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  1. It may depend on your "audience". Please read some of Dolly's writings on cops. (If anyone has time to add some links that would be great!) Men will not respond if they are not in the appropriate setting to do so. If you're slathering cops at church, for example (lol, not suggesting that you are, just as an extreme example). Cops are best used in private, intimate settings. They are not advised for public use with random strangers such as bars, nightclubs, parties without a date/boyfriend. Cops are to ENHANCE an existing relationship, not to ESTABLISH a new one. just my .0
  2. Spell Potions, eh?? OK, I'm now going to monitor activities VERY closely!! I could really use a bit of magic right about now!!
  3. I adore LFM, but I wasn't sure about this scent, because of the coconut. It is a bit too coconut-y for me, but I think with some creative layering it will be great. I am hoping that with a bit of aging the coconut will recede a bit and all these other wonderful notes will emerge!!
  4. goddesslynne reviewed 5: True Confessions, Treasured Hearts, Sugared Honeycomb, Vampire Bait and Cougar!!
  5. LFM - great self effects SS4W - people seem to LOVE me with this on!! Open Windows - good all-around social, and makes me feel like I'm improving the world when I wear it but, if I could have more... Treasured Hearts - Feels good with Mr. Goddess Cougar - just in case... Levitation Blend - if I ever decide to do karaoke again
  6. Wore my sample again today, spritzed over with LFM. Mmmmm, makes me feel wonderful! Ordered a full size spray boosted with LFM!! I love the juxtaposition of the boy-smell and the uber-fem pheros!!
  7. Wearing this today, it's so hard to pin down and review!! The leather is super-strong on my skin, which is fine. Combined with the tobacco it's a dry, hot vibe. That might also be the spices, although I don't detect them at all. The musk is verging on vanilla, but not. The apricot almost has a cherry feel to it. I don't feel the patch at all...which is perfect! It's blended in so subtly that there is no hippy vibe at all. This is the first of this month's Love Potions that I've tried. It definitely has a good place at the top!! We'll see if anything tops it!!
  8. Mara, I think about you every day!! Thank you for creating the most beautiful scents/pheros, and thank you for this amazing community. I hope to be back to "customer" status someday, but I'm loving and enjoying my collection until then!! xoxo
  9. goddesslynne

    Double O

    I love this more each time I wear it! FB if I can hook the money fairy before it sells out!
  10. Oh Madison, that was an incredible review!! I wish we had a "subscribe" button, I want to read everything you write!! I adore Open Windows, and in fact, I plan on wearing it today for my hubby's "post birthday" party. We're expecting an eclectic group of about 35 people in our home, and I'm looking forward to having a wonderful time!! I KNOW OW will be a big part of that, for them and for me!
  11. In case I haven't mentioned it lately, I'd LOVE more SPIRIT BOTTLE!!
  12. OCCO Black is a must-have if you love LP Black!! Many uses besides just with LP Black. It smutty's up just about anything!!
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