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  1. @Eastwood22 Lol! Thank you but I’m pleased to report I don’t work there any more and can slather to my heart’s content 🙊 and ALSO since I’ve been gone she has begged me 3 times to come back....but that is a hard NO....at any rate I do feel like I like Aja in warmer months so now that it’s heating up again I’m gonna have to bring her out (tiny amounts of course lol) 😉
  2. @Eastwood22thank you! I’d be delighted to do that for you! (Sorry I hadn’t been on here for a min!) @Eggers yes indeed! It certainly made my day lol now it’s what I think of when I put this one one 😊
  3. I’m not sure why I waited so long to get a sample of this as I do like resins but I guess I was afraid it would be more patch than the other scents listed...boy was I wrong! When I first got it a few months ago I eagerly opened it but got that burnt rubber smell straight out of the vial, so I put it away for awhile to let it settle, marinate and percolate...after reading through all of the reviews I pulled it back out to give it an honest chance. I’ve been wearing it for about a week now, sometimes by itself, sometimes with sugared amber (that’s a real winner) and sometimes with a commercial s
  4. This is one of my favorites to wear, I’m on my second fb! I get a ton of compliments from both genders (instead of the jealousy issue that happens sometimes with certain pheros, women want to be my friend with this one)...I got probably one of the best compliments I’ve had in a long time when wearing this one...it was an older gentleman who said I looked like I was about to walk onto an old time movie set, back when movies were “pictures” and women were dames lol
  5. Hi,all! So I wanted to share what happened when I wore this...I wore it straight with just tiny dots for a few days, then as I noticed my own selfies and how others reacting to me when I wore it, I started increasing the amount because why not? It smelled of honey suckle and honey to me and people were def nicer and seemed to hang on every word etc so because I loved it so much I would put it on and put a commercial perfume that always gets complimented over it and they seemed to work well together (or so I thought)....anyway so on my fourth day, I added a longer stripe down both arms and a bi
  6. I know it’s been awhile since this one’s been updated but reading through the reviews makes me want to dig mine back out and try it again. When I initially tried it it did seem to go powdery on me. I wore it to work one day and my boss at the time had me wax her eyebrows...anyway while in the wax room she kept complaining that she thought our powder in there was going bad and how she was absolutely going to have to change it out because it did not smell right....needless to say that was the last time I wore it lol It’s probably been almost a year ago so now I’m going to try it again and see wh
  7. Oh, Cougar how I love thee, let me count thy ways! Oh goodness THIS ONE! So I first bought the trial size because I wasn’t sure about it and the name....I’m not looking to attract any younguns...but I am 43 and on bc and becuz of previous bc had gained 20 pounds (which I did finally loose last year) and felt kind of like I’d lost my mojo...so another whim and I got the trial size...well this stuff smells so amazing I had to turn around and get the FB! The self effects are freakin amazing! I do smell the grapefruit a little in the beginning but the dry down with the Amber is heavenly. It
  8. Hi,all! So I wanted to post my thoughts on LPRed...this was one of my first orders and on a whim I went FB on it...so glad that I did. For the first couple of days I couldn’t quite place what it reminded me of, then I remembered...it reminded me of a metaphysical store I used to go to back in the late 90s-early 2000s and it kind of brought up some unresolved feelings I had over that period of my life and I almost put it away for good...but it smelled so good I just couldn’t break up with LPRed...so I powered through...made my peace with that time in my life and really fell in love with it. Wh
  9. Thank y’all very much!
  10. SpookyK8

    Hey y’all!

    Hi y’all! I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Kate and started purchasing love potion fragrances around the end of Dec/early Jan and am definitely hooked! I’ve been reading the forum for about a month and decided to join. I’m still reading and enjoying all of it (and still trying to get the lingo down lol). This is great stuff ❤️
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