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  1. I wanted to look at the journals and the pens Thanks Mara
  2. Mara I can't seem to open the pictures from your store. Can someone help me out with that? Thanks Ivy715
  3. I luv that one I have a sample I use sparingly please
  4. Ivy715

    Pie In The Sky

    This sounds awsome I defiatley want to order this one,I can only order 1 this month
  5. I wonder if this would be a good one for me to use with my curent situation,at home. Do you think it would help ? and are you ordering spray ,rollon,60/40 alcohol?
  6. Ivy715


    so happy for you too. Congats on your vow renwal ceromony
  7. All I know is I gotta get some of that soap & leather beta not sure what else yet
  8. Thanks you two.I think I wiii go with unscented you ladies are the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ok Iamconvinced thats on my list as next buy. What do you ladies use as a cover scent?
  10. Thanks so much for the v-day card,Luv the mistress christmas lotion sample,and the herbal sachet.You guys are so good to us. with much luv
  11. had to have scented cougar and shelly's winter sweater
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