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  1. Yeh..when people were recommending Leather and Dominance, I was thinking...nahhhh. I personally can not use either of them. Those 2 pheros make me feel aggressive and bitchy. Even kinda rage-y. I was really surprised by how they affected me. I definitely am a bit dominant naturally and I didn't think either of these pheros brought out any of my womanly wiles. I also found I pissed off men wearing it. I think she would have the same experience..probably even worse. She already is considered a bitch by the guys, she's a spitfire and is not afraid to get in guys' faces. But again, it's not that she is a bitch. She just sort of treats men like they treat each other. She most definitely isn't a bitch to women--she is wonderful and quite sweet! You just have to be extra tough when working with aggressive rutting men like she does. I am going have her try Teddy BB. I might get a sample from somebody I am swapping with. If I do, I'll give it to her. I really like LFM. It's one of my new fave pheros. I'll let her try that too. Maybe we will test each for a week and do a science project. Thanks so much for the warm welcome back, Mara! My friend is really amazing and it takes quite a backbone to take on what she does and work in the environment she does. I'll keep you updated on how operation Phero The Po-po goes. Thanks for all the feedback!
  2. "That's gotta be tough on so many levels. The guys don't like a woman in power, and they are bent out of shape since they have no sexual power over her, either." Exactly, I think many chauvenistic men get extra aggravated by a woman they know doesn't "get d*cked." It's like as long as they can imagine a woman on the receiving end of a penis...they feel superior to her and automatically "win" in their tiny minds. She transcends all penis..and that makes her even more annoying! lol
  3. The problem seems to be that she's aggressive. No more aggressive than the men there, but she speaks her mind and she is moving through the ranks. Seems like as long as a female officer is demure and doesn't move through the ranks and just stays a patrol officer, they are tolerated. But demure women don't move through the ranks. She's the only woman who ranks higher than basic patrol officer. The men in command of her seem to loathe her. The men under her seem to like her better but don't show the same respect they do a man in her rank. As you can imagine, a lot of these guys are full-on powerhungry douchebags. The guy directly above her is an absolute pompous, control hungry jerk. I met this guy before I knew her. Sexist, womanizing, aggressive pig. There are some really nice guys on the force, but the majority are jackasses with issues with women. Her being a tomboyish lesbian seems to aggravate them more. She loves her job, but the frustration and bullying this woman has to deal with on a daily basis is overwhelming. I'm amazed at how she manages to be so good natured despite it.
  4. Hey there everyone. Question. I have a friend who is a lesbian and a police officer and works with a bunch of douchebags. What would be a good phero to tone down the douchebaggery of the guys who rank above her and build compradeship with the men she supervises?
  5. Only 2 bottles left? Will this be the last bottles you have for a long time? Just got one of the trials. Watch me love it and it will be all sold out after I try it! lol Thanks so much for adding them!!
  6. This is my new favorite! I also blend it with my regular perfume and it always turns out nice..I can wear it straight and it's a very pretty, light sophisticated smell. It's a clean floral smell. I don't get the woodsmoke when I wear it. Totally covers the pheros and it's so feminine smelling. Interestingly enough, I have a lesbian friend who says this scent makes her feel crazy. I never thought SS4W had affects on lesbian, but this one seems to dig it big time. Phero-wise I don't get the crazy attention with SS4W like I do Blatant Invitation mixes.
  7. Does anyone have a sample of this I can buy? It's no longer available in sample sizes and I really want to try it before investing in a fullsize.
  8. My guy loves dominant women but loves EST. Kinda crazy. I had recommend maybe she try leather or dominance in the beginning too and she said, "oh no he really doesn't care for dominant women". In her case it's kind of funny because I consider her a slightly dominant woman..sometimes even a hard-ass but a bit insecure about men. But with her husband she is rather wimpy and always working to please him. Seems the less he tries in the marriage, the more she does. Yeh cuddlebunny isn't my favorite scent on it's own, but I find it very easy to layer over. It just kind of gives everything a powdery smell in my case. I find it kind of a nice neutral cover for COPS. Well, we will keep experimenting. If Instant Honesty and LAM doesn't work, we will move on to BI, Dominance, Lace, Leather. Sometimes I wonder if he's got someone at work he is interested in. It seems that it sort of happened quite suddenly, instead of more gradually. Who knows, though. He's definitely not screwing around afterhours because he's too busy gaming.
  9. I gave her some instant honesty and she hasn't tried it yet. I think I have some Bam I can let her borrow if that doesn't work. I think Sexology has EST in it, so I will hold off on that one for now. I'm definitely not giving up anymore RocketFuel or my unscent SS4W. (Holy hell does that stuff STINK unscented!! It smells just like cat piss on me!! I am having a very hard time covering it!) Thanks for the advise! I'll get her to try IH tomorrow!
  10. Ok so one of my friends is going through a rough patch with her husband. Spends all his free time playing video games, not intimate or interested in sex and when they do it, it's mechanical and lacking passion. So I handed her my bottle of Cuddlebunny scented. I thought for sure, he would react positively. He's in his late 20's. I've had so many positive experiences with it. He walks in the door, sniffs and says the place smells like old lady! Later he tells her that she needs to take a bath because she smells! Marches off to his office and plays video games for the remainder of the night. I was floored! I've never noticed any phero bleed-through with scented Cuddlebunny. Although it's not my favorite scent..it's just very neutral and pleasant, it just doesn't WOW me. But I certainly can't imagine anyone saying it smells like old lady!! So what should she try next on this guy? Personally I think she needs to try a bottle of "Swift Kick in the Right Nut" but she just wants something to get him re-interested. The next day I gave her a tiny sample of RocketFuel and she had a lot of hits from work. When she got home her hubby seemed much more pleasant and I think even kissed her when he came home which is a rarity. Unfortunately he was called off to work and the experiment was terminated early. Although I love this girl, I'm totally not going to waste my only and probably last bottle of Rocket Fuel on his ass! Anybody have any ideas what we should try next on this guy? I was thinking Blatant Invitation was just too sexual and wouldn't lead to the "bonding" these two need, but I'm wondering if he's just too douchey for EST. I'm just so amazed, because EST is so good with my partner. I also gave her some Betrothal Potion sample and a sample of Heart and Soul, shes suppose to try that combo next. I won't be surprised if it doesn't get the reaction she's hoping for. EST gives her very sweet, lovey self effects and that just made his rejection even more upsetting for her. So what should I give her to try next?
  11. I get extremely lightheaded doing laundry too..and dishes, and the oven, scrubbing the tub, vacuuming. I'm gonna swoon just thinking about it.
  12. I have to start playing around with having him wear men's pheros. I've never messed with them much before because I really hate men smelling like cologne. I like them smelling clean, maybe a bit soapy and fleshy or that sunbaked smell they get when they are outside, but never dug on man-perfume. Your the one that likes stinky men and smelly balls, aren't you? hahahaha! I don't like stinky but cologne just seems soo sissy to me. Soooo...which dude-phero is your fave?
  13. Thanks Luna! I don't want the Women to feel inadequate..just the men..well not all of then but most of them! Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and spritz that mean old lady with Woozy Floozy and bring her a Wild G-spot Rabbit and a Chocolate cupcake and then she won't get her panties in a wad about empty Starbucks cups anymore. Yes Est does help men have manners. They should spray that stuff in those auto-air fresheners in the men's restrooms and the world would be a much more pleasant place!
  14. Well maybe every day is inaccurate. I wear them when I leave the house and when I have sex. I work only from home, so I don't leave the house every day. lol However, I do have a lot of sex, so I guess, yeh I wear pheros quite often. I have been telling myself to give the pheros a rest, but all the experimenting with them is really quite addicting! It's not just all about the attention..it's exhilerating when you see the phero working. Even if its just the dental hygienist suddenly telling you all the grisly details of her life or Cuddlebunnying all the guys at Homedepot to give you topnotch customer service. They are all my little guinea pigs! lol It's even more addicting with my target because I love seeing him react the way he always does to a particular phero mix. There's a few of them that are always so on the money. It's a total game with us now. After we are together, he's like "what did you phero me today with"?? He's actually getting to the point that he can guess what I phero'ed him with after the fact even when I wear them in the same scent. "Did you Cuddlebunny me!?! But yes! I need to show some restraint and step away from the pheromones! But it's damned hard!
  15. I enjoy wearing Blatant Invitation for the most part. I've been adding a bit more EST and have had guys be a bit "less blatant" but still get a lot of attention and it seems to be more respectful. I like BI because it's so damned consistent. Women don't seem to get as annoyed by me as they do when I wear BI like they do when I wear Dominance. (It still happens on occasion thought) If I'm interacting with a lot of women. I reach for the Cougar. I'm hoping Lace will be one that works well with both sexes. I coulda had a phero cloud around me because I applied in the car not long before I entered the store. Usually I put it on at home before I am finished with my routine. Interestingly, I have often noticed older women getting more aggressive when I wear Alpha type mixes. Their reactions seem to be a bit different though than when younger women react negatively to my pheros. With younger women and women my age it's more of leery, staring, territorial, hostility. Even if they aren't being negative, they seem to stare real hard and always keep an eye out on me. The older women seem quite agitated, flustered, maybe offended. The hostility generally doesn't seem quite as directed right at me. (Well it definitely was with this lady) When I wear straight cops, I don't really notice all the negative female attention though.
  16. Ok I have been reading about pheromone build up? Can it really build up on you? If it can, how can you get it off and start new? I've been wearing pheros almost every day the last few months. I'm thinking if anyone is going to get build-up, it will be me. Any thoughts?
  17. Ok. I don't want to be one that blames pheros for every time somebody doesn't like me, but I swear if I hit the town in Dominance or Instant Sexiness A, I piss a woman off! I'm not sure if there is a shared molecule in these mixes or what, but today when I wore Leather I had the same thing happen. It's interesting because it seems I piss off old ladies sometimes more than the young ones! I just got my box of LP's and put on my new Enticement amped in Leather and EOW and went and did some shopping. It seemed fitting since I was wearing a leather fitted jacket and leather boots and black jeans. First I had to pick up 2 things at the grocery store and was standing in line to checkout. Someone had left a StarBucks container on the edge of the counter, not touching the conveyor belt. When I went up to the counter the cashier asked who's StarBucks container it was and seemed peeved it was left there and looked at me all suspicously. Nobody said it belonged to them. She seemed to get instantly ticked off, almost enraged. Again she asked if it was mine and I answered, "no". I handed her my grocery key on my keychain and she noticed a Starbuck strawpaper on the counter near the cashout point and said it had fallen from my purse, which is most definitely did NOT. She loudly said, that cup of coffee is yours! I'm like "Lady, It's NOT my freakin' coffee!!" She was well in her 60's and one of those really old bitty looking ladies. I swear from the minute I got near her in line, she had been glaring at me and then she had her meltdown in the check-out aisle! I also had another woman in her early 50's giving me the stink eye earlier because her husband noticed me walk by. I am REALLY nice to women. Men, hmmm..not so much, but I treat women and especially older women VERY kindly and politely. Now I'm thinking that maybe me and Alpha-Androstenone don't mix so well with the ladies but BI has it in it. I've noticed some negativity when I wear BI with the fairer sex, but it's rare and not as harsh. I'm wondering if it's a smaller dosage or something. I do know that Instant Sexiness/A really did a number on me. I felt like a Bitch on Wheels and sorta wanted to kick men where they pee and women were always glaring and acting odd when I wore it around them. Dominance, I learned early on, that I could only wear it in the bedroom. Every time I wear it I get negative reactions from women. Anyway men seemed very enticed by Leather. They watched me walk by, did a lot of looking, but the eye contact wasn't all aggressive like it is with BI and none approached or did or say anything stupid. It seemed to be a real attention grabber with the guys. It gave me no self affects. If anything, it might have made me feel a bit more aloof and strutty, but nothing over the top. I was surprised I didn't get anything from the EST and Alpha-Androstenol. I pretty much just noticed all the "Dominance" in it. Who knows, maybe the Nazi-Grocery Clerk was just having a REAL bad day! By the way...I LOVE Gobin Market Enticement!! Tomorrow I'm giving Lace a whirl!
  18. Hmmm...yeh I'd say they were hitting on you and perhaps the BI got them saying what they really felt. These are the kind of things I sometimes hear when men are trying to impress me and it doesn't upset me in the least or make me think they are ganging up on me. I kind of think of it as them trying to urge you to have pity on them. lol Men sometimes go through little rituals trying to work a woman down to their level...or what they perceive to be their level. Sometimes they use pity, sometimes they use antics to try to make you more approachable by saying you are intimidating or unapproachable, sometimes they even try to slight a beautiful woman to try to knock her down a peg. Actually I watched some videos some of those "pick up artists" on other phero boards posted and this was actually taught to guys trying to learn to be pick-up artists. Silly boys. I'd take it as a compliment, because tons of men lust after "intimidating" women and honestly a lot of them will trample right over a darned nice approachable girl to get the attentions of an "intimidating" woman. Now if they said you were stuck-up, or bitchy, or a primadonna you could take that as more of a slight, but I think this was all meant as a compliment and a way to warm up to you. If you really don't want to come off as intimidating perhaps try Lace or Bam or something a bit more sociable and nicey nice. BI is hardcore sex appeal. Very Jessica Rabbit. I'm not really sure what they meant as "vigilant" though. That's kind of an odd comment.
  19. Geena

    Blood on Snow

    Oooh I'm so surprised everyone isn't all reporting on this one. I absolutely LOVE this one. It reminds me of my two other favorites, Blood Martini and Vampire Bait. When I first put it on, it's got a sharp icey edge. A bite... but when it mellows down...it becomes feminine and ultra sexy. It's got a bit of the "perfume" aura to it which makes it classy. I get berry. It's a sophisticated berry to it, not a "I love you Berry Much, aren't we cute berry" but a dark, over-ripe..(or maybe under-ripe) berry scent. I also kind of picture one of those snow-covered evergreen trees that get berries in the winter. I get just a touch of evergreen or something..but it's so subtle it's nothing pine treeish about it, it's just a brisk gust of winter, mountain air. Currant...is soo delicious and sexy when done right. Sometimes currant is just too much, too bitter and overbearing, but this is juuuust right! It's not as powdery to me as Spider Silk which I didn't care for. I've been playing around with Blood on Snow today and it blends really well with a tinky bit of Blood Martini which makes "berry" smell just pop a bit more. So I get more blood less snow. Yum yum! I also tried it layered with a bit of Wishcraft and got a Lustier, Bustier Floral. I really find this one to be super sexy! Ummm..I think I see a bottle in my near future. Update: after wearing over a long period of time, I am noticing that the berry smell disappears a lot and I'm left with more of the mossy smell. So maybe I do wish there was a bit more berryish, curranty goodness in it. I still really enjoy this one and am loving to blend it with stuff.
  20. I love this one but I have a very hard time explaining what it smells like on me. At first it's very sharp. I think poison berry. But yet it's not your normal yummy berry smells, it's darker and heavier on application. After awhile it mellows out into a soft berry, kinda floral but not innocent floral. I think of a bouquet of dark dangerous flowers. I think it's an intoxicating scent. Truly one of my top 5 right now. When my friend wears it, it turns more "nice girl" on her, but on me it remains a dark, slightly stingy berry undertone. I get absolutely NOTHING honey or vanilla in it. It smells nothing like Lorien B on me. On me it's one of those fragrances that completely morph. It's so strange how it changes from individual to individual. I will say, I love it even more in an alcohol base. Usually I think the oils always smell prettier, but Vampire Bait mellows out a lot quicker for me when it's in alcohol form. Who knows, could be my imagination. I also like that it has real lasting power. I get the currants in it, I think it give it that crazy kick..but it's just the right amount of current. Personally I think this scent is too mysterious and awesome for Bella. She's such whiny sissy! This fragrance is for REEEAL vampires that don't twinkle and shit. teehee sowwwwwy.
  21. "Oh, one more thing, we DO have some OOS Pheros right now- BI in DPG, Sexology in D5, Treasured Hearts I think and A couple of others. They should be in stock by next Wed or Thurs." Kay, what's a OOS Phero?? What's DPG and what's D5? I'm outta da loop!
  22. You know another scent that managed to cover up BI 2x was Vampire Bait. I absolutely can't tell the boosted from the nonboosted by smelling it. "Look ma! No butt cheese!" It's a remarkable cover..the same goes with Blood Martini 2008. I'm going to have to try Empress...I like peach if it's not overdone and scents that really cover the pheros. I made the mistake of boosting Denises Musty Orchid with BI. What was I thinking? I really liked Musty Orchid but instead of smelling of Buttcheese...it's Baby Powdered Buttcheese. Alpha-Schalfa. Nothing is cuter than a 6'3 muscular man who's looks like an alpha on the outside, could whuup any man's ass if something desperate were to happen but will spend his weekend grouting your shower tiles wearing a penis leash. So tell me..why are there so many perfume/phero junkies who own a whip?
  23. I had no intensions of making another big order. I thought I'd pay for my little sale items and be good this month because I assumed all the new releases would be all gingerbread and candy cane smelling and I wouldn't be tempted. But noooooooooooooooOooooo the girls put out 2 new pheros which I absolutely can no resist. So I got the last bottle of Blood Martini 2008 boosted with Lace and EOW and my sale bottle of Enticement boosted with Leather and EOW and a sample of scented Cougar. I am soo proud of myself for showing some restraint and getting the sample first. I also got a sale bottle of Seduction and a trial of Victim. To make matters worse, I keep stalking the sale page for the updates that were promised a few days ago.
  24. Mistress Christmas description is to die for. "bad boys everywhere wait on their knees in front of the Christmas tree to receive the punishment which feels like a gift." Indeed a Stocking Stuffer for bad boys! heehee
  25. Oh Mara, I also had one more question. I noticed that in the pulldown on the store..the link we use to add pheros to "Clearance items" and Private Editions...Lace and Leather are not listed. I was thinking about boosting one of my Sale bottles and couldn't.
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