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  1. I wore Compromising Positions with Blushing Milkmaid yesterday for a naughty rendez-vous with my 50 year old man toy This might be TMI for some, but: I got ravaged three times in a row and he would not stop huffing my cleavage, where I had applied CP and BBM. There was a considerable amount of nibbling and biting as well. Normally he is a very romantic and gentle lover but CP brings out the animal in any man - be warned
  2. Ok, wore this to a Christmas party last weekend and this is MAN NIP..! Maybe the effect has something to do with the scrumptious scent because I have worn cougar before in spray and original cougar perfume oil with same effects, only to a lesser degree. Bought a bottle - I now officially own the hearts and minds of men around me. Not a bad place to be
  3. I love BAM - actually more than I love LAM - and this scent is coconut love with milk and cream and fluffy little cherubs awww. I got a bottle - just a lonely little bottle, boo.
  4. The scent is very yummy and I certainly get self effects from the Sexpionage, heh! And that is the reason I have not worn it at work - yet
  5. Seriously,why did I not try Sexology before? It's not just the scent, it is the relaxed, sexeee vibe I get from the phero, that is the true awesomeness of this phero. I have had a cranky day at work and home, and Sexology just gave me a brain massage. Neat, lol.
  6. Funny you shoul say that, because I got the exact same feeling from this oil, maybe because of the Popularity Potion. I have been anxious to try this oil out, because of the PP in it. Maybe I was expecting to feel the same way as I do with Cougar (on top of the world, fun and feminine), and PP did make me feel pretty badass - but also haughty. I am not so sure I dig that to be honest, but it is awesome for work purpose. Funny thing is, I thought Leather would give me that badass feeling, but Leather feels quite feminine with a 'wip' more than just 'badass'. I love the scent of Who's That Lady, so that is a bonus!
  7. I get 'sticky red fruit' from A Kiss Of Magic too and it's yummy - not my typical scent though - I prefer the sexier, warmer scents but it really is lovely. And my boss nominated me for Employee of the Month - maybe that was the H&S talking?
  8. This is the first time I get to try the infamous scented Sexology - on me it's wild honey and musk. Got lots of snuggles and so much more with this one. Lovely :angelstar-kaos058:
  9. Ah, Sparkle Fuchsia put me in the right mood for my bf's birthday party this weekend + the scent gave me lots of attention. Yummy, creamy, pumpkin pink goodness!
  10. Me too, me too - I get frisky from cops and so does everyone else! And I just tested this combo two days in a row to make sure it works: Leather 1X spray + LAM + BAM = amazing confidence booster and it makes me feel a little silly giggly, which is good for me.
  11. Great! I have LAM, BAM and BI boosted perfumes oils, so that's perfect for trying some new combinations with Leather - thanks Dolly
  12. Yeah, I could not find a topic covering this question, so here goes. I've got unscented Leather 1X in the 60/40 spray - next time I'll amp it up to 2X though, I spray on a ton of the 1X. I love the effect of Leather on me and on others: R-E-S-P-E-C-T and "my god, you're fantastic"- vibe from work pals of both gender. Alphas tend to be a bit, well scared, of the Leather, which just adds to the fun IMO Leather seems to work really well with cops in a more private setting, but what about positive effects mixing it up with BI, IW, LAM and/or BAM? Or any other phero for that matter, but these are the only ones I've got, so - any thoughts on this?
  13. Aww, yeah I tried Cougar with some OCCO as well - that was...fun Anyway, 2 X Cougar - do I even dare that? I am almost too tempted, but I got Leather coming, which I am very much looking forward to getting my grabby hands on (got the shipping notification, yay!)
  14. Thanks Rosegirl :-) Today I wore Cougar again and sprayed the same amount as before. Starting at work, we had a 100-year anniversary. I work for a hospital as a communications officer and as it is a PR-function I am holding as well as my other functions, I dressed professionally and neat in a tight fitting shirt and a calf long skirt - not sexy though :-D I never knew what the DIHL-look was until today! My boss was looking at me with this huuuuge smile on his face (did I mention he is hot?) and he touched me not one, two or three times but too many times during the day, so I lost count, I was in a shock because he never, ever does that. A really cranky old hag of a manager actually smiled and flirted (!) with me and by the end of a day I got told I was the most beautiful student (I am 34, ) ever seen by this doctor, and he gave me his mailaddress and telefon number. I am completely shell shocked by the awesome power of the Cougar - this stuff ROCKS!
  15. Just to add my experience with Cougar 1X in 60/40: I used it twice with no noticable self-effects or effect on others. I guess I might not have used enough because this weekend - KAPOW! I used five sprays and went from "blah" to "happy, perky, flirty, funny" in 10 seconds and so did my SO . He is five years younger than me, and he responded VERY well to the Cougar - completely as intended I went out and had a great shopping spree with one of my best friends, lots of laughs and great energy - now I can't wait to try Cougar in the workingplace. i wonder if we will get any work done??
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