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  1. Ask and ye shall receive - both of my orders arrived today! Much as a part of me is tempted to revisit Flying Potion every day, I could try a new scent daily and be busy for quite some time! Thanks to the LPMP team for the lovely masks and well as the beautifully, securely packaged potions.
  2. That is exactly what I’m hoping for! I have two kitties that already like to snuggle, but I am very curious about any changes. I am very slowly figuring out what I like. I find that I really can’t tell just by sniffing; I need to wear them a few times before I know what I think. I’m so unused to wearing any perfume at all, they all tend to seem overpowering at first. I’m sort of liking 1942 after feeling like maybe it was a little too floral at first - which was the same reaction I had to Bosom Bows. Next experiment - baking spices! I’m hoping my two orders arrive this
  3. I ordered some from the Etsy site and the Luv site, and received all of those today. Should be getting one of my two orders from Pherotine this week, and I'm not sure about the status of the second order. In the meantime, I have plenty of fun things to explore! I admit, though, one of the things I'm most curious about is how my cats will respond to Savage Beast.
  4. Resurrecting this thread as my experience with Bosom Bows evolves. It’s such an interesting scent - I read the notes when I ordered it but didn’t remember the details when I tried it and my first thought was that it was very heavy on baby powder, floral, and almost overpowering for me (one swipe of the roller from cleavage to navel, small swipe on each forearm). I put it away for a week or so then tried it again and I am liking it more and more. I feel like as the day goes on, it mellows quite a bit. I have tried other pheros with less-complex but also pleasant cover scents... and the more I w
  5. Thanks for the update - hope everyone is safe and staying warm!
  6. Placed my original order so quickly that I missed out on the Pherotine trials, so I just placed an order for a few of those and a couple more trial vials. Even with a second order, it was hard to narrow things down!
  7. I ended up with a pretty large order, though mostly trials since I am still working on figuring out what works best for me (scent as well as phero blend). Got trials of the new Sogni Incantati, Phero-Charged Money Potion, Goddess of the Blue Moon, Beach Baby, and Kahve. Also several of the previous releases - Crystal Currents, Vampire Bait, Bella Pesca, Soul Cakes, among others. A few FB like Betrothal Potion and Friendly Ghost. Basically, if the ingredients sounded good or the overall scent profile seemed appealing, I figured it was worth trying.
  8. I admit I don't know most of the references, but I've been itching to place an order for a couple of weeks now - I read the descriptions quickly enough to decide, at least for now. I am very much looking forward to reading at a more leisurely pace - and deciding what my next round of purchases may include!
  9. Okay, thanks! I think I will move LFM out of the cart for now, though I may want some scents that include it. PM, H&S, and Gotcha seem to be the top choices... I had been thinking about Androstadienone as a stand-alone to possibly add, but Topper or just DHEAS seem like potentially better options. I admit I am super curious about LFM, but it seems not to be what I am looking for currently. Thanks so much for the thoughts and discussion!
  10. One other question - in general, I'm not looking to overcomplicate the pheros I'm using. I've shopped a few brands and have several to choose from, but in general I would like to keep it as simple as possible. However, how much interaction/competition is there likely to be when looking at blends that are meant to have completely different effects? The main example I'm thinking of is something like Levitation combined with something like Treasured Hearts or Perfect Match or Gotcha - where one is primarily mood elevating and the other is for bonding. Ideally, I wouldn't want to confuse the issue
  11. I have a bunch of the existing samples in my cart, and a couple of FB that seem like a good fit for me. But I am intrigued by almost all of the new ones. Will probably skip the ones with heavily sexual phero blends at this point (though maybe not, if the scent seems like a great fit) as well as anything that seems to skew heavily floral or smoky. But there were at least 6-8 that seem promising. Can’t wait to read the descriptions! I am new enough to experimenting with perfume that I struggle to find good comparisons, and while I like that scent on her and for her, it doesn’t necess
  12. Hmm... if the shopping cart has a size limit, I suspect I'm about to find out. These sound amazing!
  13. One other thing that might help guide this discussion - she went through a stage of new hairdo and new fragrance a year or two ago, and I believe that what she settled on was YSL L’Homme. Now, obviously she picked it because she likes it on herself. But on some level, those are also the kinds of scents that appeal to her. So given that I am still trying to find what I like, why not skew my testing toward things she also finds appealing? So far I skew a little more toward sweeter scents than to woodsy ones, but citrus and spice seems to be a place of common ground, if that is at all helpful.
  14. Eastwood, that is such an amazing response, thank you! Given that we started as long distance, I would definitely say it was the up all night talks in the beginning. There was mutual interest, but she was more the pursuer at least early on. Our dynamic is actually more that I am the protector and caretaker and reliable sort, while she is more the dreamer. Though in terms of personality, I am more of a daydreamer; it’s just that my need for security has superseded that so I focus on doing what needs to be done first and foremost. So lots of background that may or may not help, but i
  15. Thanks, that's wonderful! I got a sample of PM in the 02.20 blend, but had been thinking about getting the unscented to use with something a little lighter. As best I can guess with the limited sampling I've tried so far, I think I will skew toward light scents, with fruit, florals, and maybe some of the baking spices. The heavier, muskier, smoky scents tend to be a little much for me - maybe surprising as I am not a particularly petite or delicate physical presence. I do think Girl/Girl is potentially useful; I have a FB of Bosom Bows with it as well as a pherotine of the G/G. I w
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