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  1. This statement here is false. Considering that humans naturally produce their pheromones on the pico/nano gram scale, What you consider too little, is considerably alot and does have dramatic effects. It's the reason why veterans are always telling others to start small and work your way up. Sample - 1 Finger Dab = Fine, work your way up from here Bottle - 2-4 inch roll = Fine, work your way up from there Also, Luna means well for your own good here. Don't take offense to what she's trying to tell you dude.
  2. Halo007 highly recommended that I give this a shot. While I heard that Tonka musk is Vetiver heavy, I'm not a fan of either Vetiver or Tonka as a single note. It's masculine, woody and green, it has this semi-clean straight out of the shower feeling to it. I almost want to buy some just so I can make some of the oil into Body Soap/Shampoo.
  3. I got a combination of spice, incense, and sweet fruit on my first try when I didn't even bother shaking the bottle. It was a casual outing/dinner with some friends but it didn't seem appropriate for what I was going for. I'm going to try Emperor again for when Ritual work is done.
  4. I'm glad you did, you should get some for the husband .
  5. New batch of LP stuff came in today. Today was like one those moments in merchandise life where the stars and planets align on the first try. Where fantasy matched reality. As if a first -chance meeting with a kindred spirit, Shade clicked with me. "This is how a man should smell like" , if this is what comes to your head on the first try, you've struck liquid gold. Sophisticated, Sharp, Refined, Gentleman-like, Office-friendly, Anywhere-friendly. Three things: The ingredients used to make this an appealing masculine scent, the fact that this is limited edition, and not a much more popular scent, is a holy trinity of mind blowing mystery. Whole point of this story: If you can find Shade, GET IT!
  6. I used some odor protection wash the other day and I think that affected the way Aja presented itself. Yesterday with 2 drops on neck and wrist, I left my skin bacteria to do it's work and the dry down was much nicer time this around. A friend described it as a "Raw incense-honey, like it's straight out of a beehive". All aside from the nice self-effect, I can't say I've noticed much else but I'm starting to think that maybe the females will get more use out of it compared to us guys.
  7. I ended up crashing before updating. The left side of my wrist possibly had more of the ingredient and needed more time to bloom. The smell that stays in the end is great. I have no complaints there. I showered and used some Doc Bronner soap in place of my odor guard protection body wash. If I smell my wrist, Aja still lingers around. It's that strong!
  8. My nose is all over the place with this one. One drop is plenty. I get a sour honey kind of impression. Before it was even mentioned in the thread, my nose immediately picks up the vinegar smell off of it. 8 hours in and I notice 2 different ways the smell evolves. On my right wrist, Aja blooms into more of the dirty floral honey scent that people talk about. On my left wrist, the vinegar scent persisted. Oh, and This gives some spritz of awakened energy the moment the scent dispersed off my skin. No noticeable effect as a phero on others but I'm playing with this for this week.
  9. Thanks QC, Merienda, and MissDC, everyone really. I hardly recognize the person who wrote this introductory post a year ago. Here's to working towards my periodal here
  10. I think I will do that, I've gone with 4 inches before so I may try to lower that. For being a fair weather poster, please forgive me btw. I've tried a sample of that a long time ago along with <3 throb. With the exception of DoM, all of the other LP's I've tried allowed my intentions to be weaved along the flow of the current, and not against it, like it has happened sometime with other stuff. Much <3, Much respect.
  11. I have both versions and prefer the Patchouli scented version. I'm in my late 20's so testing DoM is little skewed. I hoped, I'd be "Dirty young' man". It didn't quite work like that though Asides from gym attendance, I couldn't see much other occasion to want to wear it. The self-effects were ridiculously off-the-walls enjoyable. The raw primeval aggression, along with a stretched mischievous grin stuck to my face every time I've worn it. I swear, you couldn't pry off even if your life depended on it. I saw that I can engage bromantically among the dudes easily. Of course with females, reactions were all over the place. From very not so well contained attraction from teens to mature ladies, and in other cases, I specifically remember scaring the shit out of some ladies no matter how friendly I was. So I may have to age Dirty Ol' Man for another 20 years or so or use it on a future girlfriend. In my youthful incarnation, DoM is less Dirty Ol' Man, and more like Sexual Predator.
  12. I'll go on record here to say that living Midwest was eye opening. To view the world on another polar end. "Holy, Sh*t. Am I really back in Oz?", I've asked plenty upon arrival back. It has been 2 years since I've signed up. I'm sincerely glad I never gave up scent as a hobby. Well, that depends which potions we're talking about now. :V Of course, I respect them, cross my fingers and hope they'd do the same for me.
  13. I do appreciate it. Originally opting to go the Tumblr route, It feels much easier to share our thoughts here. This is one of communities that I know, is host and welcoming to plenty of eccentric people.
  14. Thank you for encouraging and welcoming me back, Halo
  15. Reviving this older thread. Standing among the alchemists who prefer using pheromones for more sophisticated executions, I don't use it as often now than I previously did. How has everyone dealt with the stigmatism enforced sometimes? I don't necessarily feel I need to hide my usage to my friends but, I've always run it parallel, to how people who have been accused of, Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Ethereal arts, must of felt when they were persecuted. Anyone with personal experience on this would be able to chime in? The moment of having felt misunderstand, or being confronted about their pheromone use?
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