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  1. Oooh I don't think I ever tried Living Doll. Tease, though, was one of my favorite apple scents that I would love to have again 🤤
  2. Something relaxing in a bath bomb. So we can have a controlled phero bomb for ourselves 🤣
  3. Give me a phero'd up Carbon Black to bathe in 😍 On second thought, don't, and my precious hoarded bottles will be my little secret 🤣 So I vote Tantalize instead to get my orchid fix 😁
  4. LP: Pumpkin w/ Aja *sigh* I was so late to that party.
  5. Mmmm. I scooped this up for the boy because I adored the original North Pole, and comparing the two, the newer version is a little lighter and sweeter to my nose - perhaps the age of the other one gives it more depth, but they're still delicious. I could have sworn that I had a bottle of the 2010 version and not just a trial vial... must go hunting for someone with a bottle. But in the meantime, I'm going to convince the boything to wear this so I can nom on him
  6. Any chance of more (MOAR!!!) wax melts being brewed? I need a lifetime supply of Sugared Honeycomb, and since moving in with my boyfriend am dying to get some sexy phero'd ones...
  7. I've been missing the new release parties. Can't wait to move back to join in on the fun!
  8. Yesss I used to see that shirt all the time! Don't forget: north of Portland, OR, not Maine
  9. Oooh lychee! I might have to get my paws on that one
  10. Urban farming! Goats and chickens! And you can take the goats on walks! OMG I was in downtown PDX and I saw a guy walking his pig. It was adorable. He kept getting mad at people that wanted to take pictures of it.
  11. I've been pairing Carbon Black with Gotcha! just because I adore the scent and it works pretty well for me. Been wearing it around my crush/guyfriend and he's been pretty chatty affectionate, almost pushy chatty, like if I don't answer his questions immediately he pouts. It's kinda cute though
  12. The long drydown on me is a soft orchid-honey. Mmmm. The entire time I've been wearing this the scent is really elusive and coy. Whenever I try to smell it off of my skin I can hardly smell anything, but when I give up I get these delicious wafts of scent that I can't follow.
  13. I get a more delicate orchid and scent in general, as well. At first my skin seems to pull the honey out more, and then it recedes and becomes more of the sugar and oakmoss with the orchid floating delicately in the background, and then finally it becomes this gorgeous orchid musk skin scent. Like at first application I'm thrown into the throes of passion of a darkly delicate wild thing, which is the honey stage, and then sweetens into the afterglow of the sugar and oakmoss, and afterwards is lying languidly in black sheets covered in crushed orchid petals. With how soft the orchid is on me I imagine more black lace than black velvet, but either way Mara did an incredible job on this one. I think I may have found a signature scent with this one!
  14. Oh em gee I'm running to check the mailbox just to see if I've gotten my sampler in yet because none of my roommates have checked the mail in a while. I need to smell this naow. Edit: Squeee! It was there! First thing I did was put some on and yummm. The first thing I smell is actually the honey. Wet on my skin is this decadent honey - musky - orchid scent which is sinful and oh soo good. I need bottles of this.
  15. I'm so excited to try this. This just screamed my name when I saw the notes!
  16. Swooning sooo hard over Carbon Black! Omg Mara you almost made the PE I was thinking of making!
  17. 1 Blue Magnolia, please! I'm really tempted by Calrissian...anyone wanna go halvsies with me? :] Edit: make that 2 Blue Magnolias. I told Lesrev about it and she flipped and demanded some...haha!
  18. If there is any Beach Bunny Musk left I'd love to snag a bottle! I think I still have a PE that I need to pay for from before, too.
  19. Squee! Loving the adorable Valentine and box of Sweethearts to go with my box of goodies!
  20. Had some amazing results with this the other day. I was wearing a drop from the UN sample droppers (which I love, by the way - I feel like I can control the amount more and I have a way to measure how much I'm using) when I went out shopping with my mom to test it, but didn't seem to have too much of an effect at one drop. At the end of the day my TG texts, asking if I want to hang out. I tell him I'm busy at the time but I'll let him know when I get back home. Get back, make plans to go see a movie with him, and put two more drops on, letting it dry down but not covering with anything. Went to the movie, and he's not a very affectionate person in public, which is fine, but I notice him leaning towards me in his seat out of the corner of my eye. I don't think much of it as I'm leaning towards him, but then I straighten up and move away to see. He moves just a little *more* towards me! Interesting... So then we get back to his place and get ready for bed, and he pulls me into this huge hug and says, "I really missed you. It's been two weeks and I missed you." I had gone to visit a friend for a couple of days a couple weeks before, and the weekend after I got back he had been sick, but I wasn't expecting him to be counting! What shocked me is him saying he missed me - which he's never done while sober. And so we cuddle, which leads to *ahem,* and then afterwards instead of passing out we laid in bed talking for an hour, sharing things, like places we want to travel to, things we used to like doing but lost time for, casual conversation that still brings us a little closer. And it's so *easy,* and comfortable. We're never like that. During the night I woke up several times to him nuzzling and kissing my neck, where I spread more of the TH out, and pulling me really close to him like he wants to be as close as he possibly can. And when I get up in the morning to go to work, he gave me the saddest look and said he wished I could stay and we'd hide away from the world. Maybe absence really does make the heart grow fonder, but he's definitely never been like this before, and I'm really hoping to test this out more on him! Craving permanence and commitment? Yes! I'll take it! So glad I tried it <3
  21. OH MAN IT'S REAL. I'm super stoked to be getting my goodies even more lickity split than before!
  22. Absolutely true. I could spend the rest of my life in that store <3
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