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  1. There is something about Excalibur I just like. It's so simple. But it makes me feel good. It smells "green" without making me feel like a fern. When it comes to a daily "wear-it-to-the-office" sort of blend... I like Excalibur and Pendragon. Though for me, Excalibur has the edge, simply because it's got a stronger, more "defined" scent. Yep, a swagger does go with it.
  2. I'd say another huge advantage is the ability to multitask effectively. Combined with the ability to manipulate a man, these psychological advantages can be used to devastating advantage... for good, or not so good purposes & results. *NO, manipulation is not a bad thing. The word has gotten a bad rap (worse even than "propaganda"), but it is neither 'good' nor 'bad.' It just IS. Being manipulative does not make one Lady Macbeth. Any smart mother will manipulate her children (when necessary) into doing completely healthy things like... eating their spinach, cleaning their room, etc, etc, ad nauseum.
  3. ROFL... I like the way you're thinkin' Yep... sometimes she leaves a $20 on the nightstand for me ;-)
  4. When I said "unscented cops," I meant without any added perfume. Having tried Heart Throb, I expect it to smell "off" (but presumably much stronger).
  5. I'm looking forward to trying some of the socials myself. But my personality is friendly, outgoing, and an intent listener; and I was raised to be as polite and respectful towards peers and subordinates (During my time in the military, I validated the effectiveness of this leadership style in a "super-high Y" atmosphere (short version: leadership through demonstration, encouragement, and praise is [i believe] more effective, than leadership by diktat). So, I'd have to actively seek out hostile environments within which to test the socials (though I've got some WeaponX and TeddyMan2 inbound just for fun). The very fact that women produce copulins is cheating the system lol... (in my best Rod Serling voice) Picture if you will: a man, being led by the nose.... I would venture to guess, that this is nature's way of empowering, (and possibly protecting) the [physically] weaker sex. If there really existed a clear-cut, no BS way to "cheat the system" as a man, and gain an advantage over women in the same fashion that women can use chemicals to gain an advantage over men... The inventor and marketer of that formula would (if they were smart) be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams before you could say "Bill Gates." As it is, (in my opinion) synthetic pheromones provide men with a way to stand out a bit from the crowd, and maybe "steer" the action just a bit. But it still comes down to your ability to be comfortable in your own skin, confident in yourself, and conversant with those around you. My Dad used to tell me "Ron son, girls are like buses. If you miss one, the next one will be along in about 15 minutes." So, don't be a doormat. Have your own life. But do be a good listener. Make her laugh, and when you find the right one... buy her chairs. ASIDE Copulins are so powerful, and raise men's testosterone level so rapidly, that I've been tempted to order a small vial of some unscented cops in the strongest concentration I can find in order to dab a little on my upper lip about half an hour before my workout.... It's certainly worth a try. Along those same lines, it is my understanding that dosing ones self with Androstenone on a regular basis may very well cause your body to begin producing more testosterone on its own in order to adapt to the new "high testosterone environment." So, perhaps I'd do well to experiment with 50% cops and 50% Androstenone in an oil base for dabbing under my nose??? /ASIDE
  6. I sure hope we don't actually "need" all these phero's (bottled) ;-) We've been doing ok for thousands of years. While I'm serious about scents, phero's are more a playful hobbyist sort of activity. If I ever get to where I NEED them, it's time to put me in diapers and planning to pull the plug lol. I like hearing about the research and testing (NOT the whole paper... just the abstracts, please ).
  7. What is a "TG?" And... yep, I ordered some TeddyMan 2 for experimenting next time the moon is full. It's not at all off topic. From meaningless soundbytes in political ads, to Axe commercials... it's easier to sell the fantasy, than to explain the reality.
  8. lol... "evolved" is being kind. Though I do aspire to being what we call down here, a Renaissance Redneck ;-) But seriously, I think age has crept up on me, and I have 20/20 hindsight. I remember as a child (from eight or ten, through 14 or 15 y/o), noticing that women thought my father was incredibly sexy. I couldn't get my mind wrapped around the concept... "my dad?!?... sexy?!?... ewwww!" He was an average, middle-aged man with thinning hair, and a limp that came from wearing an artificial leg (about 6" below his right knee). Though he was friendly, soft-spoken, kind, gentle, rugged, and very manly. People felt comfortable around him, and would talk incessantly, telling him things that I'm sure he wished they'd kept to themselves (this particular trait, he passed on to me... ack!). I wonder if he wasn't blessed with an abundance of that "Alpha male protector" vibe. My mental image of Androstenone is a rutting animal with a singular motive, yet without aim, direction, or conscience. Much less the ability for long-term planning. I'm absolutely positive that Androstenone works, and works well (regularly) on a minority of the female of our species. But even if I were single, that particular segment would not be my target market (too much "baggage"). That is not to say that it [Androstenone] doesn't have a place... it most certainly does; just not at the head of the table. I'd call him the "Mr Hyde" that only comes out after the kids are in bed. lol. Going back to SS4M and <3 Throb, the ingredients (aside from copulins) are nearly identical, but in slightly different ratios. What was the thinking behind the different mixes? (I'm looking at my rapidly-dwindling supply of each, and trying to decide which one to get next in a big bottle). Sorry to ramble on so. Ron
  9. The longer I read on the subject, the more I am left with the impression that the commercial philosophy behind pheromone usage (as it pertains to attractants) is definitely "one size fits all." Specifically, it seems as though every company out there who is pushing any sort of "magic" pheromone bullet seems fixated upon Androstenone. I wonder if this is the best and highest use of one's efforts? Don't get me wrong, I like Androstenone as much as the next guy. For example, when I wear Aqua Vitae, I walk down the street like I'm back in my Werewolf days, thinking "I just luuuv bein' me." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1e5h9YSe_k However, beyond post-adolescence, there's more to courtship and romance than howling, sweaty displays of manhood, followed by much ripping & tearing (well...most of the time >:-) ). From what [very little] I know about human psychology and interpersonal relationships, I would think that A-Androsterone, B-Androstenol, and DHEAS would be a better foundation upon which to build an attractant... with Androstenone there, but lurking in the background. That's one of the reasons why SS4M and <3 Throb are so intriguing to me (on a side note, I can attest to the effectiveness of SS4m around the house). Am I on the right track? Am I over-thinking it? or is the mainstream correct, and does Androstenone remain the star player in most commercial products because it belongs at the top?
  10. Horror of horrors! Girl Nip is out of stock. And She likes that one.
  11. 22:45 I too have absolutely no idea how to describe this scent. When I first put it on (4-5 drops), I got a sense of something deep, complex, and oily. 23:15 It took about 30 minutes for me to be able to pick anything out of here. According to the spec sheet there's Amber... and Violet... and Moss... the Sandalwood is back there, but it's not prevalent at first. 23:17 ... Ok, I just couldn't resist dabbing a little more on my left wrist and rubbing the two together [again]. I like feeling the scent becoming more and more complex as it dries down. If THAT is what Violet smells like, I want to open a flower shop. I put off trying Boddice Ripper; because, in the bottle, it just didn't "grab me" (you know, the way something like Mark's Tonka Tabacum just reaches out and takes hold of you). But when I put it on [bR] it woke up and began to spread out. 23:20 Let's let this develop for another few hours and see what it becomes. ---------------------------------------------------- 03:15 - There's a hint of something floral and spicy here that intrigues me. ---------------------------------------------------- 07:00 - Ahhhh... AMBER. My application of Boddice Ripper still lingers on my wrists. And, there is a light, complex sweetness that must be the Amber. There is also the faintest hint of a spice (perhaps within the Amber). I'm liking this a lot! Yep, it's a keeper.
  12. WOW! This is good stuff. 16:45 - Put on 4-5 drops. 16:55 ...hmmmm... Pipe tobacco, and Vanilla. Someone mentioned Cherries, and if I listen closely enough I get a hint... just a little hint. But methinks there's a promise of more to come. [aside] I'm now thinking of looking through my front closet to find that tweed jacket with the elbow patches... I'm already going grey, so maybe I can try it out on some unsuspecting young coeds [/aside] Will check back in a couple of hours to see where it goes. ------- Two hours later --------- 18:45 So my kids and I are at Publix (A grocery store here in Mount Juliet), when my wife calls to check in. She offers to come help us finish the list [aside] If you really hate those end-of-day cell phone calls between you and your SO... you know the ones: "so... what do you want to do about dinner?" ... reply "I dunno, what do you want?" www.e-mealz.com is a must-have! It ain't fancy like something Beccah can make. But, we save money, AND I can actually follow the recipe without burning down the house). [/aside] I've been testing her nose out on all my scent samples. So far, she likes Pendragon, and Mark's Girl Nip. She didn't care for Super 4 Men... OR Mark's Tonka Tabacum (two of my faves). However, because Teacher's pest has very little sweetness by comparison, I've got high hopes for it. Her first reaction upon having a huff in the middle of the bread aisle was "ewww, it smells like Maple." (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot... OVER?!). Perhaps my skin brings out the "maple sweetness" of perfume? 21:30 I'm inhaling deeply from my wrist: No maple... but also no cherry (what happened? I was really looking forward to just a hint of cherry sweetness). Unfortunately, my skin will only give me warm, rich tobacco, and wood. Not a bad thing at all. But It's missing that... "je ne sais quoi" that makes it stand out. 22:00 Kids are put to bed. While she gets ready for a smoke break in the Garage (a drink, a warm coat, and her Nook), I have her give it one more sniff. She says "It smells like perfume." 22:15 Hit the showers.
  13. I haven't tried Salute. Though while she isn't insistent... when the subject comes up, she's pushin' the Cool Water. It's not bad, but I like dark, mysterious, smoky and spicy.... on me. I suppose I shall have to content myself with keeping Super 2 as a personal indulgence. lol.
  14. I got my goodie bag of LPMP fragrances, and pursuant to the [nearly universal] recommendations of the ladies here... I went straight for the "Super for Men 2." Unlike most men (at least the ones you girls keep mentioning), I really like this stuff! It went on sweet and warm. I felt (more than smelled) the tobacco and the syrup (my 4y/o daughter said I smelled like "pancakes"). My skin didn't bring out the Lavender or Eucalyptus at all. An hour later, it had dried down to maple syrup and wood. Two hours later, I'd catch faint hints of something that made me think of mahogany. S2 sticks around a long time. There is no need to reapply (at least in the oil version). I definitely like this stuff. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and fragrances are subjective.... So HORROR of horrors!!! ...unlike most women, SHE didn't like it SURELY YOU JEST Jones! No. And don't call me Shirley. After reading all the input above, I was anxiously looking forward to full-blown swoon from the lady fair. But it was not to be. Scents trigger memories in our subconscious... and my wife said "it smells like those awful maple candies that people make at Christmas." Four hours later, she said "...Honey, I love you... you stink!" Oh well... I still like it. Though it looks like I'll be wearing Super 2 when I get away for some me time at the movies (i.e. when I want to go see "Mission Impossible," "The Expendables," or other not so Oscar worthy fare). Now, Pashazade testing.
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