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  1. Also, could you please reserve these: 1 large - Sugared Pecan Brown Sugar 1 FB - Sigil: Blessing Oil 1 FB Cimaruta: Horn of Plenty 1 trial - Hush w/ Balm Bomb 2 trials - Feather in the Wind w/ Phero B2.2 2 trials - Sugar Pie Honey Bun w/ Levitation 1 trial - Scribe w/ TMI 2 trials - LP#9: Green Chai Variant w/ Open Windows 1 trial - Z-Day! 1 trial - Cimaruta: The Vervain Flower 2 trials - Cimaruta: Mercury Potion Thank you!
  2. Thank you for letting me know I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner, as I saw it was one of the notes in my beloved Gimme Money. Could you reserve for me Pherotine trial of Teddy BB ?
  3. If by any chance Sugared Bayberry gets released, I'd like to grab it
  4. Mine are similar age. That's the age of them being the smartest people they know 🤨 I hope you'll have a nice day with your in-laws
  5. This hasn't been on my radar before, but this is becoming my favorite pheromone blend. It helps me get organized, more focused and do what needs to be done (what Mega Watt used to do for me, but now I can't find my sweet spot with it).
  6. This is so fruity and yummy, I really like it. However, after some time something smelled like metal on my skin, not sure how to explain it. When through the notes, I think it’s the cherry. I have the same problem with scent that have an almond/marzipan not (except Petit Four Your Thoughts). I'm sad as I love cherry and marzipan. But this scent is sooo yummy! Too bad my skin doesn't like it.
  7. They are OK (my other kid tested positive too), mild symptoms and I hope it stays that way. They both cough a lot, their lungs and bones hurt, have mild temperature and one is really tired. Thank you so much for asking! ❤
  8. My order has been shipped! Something positive that I really need right now.
  9. I really hope so! I really look forward to getting my order, I need something good and positive right now.
  10. I grabbed two bottles, the reviews got to me, can't wait to try it! It sounds so yummy!
  11. Sorry, I misunderstood you... I thought I didn't have to sent the new list, but you were probably just thinking about those 2 bottles. Sorry Paid my invoice
  12. citrine


    This has aged really really well! Not my favorite and I don’t wear it that often, but when I do I get so much compliments. On me this is all about lime and peppercorns.
  13. No, it wasn't on my radar Maybe some other time. I just went to read the reviews, someone wrote it's similar to Mother Goddess and I did get that one I'm sad I didn't get 10:31 too, but I got so many yummy things
  14. @Potion MasterThe 2 bottles of Pearfection are not on my invoice... Should I e-mail you or...?
  15. Yeah, me to. I knocked me out the first time I tried it, then the second time nothing and then one evening when I had a panic attack it helped me ease it and made me feel less sad. And now my trial is almost empty and can't wait for a FB to arrive so I can try it out during the day Good luck at your classes! 🍀
  16. Because of this what you wrote I'm getting a FB. I only ever tried it before bed, I love Savage Beast. But never tried it during the day when I'm feeling stressed and anxious, which is a shame as this scent is so so good. I had a Sogni Incantati from few years ago but I didn't like it as much, don't know why, they don't seem that different at all, to me it feels more sweet. I really like it!
  17. This is one of my favorite LPs. Fresh, sweet, sugary and fruity. It aged really really well!
  18. In that case can I please reserve: 1 FB Sigil: Blessing Oil 1 FB: Horn of plenty Do I need to send you a new list? Nope, in your case I just have to add those to your invoice and send. Thank you!
  19. Great, thank you! No problem, let me check the list again. How about this: Lantern 2 trials (not in sale) Buns of Cinn 2 trials (not in sale)
  20. I have a question... I already asked for an invoice which I will pay as soon as I get it. But is it possible to ask for a second one, (a second order) which I will be paying with a different card, but if you could send my both orders in one package? Because I can't forget what @asterismwrote about Pearfection and now it's all I think about... If it's possible, then please reserve 2 bottles of Pearfection for me 🙈 And 1 bottle of Altar of Venus <<rats, i messed up, would you be willing to pick something else? Sorry & thank you. I should be done now with the sale.
  21. Thank you! This is a surprise love for me. This scent and this pheromone. I have a bit of my sample left, don't want to finish it just yet, and yet, I keep on craving this scent. Savage Beast is a great pheromone. Balm bomb, B2.2 or Teddy don't work for me at all, but this.. this is amazing, this works so well. Makes me calm, helps me sleep... ❤ Just wanted to add, it helps me be calm when I have a panic of anxiety attack, or when I'm just sad. Not when I'm like angry, then Treasured hearts does the trick.
  22. My allspice theme went completly different way. I put all my focus on Savage Beast and Mother's Little Helper. These are currently 2 best pheromone blends for me!
  23. I am super grateful I was able to get spell potions in the sale. I do hope there will be new spell potions soon. I really love Mara's spell potions ❤ Gimme Money, Shut Up and Get a Job, Lucky dog, Black Cat Hex Breaker, Glamour Puss, Van Van oil, Road opener, Open sesame... these were all so, so, sooooo good!
  24. Please cancel my reservation for 4 trials (4 trials are still reserved). Please reserve for me: another bottle of Mommy's Little Monster (making it 2 in total) Sogni Incantati 1 FB (not in sale) Phero Charged money potion 1 FB (not in sale) Sorry for the extra work, I'm doing math and rearranging my order. Thank you ❤
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