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  1. Okay, I'm up for a little danger and excitement!!! Warning taken!!! haha!
  2. How would you describe the sandalwood & resins LAM... more sandalwood? or more resinous? That is the one I'm most interested in.
  3. Yes! It is JV Koles, and I remembered the Stone Labs connection. It is one of the things that interested me in the Love Potion products, because I knew how well Scent of Eros worked for me....so I figured if you were using a source like that, your products must be great. And I was right! And I love your little mad scientist emoticon! Alter Ego did the same thing to me. Gave me a headache and turned me into an evil grumpy bitchy person. Just GRRR all the time! Luna my dear, I think with your few simple words you cut to the heart of my whole perfume addiction... smell good, fee
  4. Hello ladies I'm interested in the effects of LAM, especially compared to Scent of Eros (Anol & Cops) from Love Scent. Have any of you out there tried both? The first time I wore Scent of Eros, I had an *off the charts* good day. I mean the self effects from the Anol were insane. I remember emailing my man telling him "OMG, I am having the BEST DAY! I feel SO GOOD!" but not putting 2 and 2 together that it was the pheros. The way they affected my co-workers? I have never seen them act like that. Giggly and over the top friendly. We all went out to lunch at an Italian restaurant an
  5. Dgsweets


    LOVE this scent. Dolly was sweet enough to give me a sample with our last trade, so I tried it out. Wet, it is (to me) very heady cherry with a sweeeet almond extract type flavor, and some fully bloomed red roses. As soon as it hits my skin, the beautiful smokey incense starts to bloom. This continues to bloom until it is the PERFECT cherried nag champa scent. Like the satya nag champa in the blue box. To me, this smells EXACTLY like these two little stores I used to frequent on Ventura Blvd in Tarzana,CA...the Love Boutique/Imagine Center. Smelling this perfume takes me back in time to a pe
  6. Nope, tried it again today using about half of what I used before (this is my third or fourth trial run) and unfortunately for some reason it makes me feel real mopey and low. Maybe because I'm real lovey dovey and sentimental and sensitive to begin with... it just exaggerates that? Who knows. I'm glad it doesn't affect everyone else this way. It's either the androsterone or the epi-androsterone...because I know I tolerate both Alpha and Beta Androstenol well. Meh. I wish I loved it!
  7. Kay...I'm gonna try tomorrow & I shall report back.
  8. Hey ladies anyone wear this and feel kind of "blank" and "emotional"? It kinda makes me space out (I guess that would be the a-nol) but it also kinda makes me feel extra emotionally sensitive. I am an emotionally sensitive person anyway...but this seemed to magnify that quite a bit. Is it possible I OD'd? I haven't tried it again for fear of ruining another happy day. Haha any feedback would be appreciated.
  9. Okay, thanks for the warning. I would be more able to avoid that effect (at least a little bit) by applying the pheros to areas away from my face, right?
  10. I know this is kind of an old thread... but which would y'all say is better for getting someone close to you (a man) to open up and talk about something that's bothering him... True Confessions or Open Windows?
  11. That would be perfect timing actually. I'll get back with you in early August to work out the details on your trading post!
  12. This is great news! I'll have to wait until the money fairy comes again next, but yes, I will check out your trading post! thank you for the heads up and also the word on the OCCO purple!
  13. I LOVE this scent. This and OCCO Gold could become my two go-to phero fragrances every day for the rest of my life! However, I know that TAH is hard to come by sometimes...so I'm not sure if this will be permanent. So, I'm looking for you ladies to help in finding something very similar in scent to Neanderlicious. I'll tell you what I love about it so you can help me. When it starts to dry down, and the middle notes come out (whatever they are), it is unbelievably good. Smoky, sweet, and still clean smelling. When the base notes start to emerge and combine with the middle notes, it is s
  14. Dgsweets

    Honey Ho

    I love this perfume in the bottle. It's not BAD on my skin, but not one of my faves either. When it dries down it is much more 'powder' than honey. My boyfriend commented 'are you wearing baby powder?' um, no. I am a total honey ho but I think this one might morph on me too much. I'll wear it when I'm not in the mood for honey because it's pretty, fresh and light. IMO-I need to stick with the dirtier honey scents.
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