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  1. I'm really likin' this one too ( thanks for sharing Beccah!) At first I get cat pee/musk. Then it turns more into BO, then finally it becomes a beautiful soft musk. I think this one is so romantic. I don't really get the "dirty" vibe during dry down but I think it's because my skin chemistry makes it so soft.

  2. Honeybee, thanks for the detailed response and sagacious advice! It has really made me think more thoroughly about how you're spot on as per the mood the gym can have. I've been going for years as I used to compete in sports and you're so right in that groups and modes of behaviour prevail that make action constrained by certain scenarios.


    Sadly there is no parking lot nor even a bar (my old gym had one) and you're right those are prime zones to escape the gym mood, gym people, gym gossip and talk one on one with much less tension.


    I think you have understood the problem well, the gym has a certain mood and there's always people around watching whats going on therefore talking to anybody becomes a public affair, visible on the gym 'theatre' or 'stage' as people on the various bits of equipment are observing everything and everyone around them and there's a fair bit of gossip about the various people who frequent the gym.


    Add to that, as I noted, Puppy dog is the proud type, he's trying (as most men do in the gym) to be the bulldog, the Heman, Master of the Barbell Universe, play it really nonchalant and tuff as he curls and squats and what not. If the gym is like a theatre then he is attempting to play the role of that cool, strong guy and he plays it pretty well as he probably is one of the strongest men around, he squats 3 plates each side.


    So in the sense that the cool strong guy has established himself as a dominant successful personality in the gym cast, I'm sure he does not want to make a donkey of himself by trying to chat up some chick in public only to be rebuffed. I guess its my job to make him feel more secure.

    However likewise I also don't want to make a mule of myself by being seen 'chatting up' the cool guy. So I have to make it subtle.


    I think the reason why EST is working is because it changes the mood. I think the EST works as there is already so much testosterone flying about left right and center as men pump iron, that using pure cops would maybe increase the aggression but simultaneously introducing EST somehow tones it all down, makes pup deflate to a more mellow level.


    I know that EST can make men chivalrous and I observed as I put away the 45s the other day, he almost came over to help me, but something stopped him, he made two steps forward as he saw my small lady hands grabbing the weights but then, poof, two steps back again.... hmmm

    So the thing now is to open up the communication alleys and in such an environment its not easy.


    I don't have Popularity potion, its on its way though as I just saw my latest order has been shipped!


    Thanks again for the advice... I'll be planning and scheming as we women do until the next time I see him and the sexology will at least have him :dog1:


    Indigo, I'm so glad I helped out some, at least you have some what of a new angle to help your scheming ways, he he . The gym atmosphere deff sounds intense but you sound like a super smart lady who I'm sure can figure out a plan to finally make that puppy do more than drooool. :)


    EST does sound like its working good for you, yay. And the Popularity Potion will be a fun experiment to try this coming week. You'll have to keep us informed because I'm really rooting for you : ) He just HAS to open up eventually, how much can that man resist?


    I wish I had more advice to give. I know in my massage therapy program we learned the power of intent. It's kind of an energy technique I guess. I've heard stories of how some women say that once they ACT wanted and like they are the sexiest woman in the room, they ARE treated just as that and noticed more than ever. I know your guy already notices you but maybe you can put some kind of intent into it..............? It sounds weird I know, but some people live by it, the universal law of attraction. They just dwell on the positive and eventually opportunities arise. So I'm sure with your good intentions, LP'sawesome pheros, your gym rockin' bod, and time, you should get your way girl. :sunnysmile:



  3. Ahh, I see now. Thanks guys. Yeah I don't want that in public I don't like attention unless it's from my man so I can't wait to try it with him.


    I haven't been typing my words out correctly, sry about that. I meant in the previous post that I don't wear cops in public, and I didn't think this had them, but since so many reviews were sexual would this blend be less intense than cops, like more acceptable to wear in public. But I get it now, it will give you sexual attention and in that case I'll save for more intimate times. When and if I want to try out a social blend in public I'll just use my Cougar. Thanks again.

  4. It's not that they DON'T mix ok, it's just that the entire balance of the intent of the mixes would be changed. Neither would be what they were designed to be. You'd be turning Sexology, which is supposed to be a more intimate mix, into a social mix. And maybe that's exactly what you need!



    As far as Canadian men go...I know what you mean, Indigo, and that's exactly why Canadian men are my FAVORITES on the whole planet.

    Canadian men, in my experience at least, are raised to believe, and I mean REALLY believe, that men and women are equal partners in life. They don't treat you like you couldn't possibly know what you are talking about because you are a woman - like sooooooooooooooooooooooo many American men do. They don't patronize. And when they do come to treat you like a lady, rather than like a hockey buddy, there are none more chivalrous. and sincerely so.


    It's definitely a cultural divide. What you see as aloof, I see as respectful. What you crave, would make me want to smack a guy upside the head. :w00t:


    Good luck, Honey!!!!!



    Oooooh, I know what you mean Potion Master. Being RESPECTED is such a turn on. I realize that people enjoy eye candy for sure but to be viewed as more than that means so much more. Sometimes I feel so old fashioned cuz I'm in my mid 20's and hate getting cat calls and guys trying to pick me up, I think "they don't even know me, GAWD, just talk some and treat me right", lol, my friends think I'm nuts that I get so annoyed but I really love the respectful guys that just come up and start chatting without having to put their desperation out there with gawking stares and sexed up talk. Those men really are the brave ones. : )


    Back to the discussion: Good luck Indigo with your guy. You said you might try a social mix, I think Luna said Popularity Potion and I know for me I use Sparkle Fuchsia, I stole it from my Mom : ), it's AMAZING, you need to buy a sample.


    I know you said you're a bit too proud and he is too, so maybe before you leave the gym next time you can just smile, wink and walk away, or even wave. If it's just stares and no talking try some other form of communication like that. Since it's before you leave it's like you are leaving the door open for next time he's there, see if he reciprocates with a hello the next time. Or try to catch him outside of the gym like in the parking lot. I know it might sound weird but I am one of those people that kinda morph in different environments, I don't pose or anything I just feel like there is a time and place for some things and maybe if he's so shy it's because he's uncomfortable with the idea of mixing gym time with picking up girls, even though it IS a good place to meet people and flaunt your goods :P I know at the gym I used to go to they had some major issues with a group of guys that were scaring away some of the ladies, so they had to change up their rules and stuff. So maybe it's just the atmosphere he's not comfortable with? He sounds intimidated, maybe even lace would work but I know you said you already tried est. Hmmmm, well let us know how it goes.

  5. This smells goooood. It reminds me of Halloween nights when I'd go trick- or- treating and stick my head in my candy bag and sniffff, YUM. I smell tootsie rolls and cinnamon candies and chocolate bars and fruit chews. At first snif it took me right back to those memories. Forget the turkey, now I WANT some candy!!!

  6. Very,very nice Honeybee :) You found something special that works for you and your guy !! And BAM can be added to most any scent you love too,oooo the possibilities :)


    Thank you Calii. You're right, BAM is pretty special and I'm thankful I tried it. I was having a lot of fun with some of the other pheros (A-nol, MRF, cops, ect) but since the other night with BAM I have a deeper respect for them now, they really can work wonders when used in the right time and place.



  7. A big "awwww" is all I have to say. My bebez was so sweet last night. I actually forgot that I had this on until this morning. When I woke up I was thinking about everything that happened and was like "DUH, Happy Endings"! So last night my guy sat me on his lap and asked how I was doing with some issues that I have going on. Then later he asked how I was feeling about him, it caught me very off guard, I actually thought he was about to tell me something bad but I went with it and he ended up just talking a bit about us and how we are doing. CRAZY. Then during more intimate times he was holding my hands and seemed to not be in any hurry to "get there". He seemed to be taking it all in which was a very nice change of pace. Before that he even gave me a back rub without asking him to. WTH do you guys put in that BAM, clearly this is a very special mix that I won't be without. I'll be saving this for times where we need some extra intimacy and closeness in our relationship.

  8. Butter!! Yes, butter. Not a heavy. smoky burnt butter. Nor yet a sticky, so-sweet-it's-crunchy butter.


    This is fresh butter the likes of which I've never smelled in a bottle before. It's slightly sweet, quite rich, warm and very smooth. I adore it alone, and I'm sure it could be layered with pretty much anything. I tried it with White Licorice and it was divine. I tried it all by itself and it was divine.


    Guess who'saving up for a bottle?



    Hi Gale, YUM, this one sounds so scrummy-umptious, haven't tried it yet but hopefully in the future. Just to let you know, I think there is already a thread for this one in the "Pheromone Arena" area under "Pheromone Fragrance Reviews". There are a few reviews already and it sound awesome. I think you can somehow move your review there but I am a dunce and don't know how

  9. Would a little Beta-Androstenol or Est work with this?


    Hi icing,


    I'm no expert but I don't see why it wouldn't work. I've read some other posts and found that no pheromone can really cancel others out or anything, just changes the effects up a bit. I believe the Est would soften up the A-none in C.P. so it wouldn't be as "aggressive", you'd come off a bit cuddly with the Est added. While the B-nol would make for more of a bonding experience, assisting in conversation.


    Maybe check out Blatant Invitation if you want the Est because I believe BI has those.

    "Unscented Pheromone Blend for Women. Sexually assertive, but cuddly too - it whispers, "yes" , and gives off a vibe of uninhibited sexuality but eminently approachable at the same time. Contains a blend of Alpha-Androstenol, Alpha-Androstenone, Estratetraenol and Copulins."


    Hope that helps you out : )

  10. This scent lasts over 24 hours on me - it hangs on very tenaciously. May I ask how you are wearing it? Every time I read people saying that something disappears, I wonder if they are only dabbing a dot, or if they understand that after a little while, a wearer usually cannot smell their own perfume anymore, (unless it kicks up due to body heat), but everyone else can still smell it.




    That's a good point. I tested it three times so far on my inner elbow, tried to test in an are where I can easily sniff so I know if I'm liking the scent of the fragrance or not. I've read the correct routine though, to make a circle around the belly button and then a line all the way up between the cleavage to the neck, I do that but not with testing because I don't know how to do that with the little stick. With the sample size I take the stick and put it in the crease of my elbow, about two dips and I swipe it back and forth. The first day I also received Seduction (Thank You) and I put it on my other elbow. That one stayed on there all day, while CP floated away. Maybe it's just my nose because AVV turns plastic and about an hour later the same thing happens; I can't smell anything. I think it may just be my chemistry that does that with those pretty vanilla, creamy fragrances : ( Those are my favs too. In the bottle it smells so rich and then on my skin it eats it right up.


    I'm thinking I can wear this still for the pheros at least, hopefully those don't get eaten up with the vanilla/eggnog but I'll just have to use another fragrance to draw my target nearer. Or maybe I'll try the unscented, a little scared about trying to cover it but maybe. Thanks for your help.

  11. I bought a sample of this and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't turn to plastic on me. I have that problem Luna mentioned about some notes turning plastic. Some vanilla's and creamy milk scents don't work on me but this one never turned. The thing is though, is that it is so very light on me. An hour later and poof it's gone, I don't smell any vanilla or eggnog or cops either. Do you guys think that the pheros/cops are disappearing as well? I would still by a bottle of this even if it is light and disappears as long as I'm seeing results from the pheros (which I have to do more experimenting). Or do you believe the unscented Sexpionage might work better if I cover it with a different fragrance that won't disappear?


    Edit* I'll review this better since this IS the review page:

    On me this is very rich and warm while it's wet. I can smell a bit of the spice and vanilla, it's creamy goodness. Upon dry down, on me, this becomes very light and soft, almost airy. The spices and vanilla are mellow Its one of those scents that you have to stick your nose right up to and huff, so it would be very good to bring my T.G. in very close : ) Unfortunately, too soon, it drifts away and I'm left with bare skin. But this is just my crazy chemistry.

  12. I don't usually like people bugging me constantly either, and I think that the Leather blend is supposed to be a little more flirty-sexy than Dominance, so maybe if you add more Dominance to it then they'll give you more respect and distance. I've noticed that when I wear Dangerous Games I feel a little more confident, flirty because of the Leather. Haven't tried Dominance though.



    Thanks for the tip, wearing both potions sounds like it would be best. The Dangerous games could help with remaining friendly yet the Dominance would help with more assertiveness, AND I just received my sample of Tabby so I'll have fun experimenting each on their own and then together. Yay, I hope I can find something that helps.

  13. I wore this the other night, and one sales guy came over with the typical "Hey how are you doing" question, then said if we had any questions to just ask. Ok, normal. A few minutes later he comes over again asking, "Got any questions? You have to have at least one." (as in, before he'll go away") so we came up with one. The whole time he just kept checking in on us and trying to flirt, asking us what our plans were for the rest of the night and such. Then we went into a restaurant and the guy cleaning the tables kept trying to find a reason to talk to me. No *crazy* reactions, but nice friendly-flirty ones :] I'm digging the fruity scent of this too. My skin seems to amp fruit scents so at first it's REALLY fruity then the sweetness comes out and just mmmm. It lasts FOREVER too!


    Huh.... interesting. I have a sample of this and keep forgetting to wear it out. I will try it soon especially now that the Christmas shopping fever is going to start. One of my pet peeves are workers coming up to me asking questions, ahhhh, drives me mad, I am a very introverted, quiet person. I hate crowded, loud places. So usually when ever I go to Best Buy or the Mall its chaotic for me, workers attack me like vultures and all I want to do is get what I need and get out without hearing about their latest gadgets. I realize that I can be easily approachable even though I try not to give off that vibe, I have tried to limit eye contact and give off the vibe that I don't need assistance but sometimes it just doesn't work. I know I might sound rude, but I am not rude to the workers, sheesh, its like they don't listen though, so I was hoping this leather would help, maybe they'll LISTEN to me if I wear it, but I hope people don't start flirting with me now, lol, thats the last thing I want. If this won't work maybe I can find something that makes me camouflaged, he he.


    Edit: Duh, forgot to review the scent. On me this is berries galore for the first few hours, I smell nothing else, berries are amped but it smells good, I like berries. Hours later it softens to a more creamy berry scent, it's pleasant and pretty. I'd definitely get a bottle of this because of the leather, if it works, or I'll have to try the Dominance potion and whip those vultures, ha ha.

  14. Sounds wonderfull. I am looking for an other perfumel like garland and lace. something really eggnogie. Is this one close to it?


    Hi ravenwing, I've never tried this one, sounds delish................ I've heard Vicars and Tarts is similar to Garland and Lace, maybe try a sample of that too.

  15. If you can find a vodka with as little smell as possible (Burnett's is good, and inexpensive) you can give that a try, but it may not blend - you might have to shake it each time. Perfumers alcohol has one little extra ingredient in it that allows things to mix nicely, and permanently. We use a ratio of 33% perfume oil to 66% alcohol. A commercial perfume spray is 20% perfume oil. Colognes are 10% or less, and a splash or after shave has only 3% perfume oil. Good Luck! Let us know how the experiment goes!


    OH, but be careful spraying copulins...try to avoid your hair and clothes because then the copulin stank never settles down. It needs to bond with your skin chemistry to settle properly. Copulins are really best worn closer to the skin, while social pheros like alpha-androstenol really shine in spray form.


    Yay! Thanks Potion Master.


    Perfumer's alcohol def sounds way better quality, especially for our precious angel LP's. If this works out well I would rather have LP mix me up a bottle of beta spray but for this fun little sample, I will experiment with the Burnett's and get back on here to review it. Probably won't be for another few weeks but I can't wait, woo hoo!


    Thanks for the advice, I had no idea different brands of vodka smell different, thought it was all the same. I don't drink much but when I do drink I love my TEQUILA : P But this is what honeybee looks like the morning after, he he he :bee-sleeping:


    Thanks for the warning about spraying cops. My hunny would be distracted by my stinky hair, not how I'd want my night to go.

  16. Hi Hi!


    I'm so excited to sample Love Blossom the new "magnet" phero/frangrance blend. I might buy one of those little tiny spray bottles and dump the sample in there because I've never tried cops in spray form and would like to try it out on my guy. I know I'd need perfumers alcohol, but I'd hate to buy a bottle of it when really I'd just need a tad bit, I think the little spray bottles LP offers are 4 ml. Do you think vodka would ruin the pheros or perfume oil? I heard its very similar and some people use it but I imagine it would be harsh?



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