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  1. Thank you so dearly for the lovely package!!! All the extra's and sweet touches are beyond generous!
  2. Speaking of enhanced scents....when is the last time we had a perfume enhanced with leather? My Dangerous Games gets no love b/c the berries are so crazy potent. but I still keep it for those times I need to lay down the law I want to buy unscented leather but keep putting it off for other treasures. Maybe we'll see something in the future (?)
  3. I am so happy that you like it!!! You're right about the day and night version, lol. I didn't think of it like that before but V2 is so much more appropriate for evening w/the musky, sensuality of it and V3 for day time b/c it's the brighter version like you said. Not that you couldn't get a little crazy and change em' up but I know exactly what you mean and looking back I usually only reach for V2 for some night time thrills. Oh, it's so funny how perfume can communicate to us, and LP's intent can be heard through the bottles, always amazes me.
  4. MRF 2009 has become more polished over the years, its aged very nicely. It was amazing since day one though, very sweet syrupy, even a little sticky. It reminded me of pancakes drenched in maple syrup. Now the notes have blended more evenly, I can't detect any one note overpowering another. MRF 2009 has BI phero blend and I wore it last night and my man ended up lighting candles, drawing a bath and then gave me a massage!!! What a romantic evening we had, nothing rushed like "gotta have it now!" like compromising positions does to us (which is so GOOD too but we changed it up last night),
  5. This is so pretty. My Mom and I both have a sample and we love it. I get a nice floral scent while the oakmoss balances it out. For the phero effects my Mom and I both feel more relaxed while wearing this. It really helps when the whole family is together. I noticed that it helped me get to sleep the other night as well. I'm not sure if it actually made me sleepy or if it just eased my anxieties and helped my body and mind relax but it sure was a good sleep and an easier morning : ) Edit: I wore this again today and it smells a bit different. I think b/c I was catching some rays and so th
  6. I think the peach with the honeys might add a certain "tang" out of the vial that I've never smelled before but during dry down this is juicy, sexy honey with a hint of fruit on me and it's G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! I don't get any moth balls scent like I did from Jouir de, personally.
  7. Thanks Calii! I am excited to try out the V4 whenever I can get my hands on some and any and all versions after that. It's so nice that we have these things to look forward to in the future! I thought it was neat too how my SO was so perplexed about this scent, lol. I'll have to watch him now, he might try to taste test it like I hear a few people on the boards have done.
  8. I don't wear G&L (V3) very often at all. I told myself when I got it that it is soooo good that I can only wear it for special occasions but I haven't found many occasions special enough to splurge with it because I was being so overly protective of this bottle, lol. So I decided that last week, for no reason at all that I would break this bad habit and spray away and I'm so glad I did b/c I forgot how well this works for me and the people around me. My SO reminded me just how much we love the phero blend Lace for our relationship too. He was in a super cute mood, happy and care free a
  9. I revisited this one today and it's so delicious this time around. Sometimes (probably depending on my hormones) this is buttery popcorn with cinnamon and I know that's not what it's meant to be so it's disappointing when my skin turns it all wacky. BUT today it's explosive!!!!!!!!! It has so much more depth today, it is so very sexy that I feel like seducing someone ; ) It's also still foody today without being a walking dessert (though that is GOOD too of course ) or gourmet popcorn in my case (which is still nice if that's what you're lookin' for). It has awesome throw too which normally f
  10. I have V2 with BI which I LOVE to use with the boy! I put this version on at night when we are together, works in an instant........ and then way into the late morning I awake with his nose stuck like glue to my neck, crazed, ready to go again. I can't believe how long the scent AND the pheros stay on in this one. Now for the V3, this is personally my favorite of the two. This is lighter, not as syrupy as V2. Something about it is brighter, not as sticky or heavy. It doesn't last way into the morning BUT that is okay b/c I'm lovin' this almost pinkish scent I'm picking up. For the phero's
  11. This IS just so hilarious, he he he! Noobs just don't understand the big heart of Mara at first. It's quite rare to find this much generosity in a person, and then it hits them and they feel all special and loved : )
  12. Awww, thank you Potion Master for the help, I understand now! And big hugs for being so sweet and giving and just because your so wonderful : )
  13. Thanks for letting us know PM! I had no idea that we get credits!!! So I am over 300, does that mean that I have $5 for reaching 200 and another $5 for reaching 300 stored up? Do they expire? Can you use the credits together or only one at a time.............. Hmmm, where have I been, I obviouly missed this and I'm sure there is a thread for it, I'll go look. I completely understand how its a possibility that someone might just post like crazy now. just to rack up posts, I hope mine are valid anyhow. Thank you for your generosity <3
  14. Hi there! Since you have a bottle you can and should play with the dose to see what works best for you. For me I use 1 spray of UNSS4W and it's perfect so test it out, that's the fun in it, figuring out YOUR dosage and YOUR sweet spots. We can give advice about what works for each of us but the best way is to try it out. If one spray isn't enough then next time go for 2. Good luck, happy testing
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