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  1. Ahh ok. I will send an email to Mara to see what can happen. Thanks. Yes, i thought about a PE, but there are so many options now... choices upon choices.
  2. Thank you for the Welcome and reply. Yes that is kind of what I am looking for. Would I be able to customize the sampler in the added notes section on the order page, or does the sampler only come pre-selected? There are so many choices now, bah.
  3. Hello LPMP, Back to LPMP I am. Been a while and I have returned because I discovered and old trial sample of Boddice Ripper. It appears to be sold out now and I am sad. As it was my Fav, I am wondering it any similar products have been created? Also, I would like to order a sample pack to get a sense of things. The website has changed slightly and I would like to custom choose the fragrances instead of the monthly scents. Is this option still available? Thank you.
  4. Just a quick review: I had received this sample as a switcheroo from mara for whatever reasons. THANK YOU. I do not know why i have never heard of it before, but this is by-far one of the most amazing scents i have ever smelt. This is probably one of the top 5 scents i have ever had the pleasure of smelling. i am not accumstomed to picking out notes so i am not sure what i am smelling, but this is delicious. Every second of it is amazing, from the moment of application to dry down, to hours later. amazing.. to me, this is a masterpiece. Also, is it deep, dense, dank? enough to cover heavy mones. Very masculine and manly. This was a replacement by chance?? and now i will be buying a bottle,, hahaha very sneaky business I suggest trying a sample of this...
  5. This is a seriously delicious creation......
  6. Whenever i am trying to decide what scent to wear.... i choose boddice ripper... When i first got it i actually hated it, now its my favorite scent... Interesting how scents evolve and tranform....
  7. This is one of my favorites, along with Boddice Ripper and North Pole. I really like teachers pest. Its very heavy on me and The cherry/ tobbaco mix very well. Its very intoxicating, by which i mean it engulfs my senses. i have met people who do like it because it is very heavy/ dense. But I like it... it makes me want to consume my GF. Very Multi Dimsentional. A beautiful creation.
  8. I tried out excalibur for the first time and got told i smell like a porta-potty, then she said no wait " like a Urinal Puck"...........
  9. More to add... Yet to use the phero enhanced products.... I tried LP: Homme again with a clear nose and it smelt amazing, i like the scent it gives off. The slight vanilla isnt as strong as say the masked man, but it is actually probably going ot be my first order of a full sized product. I tried excalibur, the fresh, foresty smell is slightly invigorating. but it didnt last very long. Maybe have to apply more, or it is because it is cold here and the oil doesnt diffuse very well. I want to try it more though... Excalibur is very similiar to pendragon, in it is a fresh scent, probably good for daily wear. North pole is delicious, i smell like desert. " eat me" probably something you wear in close encounters. it seems feminine but it's slightly more on the masculine side, weird. I notice that the scents " throw" isnt very strong. I am only using 1-2 drops to test it out, proabably on the minimum side. I assume the alcohol will be a stronger scent that doesnt last as long. But, what about the 60/40 alcohol/ oil base? is this somewhere in between the oil's length and alcohols strength? so far i am enjoying the Fragrance only products... I think i may need to add more drops, How many drops does everyone use of the fragrances? 888
  10. Hello, I came home today and i package graciously awaited my arrival. only downside, i woke up with a stuffy nose that comes and goes. I ordered a sample pack of 10: North Pole Teachers Pest Pendragon Boddice Ripper Love Potion: Homme Masked Man Excaliber Ambuscade Russieau Pashazade So, i have tried 5 of them on my skin. I have never reviewed scents before so it will take time before i can describe the sensations and feeling. I have no idea what ingredients smell like what, so bear with me. I tried LP homme, i put some on my neck for some reason, but my nose was stuffy, but it smelt fuckin amazing, kind of sweet, . It would be good for the summer. I will have to try it again with a fully open nose. I did a Meditation and my nose cleaed up. So i decided to test 4 on my arms So i decided to apply some boddice ripper to my right wrist and teachers pest to my left. Boddice ripper was interesting. It has an interesting smell, it dried down into a soapy laundry kind of smell. I think it may be my skin chemistry. I will try it again. it still smells intriguing though. It smells mysterious. Teachers Pest smelt delicious at first, but then it has dried down to subtle soapy smell, but i like it a lot. it smells a bit like sex, It is sweet as well and there is something delicious about it. But i wouldnt want to put a lot of this on and overdue it, it is perfect as a subtle scent and Make people come in close. I going to say this. If i was a extreme pervert, im a professional, but it i were to take it to the next level. I would put some teachers pest in my drawer full of panties that girls ""lost"" at my house The next two: I applied Some pendragon to my upper left arm, just to smell. This one i like, it is the most manly so far. It smells fresh and is something that i think could be worn daily. Not overpowering, not too sweet. So fresh so clean. Has a sense of power associated to it. I think a women would liek their man to wear this , The more i smell it the more it is growing on me. I will definitly try this again. The last one i tried was The Masked man. This one smells fucking delicious. I like this one a lot. If this has some mones in it, " poor girls". It is sweet but is balanced. I can see the females liking this one to wear and to smell on men. It smells naughty and mysterious. Smells somewhat like candy. I think it is the vanilla, i dont mind vanilla, but it has dried down and the vanilla isnt so strong. any more vanilla and i think it may overpower the other ingredients. Its def. unisex but Still delicious. So, i will try these again, but so far, pendragon, Teachers Pest and masked man are winners. I want to try boddice ripper again. It is unique and different. Its subtle. I really like LP Homme, but my nose limited its glory. I think LP will become an addiction .. Thank you Mara. I like how the scent changes and evolves over time. 888
  11. Hey thanks for the response, I will try the samples and if i have any more questions, i know where to come. Very informative, thank you. Also, do these fragrances have a big "throw", does the room ignite in a scent furry when you walk in the room? i think i have heard it called "range" 888
  12. Thanks for the responses and welcomes. Yes, thank you xev. I only refer to them as essential oils bcause my on exposure to these types of scents have been through essential oils. Saying you where perfumes as a man can maybe seem, demasculinizing . Artisan fragrance, i like that. So these fragrances reveal different scents overtime? wow. That makes "scents" Do these perfumes have a strong scent, say 1 spray vs. 2 spray? <----- obviously they do, but is there a major difference between 1 and 2 sprays? or if its in a vial, 1 finger dab vs 2 finger dabs?? more questions. So, my guess is that if i purchase a enhanced perfumes w/ pheromones, the amount of pheros is less than an unscented phero product, to potentially cover the pheros?. If i purchase, say a strong uncented pheromones product, are the perfumes strong enough to be considered coverscents? Thanks for responses, lovexlight 888
  13. Yeah, I just found that part of the site.. haha. I made a sampler order. Im pretty sure they all Perfumes and a few phero enhanced, no phero only blends. I just made the order and i am thinking i should of included only Perfumes without the pheros. But i think its pretty even. we will see how it goes. Thanks, 888
  14. Well Hello, Thank you for the welcome and the responses. I guess a sampler it is. So many choices. Does the sampler include just the mens perfumes or do they also include Phermones. can i get half and half??? I am looking forward to experiencing the gloriousness of oiled infused perfumes thanks, 888
  15. Hello, I really enjoy the idea of using essential oils instead of colognes. I am a guy and i am drawn to essential oils. I have no clue as to where to begin. The essential oils i have that i find delicious are: Red Amber, musk, sandalwood, lotus. So, I am only 25 so what do the love potion doctors recommened. I am confused as to what perfumes are for men and women. I am simple, need help . So many options. The products that have caught my eye from reading the forums and reviews are: Love Potion: Homme, Love Potion: Dark( not sure if its for men), North Pole,. Voracious, Teddy Man II, I like the passion/lust/love perfumes, also something that is relaxed. I am into tantra, the spiritual, sensual aspects of creation, i meditate daily. I am seeking a Alpha + relaxed scent. please help, hahaha. Also, Do the perfumes act as cover scents for unscented pheromones? Thanks for your time, 888
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