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  1. Ive been meaning to post an update on an experience I had to B2 about a month ago... So here goes! We have a new staff in the photo department who works as a lab assistant, let's call her L. As students, we have to check out equipments through her. I've seen her around a few times and could never remember her name as she wasn't really introduce to us properly... We don't really know each other; and even when we are in the same room, we don't really strike any conversations. One morning, i decided to Apply 1 spray of B2 with pendragon (love!!) before I left home, first person I met as
  2. I LOVVEEEEEE the honey in Glistening Buttons, so warm and welcoming. Dabbed it on my hand and after awhile it felt like I was snuggling on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate... !!! Can't WAIT till winter to snuggle up with this!!
  3. CONGRATS ON THIS OPPORTUNITY PM!!! :D:D The webpage and perfume label look AMAZING. The color, banner, style totally suits Titanic!!! So excited for you!!! :D:D
  4. I just want to wish you the best with this interview! :) Enjoy every minute of meeting such special person! :) May be try not to think how BIG he is... That might be where all the pressure's coming from! Just enjoy the conversation :) I'm sure it will be an awesome lunch :)
  5. bumbob

    Pillow Stuffing

    LOVE THIS SCENT! It's my ALL TIME favorite night time scent! :)
  6. WOW! This stuff works like MAGIC. I seem to get pretty obvious reactions with PP?? It was freezing cold today and so I decided to wear Pie in the sky and Darling! Left home after 5 minutes of application. oh I smelt like coconut buttery cookie.... YUM. There was a pretty long queue when I reached the bus stop and while I was fiddling with my bag or scarf... I felt a sudden BUMP. Then a huge SNIFF. Then FLUFF. I looked down to see what all that was about and found a HUGE golden retriever staring at me LIKE THIS. This is BY FAR the best experience I had with dogs. The dog just stuck
  7. Welcome qingwa! Sounds like we have similar likes in phero! Have you tried Popular potion or Darling Clementine- I get that cherriness and friendly vibe out and it helps to boost my personality! Sexy wise... How about perfume with EOW? Works quite well for me. Like you, I haven't had much result from cougar or ss4w and have had good results from girly twirly and rainbow falls! :D:D You might want to try Oleander The great, it's a happy source for me LIfts my mood up instantly
  8. OOOOO AHHHH.... What is La Femme Mystére???? It looks mysterious!!! :D:D
  9. The scent reminds me of Allumette ... incensey and smoky! This is a really spicy and secy fragrance.... Very bold at first, it softens in an hours time and now I'm getting soft peppery incensey spicy powdery... IT's NICEEEEEEE
  10. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! This reminds me of PIE IN THE SKY! They would be from the same family! May be it's the Vanilla + Buttercream? My skin chemistry somehow turns both of them into playdoh... Phero wise- Will have to test more but so far so good! Had a pretty tough day yesterday, have a cold and coughing a lot, was going to work on my drawings but later found out that my sister failed her "degree" so had to return home earlier to discuss solutions with my other sister... When I got home I saw my uncle and auntie at home.... unexpected surprise! And to be honest, it just wasn't the best ti
  11. SUPER BRIGHT when wet on my skin! Very refreshing and GRAPEFRUIT stands out most for the first 10 seconds! Now it has settled down into a powdery subtle honeysuckle + bamboo + orange blossoms. This is a very LIGHT and uplifting scent , I have to sniff quite hard to get the powdery aspect of the perfume... In a way I think the scent is disappearing! I think water would be what this perfume is like on my skin after 5 minutes! VERYYYYY NICEEEEEEE!!!!
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