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  1. Halo007 highly recommended that I give this a shot. While I heard that Tonka musk is Vetiver heavy, I'm not a fan of either Vetiver or Tonka as a single note. It's masculine, woody and green, it has this semi-clean straight out of the shower feeling to it. I almost want to buy some just so I can make some of the oil into Body Soap/Shampoo.
  2. I used some odor protection wash the other day and I think that affected the way Aja presented itself. Yesterday with 2 drops on neck and wrist, I left my skin bacteria to do it's work and the dry down was much nicer time this around. A friend described it as a "Raw incense-honey, like it's straight out of a beehive". All aside from the nice self-effect, I can't say I've noticed much else but I'm starting to think that maybe the females will get more use out of it compared to us guys.
  3. I ended up crashing before updating. The left side of my wrist possibly had more of the ingredient and needed more time to bloom. The smell that stays in the end is great. I have no complaints there. I showered and used some Doc Bronner soap in place of my odor guard protection body wash. If I smell my wrist, Aja still lingers around. It's that strong!
  4. My nose is all over the place with this one. One drop is plenty. I get a sour honey kind of impression. Before it was even mentioned in the thread, my nose immediately picks up the vinegar smell off of it. 8 hours in and I notice 2 different ways the smell evolves. On my right wrist, Aja blooms into more of the dirty floral honey scent that people talk about. On my left wrist, the vinegar scent persisted. Oh, and This gives some spritz of awakened energy the moment the scent dispersed off my skin. No noticeable effect as a phero on others but I'm playing with this for this we
  5. LP homme is advertised as a summer scent but I've used it excessively this winter without any care. The memory scent for me is tied to wandering the mall as a teenager, the pungent air of bouquets, and sweet bakery goods wafting through the air. It seems to mesh well with my skin as applications to the superficial temporal / external maxillary pulse points along with the jaw, gives about an 8-10 hr projection time on me. As a matter of fact, I wore this alongside with Cops yesterday. Even though the app point of the cops was under my neck, the two scents meshed so well that you coul
  6. I have a 10 year old kid sister that I watch over sometimes. She commented on it as we were finishing up on her homework. Tells me how she hates the taste of coffee but she loves the way it smells and how great it smells on me. This is what I feared. I am so conflicted with the many choices I have here. So far, so good here.!
  7. Okay, making my way here to say that UN is great. If I was a zombie with it on, I'd eat myself cause it just blends well with my skin. It may not have pheromones in it but it may as well as cause I was receiving a lot of compliments from males and females alike. My best friend tells me "No homo dude but you smell mad good!". My female co-worker told me that I smelled "Yummy". Yeah, you bet I wasn't hiding that shit eating grin on my face. This scent last forever but I think having oily Asian skin adds to it. Adding this to my fall/winter scent collection.
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