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Noticed there isn't anything here for it yet, but it deserves praise and recommendation. DOM (Dirty Old Man) is one of my favorite pheros to put on before I go out for the evening. Generally speaking, I've noticed I have very smooth interactions with men, and that women are especially attentive when I wear it.


Here's an example of an evening out with DOM. Met a friend out at a sports bar to watch the college football national championship game. Had about six inches of DOM on covered with a healthy dose of Excalibur.


We were seated at a small, two-person bar table. The table was tall enough that we could alternate standing and sitting. It was on the corner of a high-traffic area.


The bar itself was totally packed and at full capacity. Across the aisle a group of football players from a local college were saving seats. They were all big guys, and no one argued with them when they said the seats were saved, but it was entertaining to watch them interact with constant stream of people who needed seats.


All the servers were slammed, including ours. On her first visit to our table I noticed our server switch instantly from harried to to totally attentive, quick to laugh, and generous with her time; like she was enjoying hanging out with us. I actually became a little concerned that she was going to fall behind from talking to us.

When she brought our drinks, I noticed the extremely short pour the bar had given her for my drink and teased her about it (a nice bourbon). We had built a friendly enough rapport during her first visit that I felt she'd be comfortable with it, and she was. I didn't push it beyond mentioning, and she left to tend to other tables. Soon she returned with a quadruple-sized pour of the drink I ordered and said it was to make up for the short pour I got the first time. I was surprised and appreciated it.


That giant bucket-o-bourbon lasted me until halftime. I just kept adding ice and sipping it. By halftime I was done drinking bourbon; ready for water the rest of the evening. But she noticed my drink was gone and appeared with *another* gigantic pour; and told me it was on the house. :-)


Other little things:


* Because of where we were seated, every woman in the bar had to walk past us on her way to the restroom. My friend, who was seated across from me, pointed out (with great surprise and enthusiasm; almost disbelief) two different full-on stare hits from women as they walked past me. I noticed them, too, but my back was to them so didn't ever catch the full effect.


* He also commented that a lot of women were "checking me out". Again, with much enthusiasm and respect for whatever game I had going on.


* Members of the football team bumped into me, and were very polite and deferential when they did. This contrasted starkly with the Alpha vibe their group was giving off the entire night.


Of course this is all anecdotal; but it's my opinion that these interactions with people were at least in part influenced by the pheros contained in Dirty Old Man.


In the event that it gives context to the story: I'm white, mid-40s. 6' 170#.

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I just found out something interesting about myself. I bought the scented version of this for hubby because I adore Compromising Positions and this based off of it and is a total win for me on him. I even applied some to a pillow just to have it close to me (and then I thought oopsy, it has cops in it....but it's been going fine for 2 weeks now from one application).


Long story short, yesterday I was on day 2 of my period and at the end of the evening, hubby sticks his neck out to me and goes "what do I smell of ? " Apparently he had SLATHERED himself in it for me and had been getting zero reaction from me. And even when he drew my attention to it, I could barely detect it. I was guessing "Mean Business" because I detected a very faint powdery moss type thing. This is wild. Apparently I am 99 % nose-blind to this during a part of my period. Now I need to track how close to ovulation I need to be to smell it and respond and love it again !

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September, that's kinda cool !

So now it's day 5 of my period and yes, I can smell it again. I'd say to maybe 60 %. I don't think I'm getting all the notes, it's a bit flat and lifeless to me. Usually it sparkles like a living thing. Onwards and upwards !

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