Leather to steer it. I also feel like the self effects were greatest the first hour of the first day, so maybe my neurotransmitters are drained at this point. It was a long weekend of pheromones. More testing needed.
  13. Reporting back. I tried out 2-5 sprays sequentially on the days before the event, going shopping and keeping an eye out for ioi. I got nothing, zilch, nada, except for one female cashier at 4 sprays who seemed overly eager to help me and kept calling me “sweetheart.” I was purposely frumpy, dressed down without makeup. I hoped I’d get more results when dressed up... (more soon)
  14. Have the staff been reading my thread? I just got my package and my free samples are: Vampire Bunny Love Potion Black Heart Chakra It sounds like these might match Leather! Yes, no? You know what, strangely, I like the smell of the unscented Leather. Weird! I’ll still cover it with something. Right now I’m trying the LP Black - on my skin, it kind of smells like a velvet wooden box in a hippie shop, lol. It definitely starts off like leather! I’m off to run some errands now.
  15. First, apologies if I missed anyone. I’m on mobile and the editor is being a bit difficult. I’m looking forward to the EST chivalry! I don’t know what the bad reactions are that I keep hearing some men get. Only one way to find out. Thanks for your recommendations! I’ll definitely look into them after this weekend. The more I think about it, the more I’m inclined to wait until morning to try a bonding pheromone. Sort of. I’ve used Vibe, which contains the same pheromones, plus a couple more. I accidentally spilled it on myself one day and by the end of the night we were curled up like cuddling pretzels and expressing our deepest concerns. It doesn’t seem to have much self effect on me other than making me less tight-lipped. I gave True Confessions + PSX96 a trial run at a department store and the only pattern I noticed was that everyone else thought they had right-of-way. Three registers open, I’m standing there the longest, employee checks out someone else. That sort of thing. A little girl on crutches(!) was clomping toward my cart with her mother, and I said, “Hold on a sec,” to pull my cart out of her way. She ignored this and kept going full speed. WTF. It was only one spray of each, so not ghosting. I’m not a wallflower and not aggressive, either, just normal. Maybe it made me look more like a wallflower, jeez. I think my demeanor might work better with Leather than Dominance, since I’m much less of a scary b**** than when I started. More FLR than prison guard, yknow. I’m hoping it won’t be too discordant for my partner. By the way, when I originally ordered Leather, I was thinking it would be the same thing as Temptress, but with EST added. It’s not. I found the ingredient list for Temptress and it contains a freaking smorgasbord of pheros. So there’s a very, very good chance that whatever my guy hated about Temptress won’t be an issue with Leather. Yesss... Thanks for your help!
  16. Holy cow, that’s a lot of replies since I checked in last! I will read them in a moment. I wanted to stop in to post this: I’d like to give a shout out to the Love Potion crew for some excellent customer service here. I was afraid I wouldn’t get my Leather order in time for my big event, so I belatedly emailed to ask if I could pay extra for express shipping. They said yes and posted it the same day! I don’t know if it was already ready to go or if they scrambled to fill the order faster, but I really appreciate it. I’m getting the package today, two days early. That’s enough time for me to test out dosage! Yay! (Anyone have any tips on 60/40 dosage?)
  17. Hi folks! I’d like your pheromone advice. NSFW. Situation: I have a submissive boyfriend. We’re going to a kinky club this weekend. I ordered Leather and I’m reeeeally looking forward to trying it out (with cops, of course). Hope it ships here in time! I tried Temptress from another company and he hated it every time I wore it, for some reason. I’m hoping the Leather will work better. The morning after the party, he’s leaving on a long trip, so I’d like to add a bonding pheromone so it really imprints and he misses me. I don’t know which to add to the Leather, that won’t clash or cancel it out. I’m not that knowledgeable about pheromone varieties. Help? I have these pheromones: True Confessions Heart and Soul Balm Bomb Supernatural (AJA) XSP96 Vibe Glace Tease Bliss Babe I’m brand new to LP and hope to add more of your products. I look forward to your advice! Thanks!
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