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  1. I just ordered a sample and my results are Exactly. The. Same. I really love the smell of it though, on me it is a beautiful creamy vanilla. I've even shook the bottle thinking maybe that was the trick to release the pheromones? Nope.
  2. When I finally was able to get the updates from USPS, I saw that it was just sitting in the Philadelphia postal location for at least 4 days (!?!?!) before it was sent to Harrisburg, then to me! My very first order with LPMP back in October, I literally had my package in 3 days. Tis the season!
  3. I came to this board for the same issue, I got my notification but the USPS site wasn't updating. I'm hoping my package is there when I get home! I'm excited!
  4. Leaving Black Friday to go to Orlando, spending some time at the beach, having a Butterbeer at Universal Studios and then going to my most favorite place ever...Disney! We were there last year the first week of December and the weather was gorgeous! We saw Ashley Judd at Epcot, saw The Swamp People walking around Animal Kingdom and got a picture with them and then we ended up being at the Magic Kingdom when they were taping the Christmas Day Parade (on Christmas Day we saw ourselves on the TV since we were right in front of the stage!) and just had the best time ever. No crowds, no humidity, in the 80's.....can't wait to go again. It's one of the best weeks to go for a vacation!
  5. I do three or four sprays around my neck/hair. I always make sure I get it really close on my neck too!
  6. I just got the Open Windows spray (alcohol based) as my very first phero order. As soon as I sprayed it on my neck, the smell reminded me of a very very light version of Philosophy's Falling in Love (which is good, because I love Falling in Love - sort of a musk/sweet sugar smell). After a few seconds, the scent does fade away. When I wear Open Windows, I feel a sense of calmness come over me and it makes me more relaxed. I work a regular full time job, but in my spare time I love to do photography. Anyways, I decided to try Open Windows for a recent photo shoot for a couple that needed engagement photos done. They had seen some photos that I did and really wanted me to take their photos so I agreed. I spritzed about 3 sprays of Open Windows on my neck and hair on my way to the location. I normally have a bubbly personality and am a people person, but I can't help but think the Open Windows intensified that! Our photo shoot was only to last 60 minutes, but here it lasted 2 1/2 hours! I never met this couple before, but we had such a great time chatting the whole session and it was such a fun photo shoot. Open Windows is definitely a keeper for sure!
  7. I'll have to write down everyone's recommendations, thanks!! I also read about the November specials and am really excited for that. Definitely a good way to build up your supply. Is there a post somewhere that tells you "if you like ______, then you will love_______"? That might be a good post to do! I got my package yesterday already - what a quick turnaround! I think it was Thursday that I placed the order! Everything was packaged so nicely and neat, in a lovely little pouch and oh my gosh the samples! I immediately fell in love with the scents that I ordered - I also forgot that I had ordered the Heart Strings sample too - so I can't wait to try them all out and do reviews for them. It's always interesting to read how differently the scents react for everyone.
  8. Thanks everyone! I decided to get the Open Windows spray (in the alcohol base) and I got trial sizes of Like A Magnet (the original scent), Beth's Blushing Milkmaid and the LP Pink. I absolutely love fragrances that smell like cotton candy, vanilla, etc. and the fragrances that I usually wear are Aquolina Pink Sugar, Dolce Gabbana Light Blue and Brittany Spears Fantasy (although in the fall and winter I wear Calvin Klein Euphoria). I figured this would be a good start to my supply!
  9. Hi! I have been a member of the forum since 2007 when I placed my first order of LP Pink (I loved that fragrance!). Well, you know how time flies - here it is 7 years later and I'm back to stalking the forums again, looking for some great fragrances. I have finally decided on what to get and I just placed my order today! Everyone here is so nice and I just wanted to take the time and say hello to everyone!
  10. Please? Pretty Please? I want to smell famous, too. I wish I was invited to that party, just for the perfume! On a different note, my Silver Mackeral Tabby Persian looked just like yours when he was a kitten. (He's 8 now) And he had a witch hat too, but he got too big. He has pumpkin booties for now Talk to you later! Your perfumes are the best, I just have to decide on a scent!
  11. Hello all! I think I will fit in just fine here.....I too have some magic up my sleeve, if you know what I mean! I have been looking for some special potions for awhile and believe that I have found the perfect place to find them. I can't wait to find the special one! There is alot to tell about myself, but for now, I will just say that I am a Taurus to the T. I'll save the good "stuff" for later! Thank you to the founders of this website!
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