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  1. Hi! So I’ve tried to search for it but couldn’t find it and I’m a bit confused about what all they do and the difference between the 2.
  2. Im wearing compromising position and ir smells so so good! I'll be sure to mix the lp original with juicy lucy to see how it smells too. So excited to experiment with these and hopefully not splurge to much because i already wanna buy more lol
  3. It actually looks like i got 2 lp blacks and no pink. Oops lol i didnt notice until i read your comment lol i contacted the seller. Aww bumber, it seems like it would be may be a sweeter scent given the name. The lp original smells so good! I know alot of people on here mix scents together. Is the rule thumb to mix non phero scents with phero and cop scents? Mixing the lp original with the phero lp sounds like a great idea. I like sweetee scents and the lp original seems softer and sweeter. Thank you again for helping me. Sorry if I'ma bothee with all these questions but its so interesting.
  4. You are so helpful! Thank you. I ordered a sample pack https://luvpotionperfume.com/listing/538237445/best-selling-sampler-set-for-women Im wearing juicy lucy today and it smells better than when i first put it on lol and im wearing a little lp red too which ive never worn before. Currently im just sorta testing out scents. I wore cuddle buddy during xmas with my family and it smells really good. Im unsure exactly what that does though. And i got phero girl. I also got a sample with it of phero girl/ pheros but idk how that differs from phero girl. My roommate is a guy and he said juicy lucy smelt like his grandma lol but someone on here told me shipping messes up the formula a bit and to wait a week before use. Of the ones in that pack, do you recommend any? I dont notice anything atm with him but i havent worn these around him much.i got the sample pack while i was on vaca and yesterday was my firsr day back
  5. Oh really!? Thats great to know, ive had them all now for over a week so i will for sure try out juicy lucy because personally it was growing on me but i didnt want to smell funny to others lol. Thank you so much
  6. I just got this today and out it on and i first thought it smelt like Christmas lol. My roommate who is male and my bff...and ex lol came home recently and about 5 mins ago he asked me why i smell like an old lady. Lmao he said i smell like his grandma. Lmao now hes caling me nan...sigh. Sooo maybe not the scent for me lol tbh i was expecting something sweeter cuz of the name and it had orange and vanilla in it. Im 29 so i guess its not really a young scent. I may wear it a few more times to see but sadly my first purchase seems like a miss.
  7. Hi!I would love to read that. Can you link it if you remember? I tried to search for it but had no luck!
  8. Hi! Sorry to use an use thread but i am super new and havent even received my first perfume oil yet lol. I was trying to find threads regardinf birth control and saw you had a mirena at some point.I am on mirena as well and have had it for about 8 years now. I got my 2nd one in 2016.Ive never used cops fragrances before and i wanted to know a bit more about how much you would recommend for someone with an IUD. My IUD actually didn't stop my periods. I'm regular like clock work every month. For context I've had testing done to see why i still have my period and my iud hasnt shifted or anything. My body just hates me lol. I heard that women on the pill or with an iud do not ovulate so they dont produce cops. Idk if my still having a regular cycle would effect that at all. Should i use more than someone not on birth control medication?
  9. If i rememeber correctly i bought Juicy Lucy with Sexpionage oil. Ive heard oil perfumes last on the skin longer and smell stronger but i wasnt sure what the radius was. Do people have to be right next to you to smell it or do these oils have good range?
  10. Thanks! I must be bad at searching for products because i can't seem to find alot of them on my own! Thank you for taking the time to send the link to me!
  11. I'll share a little story time for context. Sorry if its long! I met this guy when we worked together when in was 19 and he was 18. We worked together gor about 4 years before i quit and we stayed in touch though text. So i was married when i was 24 and was married for 4 years and got divorced. He lets call him "JPM" was the first person i told about it. From there is almost instanly got dirty. Like texting cuz we didnt see eachother at that time. Then he got a gf a few months later and it cooled down a bit as you'd expect but there was still a tention there that we just ignored. Fast forward almost a year of them dating and i get him a job at my work. Unrelated to me though, they broke up and from that point we sorta went back to flrity texting for a while then when my roommate went out of town about 8 months later, was the first time things esculated in person. Not all the way stuff but.... things occured lmao. So that has only happened i would say...a hand full of times in the past year and a half but the texting and tention is near constant. But so is the flakeyness. Now for the hang ups. They are to me and to him to an extent excuses because he over thinks. So he grew up religious and still is so to an extent sex before marriage worries him now that hes older, mind you he was a hoe for sho as a younger adult. He had a thing with his ex gf still but they werenr dating so he felt some guilt from that. We work together so he felt awkward becaaaaause of that and he didnt wanna ruin our friendship. I would say the only valid worry he had was maybe the religion thing cuz i mean. Its his belief. But then that is also bs cuz he used to mess wkth his ex still lol. As bad as it makes him seem i do want to say he is probably the 2nd closest person to me so i know he means no harm and definitely doesnt want to be a jerk. Apologizes all the time for his oddness. And i know for sure he isnt bsing about wanting to be for reals fwb. And we dont wanna date. I dont want a bf and we wouldnt work. But in that way we would be great. Just friends messing around. He also wants to be able to let go and just have fun too.
  12. Thanks, thats awesome to hear. I tried looking up gotcha in the store sitr but couldnt find it. Can you recommend a perfume that would have that in it?
  13. Lol i like your style! He is one of my closest friends but is irritating when it comes to this so being a tease sounds so fun. Thank you gor answering my questions. I just discovered this shop and forum the other day so all these fragrances and what they do are so so new to me so i appreciate you explaining. La Femme mystere and Le Femme Noire a perfume? I know the shop sells the pheromone mixes separately and also infused in scents is that right? There are alot of terms in threads I've read that i haven't picked up yet lol luckily i learned what occo meant yesterday! Lol and i think you are right on thr challenge part. Once i started to not care that he kept flaking he started being more attentive. Its funny how chemisty is like magic lol it sounds like its real potion like in a fairy tale or something. Its awesome reading about all this stuff
  14. Interesting info! Yeah raw chemistry only has 2 kinds and i get compliments but nothing much. It does smell very good but you can barely smell it unless your nose to skin or like stuck in a car with me lol. Ive read that others use gotcha buy i didnt see it in the shop site. I'm unsure if i was navigating it correctly so i pretty much just copy and pasted from threads i read and searched perfumes that way lol. Think i will get on a p.c to see if i view it better than mobile. I dont wanna date him. We are not eachother types but for some reason sexual tention has been there for years. Ive known him since i was 19 and never was into him but a few years back he esculated it a bit by being hoeish in a text lmao he over thinks super super hardcore and talks himself out of doing alot of things. When he does cave and messes around with me, after he makes himself over think again so he's stressy. Gotcha seems like it could work. Could i mix that with juicy lucy or do i wear it separately?
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