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  1. I wanted to look at the journals and the pens Thanks Mara
  2. Mara I can't seem to open the pictures from your store. Can someone help me out with that? Thanks Ivy715
  3. Ok guys and gales I nothing about the mens scent so I need some thoughts as I want to buy one for my SO thank love, Tee
  4. Ivy715

    Tee is back

    Iam super excited to be back on the forum,missed you all so much hugs, Tee
  5. It always suks when you find out who is true in your life and the ones that arent.Iam sorry that this happened to you,but they will be the people that are missing out on having a friendship with luv ya, Tee P.s. what is saging if you don't mind if I ask?
  6. I luv that one I have a sample I use sparingly please
  7. Yeah I can finally order something, they uped the amout just a wee bit so I can try to get the last 3 samplers. I was surprised. I lov this idea I had been wondering when we would do the cards yippie hugs to all ,and can't wait to see the descriptions
  8. I still haven't got my last minute orders I had to by gift cards so I could do my shopping take note order last month and this month while he is at the store Plan
  9. I haven't ordered yet,but I might have to wear my sexology 1 today.gotta order gotta order
  10. Thank-you everyone she is doing better and eating and going to rehab Saturday and she should be only there no longer then 8 days .Iam so happy that was so scary for the faimly ,she just moved in whith my parents about around march after she lost her other son and he brought her here,she had lost her home of gee I remeber being there around the age of 5.Iam lucky to have a close nit faimly anyhow Couuer deL'amour I chose
  11. yes,so excited I wish there was a money fairy around here well I want to atleast try them all so sampler 4 now,so I can finish up my long waited order YAY WOOOHOOO luv you all, Ail, Glad to see you up an about making wonderfulness Mara call ya when I get off cloud 9
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