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  1. I had no intensions of making another big order. I thought I'd pay for my little sale items and be good this month because I assumed all the new releases would be all gingerbread and candy cane smelling and I wouldn't be tempted. But noooooooooooooooOooooo the girls put out 2 new pheros which I absolutely can no resist. So I got the last bottle of Blood Martini 2008 boosted with Lace and EOW and my sale bottle of Enticement boosted with Leather and EOW and a sample of scented Cougar. I am soo proud of myself for showing some restraint and getting the sample first. I also got a sale bottle of
  2. Hmm I don't think I need anymore horny juice, but you know I'm gonna give this a try. So did you get unscented or was it a perfume blend? I really can't wait until the alcohol pheros are up!
  3. Just wanted to make sure you knew that I wasn't saying that your hair comments were off-topic..just that I was getting carried away with sharing my hair regime and didn't want anyone getting annoyed with me straying from topic. Oiling never works for me..it seems to weigh it down and loosens my curl. I do use a tiny bit of coconut oil,but if I do to much it just never seems to wash out. What do you clarify with that is sulfate free? I always read that most silicones had to be removed with sulfates unless they were water soluable. I couldnt remember which cones were H20-soluable so I jus
  4. Curly hair is super porous. I'm sure cops would have a hayday in my head. I'm a spazz about what I put in my hair because stuff like silicones and sulfates can make it look so dry. Dropping sulfates was the best thing I ever did to my hair. My hair is extremely long hair and I put it through tons of abuse before I got smart. I also switched to robert craig hair color which is absolutely the most gentle hair color I have ever use and claims not to have any alcohol peroxide or ammonia. It definitely doesn't smell like it does. It helped my hair health immensely too. What any of this has
  5. the cops alone will stay in the hair? interesting. why? Is it ok to mix the non-phero perfume oils into hair product? They are silicone free, right?
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