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  1. Oh my, Mara, I'm crying. Black Star...so awesome!! Thank you!!
  2. It may depend on your "audience". Please read some of Dolly's writings on cops. (If anyone has time to add some links that would be great!) Men will not respond if they are not in the appropriate setting to do so. If you're slathering cops at church, for example (lol, not suggesting that you are, just as an extreme example). Cops are best used in private, intimate settings. They are not advised for public use with random strangers such as bars, nightclubs, parties without a date/boyfriend. Cops are to ENHANCE an existing relationship, not to ESTABLISH a new one. just my .02
  3. Also, practice makes perfect. Put on some music you love, light some candles, and have a few dates with yourself!
  4. Although we find this to be quite different from the original, Mr. Goddess and I both really like this!! It is much more floral to my nose, but when he wears it he smells GOOD, and I'm so glad he's happy!! Our bottles are waiting for me at the p.o., to be picked up tomorrow!! I think I'll give myself a good slather tomorrow - I didn't dare until the stash of bottles was secured!! Thank you so much Mara!! xoxo
  5. Spell Potions, eh?? OK, I'm now going to monitor activities VERY closely!! I could really use a bit of magic right about now!!
  6. Welcome!! I'm one of those who gets REALLY emotional if I wear anything more than just a swipe or 2 of Lace. I get weepy and sooooo sad. I think the idea of trying blends on the bus is brilliant!
  7. I adore LFM, but I wasn't sure about this scent, because of the coconut. It is a bit too coconut-y for me, but I think with some creative layering it will be great. I am hoping that with a bit of aging the coconut will recede a bit and all these other wonderful notes will emerge!!
  8. I'd skip heavy cops, not just for safety issues, but because you might scare away some really great guys. If it were me I'd go with something with Popularity Potion or Open Windows. Just keep it fun and light!!
  9. I think this is what you're looking for: https://www.etsy.com/listing/207868522/pure-cyclopentasiloxane-silicone-aka-cps?ref=shop_home_active_7
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