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  1. Hi Eggers, it's saying it's sold out for me also. Not sure if it is or not. Did you just keep checking back or reloading or something? I know today is the last day to order this year so I am confused, maybe something is going on with the cart b/c of that (?) I was just going to order one bottle of this and a sampler pack as well, I've been waiting for a new scented Leather for a long time b/c Dangerous Games has berries in it and doesn't' work on my skin. Hmmm, hopefully the cart will work before midnight tonight if that is the issue. Anyways, I'm glad you got one
  2. Thank you so dearly for the lovely package!!! All the extra's and sweet touches are beyond generous!
  3. Speaking of enhanced scents....when is the last time we had a perfume enhanced with leather? My Dangerous Games gets no love b/c the berries are so crazy potent. but I still keep it for those times I need to lay down the law I want to buy unscented leather but keep putting it off for other treasures. Maybe we'll see something in the future (?)
  4. I am so happy that you like it!!! You're right about the day and night version, lol. I didn't think of it like that before but V2 is so much more appropriate for evening w/the musky, sensuality of it and V3 for day time b/c it's the brighter version like you said. Not that you couldn't get a little crazy and change em' up but I know exactly what you mean and looking back I usually only reach for V2 for some night time thrills. Oh, it's so funny how perfume can communicate to us, and LP's intent can be heard through the bottles, always amazes me.
  5. MRF 2009 has become more polished over the years, its aged very nicely. It was amazing since day one though, very sweet syrupy, even a little sticky. It reminded me of pancakes drenched in maple syrup. Now the notes have blended more evenly, I can't detect any one note overpowering another. MRF 2009 has BI phero blend and I wore it last night and my man ended up lighting candles, drawing a bath and then gave me a massage!!! What a romantic evening we had, nothing rushed like "gotta have it now!" like compromising positions does to us (which is so GOOD too but we changed it up last night), just a passionate, sensual night, mmm. I know this definitely played a part <3
  6. YES, it does Luna, it's intense! Long ago I was once a naive LP newcomer and didn't think perfume could ever compare to the effects of pheromones but I was very wrong. This is all man like you said so I'm not sure why I said it's unisex. I'll blame that comment on my intoxication last night I think I meant that it can be so sexy on both man and woman while some colognes can just be too masculine and sharp for some ladies. I guess b/c for me, this cologne comes off so sexual that anyone can get away with wearing it when they want to make that statement.
  7. Honeybee


    Nekomosume is so yummy when wet. It's very foody at first, like a bowl of sweet butter, cream and fruit. I don't think there is butter in here but that is what I'm getting from the bottle. Later the butter tones down and I can pick up on the rice and fruit. During dry down it becomes a silky soft scent that wears close to the skin. It's delicately sweet and and creamy with a hint of fruit which in my book is always comforting and reminds me of cuddling with my beloved on a warm, sunny afternoon, very innocent, very lovable.
  8. I haven't wore this one in a while, I almost forgot about it b/c I only bring it out for the most perfect occasions. I found it today, popped off the cap and was thrown into downright dirty and blushy-worthy fantasy. This is by far the raunchiest cologne I have ever come across! It makes me want to behave very badly and makes me wanna shout it out for the world to hear but I'm usually a modest girl in public and on the forums so I don't understand how a lil' bottle has so much power over me! This evening I was trying on dresses b/c I have a few gatherings to go to this summer; birthday, graduation, bachelorette parties, bbq's, concerts, beer fest, ect. I have a few dresses ranging from flirty-girly sundresses to sex bomb to hippie chic so I was having fun planning what to wear the next few weekends. This weekend I'm going to wear D&D4H w/ my itty bitty black tank top dress to a concert. I tried the dress on and felt kinda slutty, like it was just too much but then I rolled my bottle of D&D on and I OWNED it so yeah, I can't go out next weekend with out this potion! I am so thankful I snagged one of the last bottles in a sale a couple years ago when I was still new and had no idea what anything was here. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mara for that sale! I never would have gotten my hands on this <3 My boyfriend will also thank you after next weekend! I can't even describe the scent of this but I will try. It kind of has a cool quality to it at first but during dry down it heats up... maybe that is the anise and pepper changing it up. The patchouli gives it a sexy depth, the leather, whisky and tobacco is what really does me in I think....... it's so rugged and manly yet it is unisex, totally hot on a chick too....... honestly in my opinion it's like porn in a bottle. I can't review this anymore, it's infiltrated my brain and took over and I just can't focus anymore, lol.
  9. I LOVE this during the wet stage, OMG. I didn't realize how much I love almond! At first it's a punch of creamy, nutty, sweet indulgence but I think the musk is overpowering during the dry down though. When dry I only smell faint whiffs of the almond When I say it's overpowering I don't mean that the fragrance itself is an offensive or too strong perfume, I just mean that I fell in love with the initial almond in the bottle and now that it dries down, the musk is what overpowers the almond. The almond is just a whisper which still IS beautiful but I'd love it if there was more almond creaminess. This is still a beautiful scent though, very comforting, soft and pretty. I know if I ever do a PE I want loads of almond and some vanilla and sugar, something like that. This isn't my PE though so I don't mean to say it's wrong but just that it gave me inspiration to one day get my own done. This was made beautifully and I'm still going to use and treasure my sniffie <3
  10. Honeybee

    Sugared Roses

    This is too sweet on me during the wet stage and I almost washed it off the first time wearing it but it turns into a creamy-dreamy, soft, romantic rose that feels cozy and warm. I feel ultra fem when wearing this, it feels pink to me which is nice because I've been looking for the perfect pink scent and haven't found one that works well with my skin chemistry. This is perfect for those days I want to feel girly.. This wears nicely by itself or layering with scents that are too harsh. I tried it with Extracurricular Proclivities which is too spicy on my skin and the added sugar and rose compliments it well.
  11. Magickal Meanings of Ingredients: BLACK TEA & WHITE TEA ~ Invigorating, refreshing, mentally and physically uplifting, lust. Riches, courage, strength. FERN ~ Sincerity, fascination, eternal youth, bestows confidence, riches, creates perimeter of protection, luck. Representative of ancient knowledge. ENGLISH IVY ~ Wedded love, fidelity, friendship, affection, protection, sex, divination, healing, stamina. MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal. My bf loves this! He's been looking for an LP scent similar to Top Dog that doesn't have the pheromones. Now while this isn't exactly similar to Top Dog, we both think it has similar qualities and a similar feel. It is a fresh, clean-ish type scent especially during the beginning stages while still having masculine qualities, probably from the musk. I know sometimes reviewers use this analogy so I will too, this is Top Dogs hunk of an older brother, who is tall, dark and handsome, built like steel and much more experienced in business and in love. This is a scent that can be worn anytime, anywhere, it's appropriate for any occasion and I think it would please most people. In the bottle this is fresh, almost citrus... then the musk breaks through and adds depth. It drys down into a sexy, manly scent that makes me look up to my guy in a DIHL kinda way, I want to be rescued and swept away by my knight in shining armor!
  12. Welcome to the forum! I can give you my opinion on what works best for me in the situations you mentioned but of course it's up to you to test as many pheros as you want to see how you and your man (and his Mom) react. Don't forget that if you try a phero sample in an oil base and you use it a few times and it doesn't seem to give you the effects you wanted, you can try it with the alcohol base for better diffusion and that can change everything. 1. Sexpionage works for both me and my guy, it's the only phero that gets me "going" in that kinda raunchy, almost aggressive kinda way and can also make my guy like an animal in the bedroom. Even if it doesn't effect you, his energy might make you feel more seductive. You can try getting him some pheros too, Voracious comes to mind and might make you feel more hot and bothered and give you that desire to seduce. I think if he wore Teddy Man he could even be more desirable to you but that can go many more directions than just sexual. It can be sweet by wanting to care for his every need and it can make you want to cuddle him which THEN could lead to sexual desire...... or just spooning but it all depends on where you wanna take it. 2. &3. I think Cougar would work best here (for me, maybe you too), in alcohol base if possible. The description actually uses the word "sparkly" just like you mentioned. I feel so good about myself when I wear this one it's ridiculous, it lifts my mood, gives me that care-free vibe I had when I was younger and I feel really confident. Other people react to me as if I were more important. A few others that give me very similar results are SS4W (Super Sexy 4 Women), Popularity Potion, La Femme Mystere which make me feel glamorous and VIP like, almost like a celebrity. . 4. I'm so sorry to hear about your situation with his Mom. I really hope she can just learn to respect your parenting methods. Sounds rough, I hope the pheros will help. For this kind of problem I know that G2 has helped me with difficult women. They actually want to listen to my words more, they hang on to them and try to understand a bit more, almost like they want to please me in a sense. Also Treasured Hearts would be good here too. Perfect Match would probably be good to wear when your man's Mom has gotten the better of him. When I wear Soul Mate with my guy it induces conversation on a whole different level. We really try to understand each other and please one another with it so after he has had a discussion with his Mom, maybe the Soul Mate would help bring him back to "your side"... maybe. I believe there is an option available to newbies where you can choose any 10 samples for around $30. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, I still haven't taken advantage of that offer, I'm not very new here though. Maybe get a few extra glass vials if you want to try adding any perfumers alcohol to the samples later on to up the effects. I know I ignored some of my samples for a bit there b/c I didn't feel they did anything for me until I added alcohol to them- that was the key for me. As for scents, you'd have to read the descriptions. I have fun with the pheros but I know that Mara and the LP gang does an amazing job on INTENT! Every perfume scent and all of it's parts have a reason for being there so have fun exploring that too! Good luck with everything and I really hope you find what you are looking for!
  13. Welcome to the boards MissHazel, I was wondering if you could tell me what brand of rhodiola you use? I've never heard of it and would like to try out whichever brand you're using for my own anxiety and depression. This time of year get's bad, long winters. I"m glad you found something that works for you, thanks for mentioning it here. I hope you enjoy the forum and your new LP's!
  14. I just seen this post, Synergist. Naughty in Paradise has only cops in it, no other pheromones.
  15. I absolutely love this! It is everything I hoped it would be. My skin really likes this too, I can smell the vanilla, sugar and musk perfectly blended, nothing is too close or too far in the background. I was worried that I wouldn't like it when I read the first few reviews but this behaves nicely with my chemistry b/c it is just THE perfect vanilla musk scent!
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