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  1. Labels are gorgeous. I will need to re-write the names of them with a Permanent Marker due to my reduced vision, since I won't be able to use the color of the labels as a clue. Might work on full bottles, but will need magnifying glass on samples. I'm super curious about the Blue Fyre with PM !!! Also love anything with just alpha-nol (as my nick suggests !)
  2. @laurue that was a great review ! I look forward to many more from you. My story for this is less exoctic. I love almost all chocolate scents from LPMP and hubby does not. But since Mama has a job and her own spending money - well I indulged. And yes, like Eastwood said, it just happened to have Sexology in it which is just fine by me
  3. Oh happy day ! They are seriously one of my favorite releases, sometimes my MOST favorite of the year.
  4. Woah, this is changing. My sample bottle is about 2 weeks old. When I first tried it, I was getting greens and salt. Now it's vanilla-based florals. I wonder what it will be like in a few more weeks ? I acknowledge it could be my chemistry as well. I liked the sea-water scent, it was a bit Poseidon-like and therefore masculine. And now this ultra-feminine creaminess is throwing me for a loop. Fascinating !
  5. So here I am going through my August samplers. Wet in the bottle this seemed a bit underwhelming to me, so I put it aside as something to keep until later. I'm doing all the things you're not supposed to do, swiping sample after sample onto my wrist, fingers, slowly running out of room. Making notes as I go, writing the phero blends on them with marker, etc. You know - processing and playing with the sniffies. So I get to this one, go to my second hand, find a spot, and HOLY COW this thing blooms on me. And my nose-brain connection just about has an orgasm. THIS is the vanilla
  6. Mara put a Magickal Mystery box together for a special young man about to celebrate his 18th birthday. My son and I described his interests and Mara went to work. It was super fun to not precisely know what would be in it, and he was so excited that he sent me photos of the content. DEFINITELY worth it !!! If you haven't taken advantage of this, I highly recommend. Thank you Mara - if you can't tell - he LOVED all the thoughtful gifts in the box.
  7. Mmmmm, my 7 year old bottle smells like a brisker version of Love Potion: Terra Mater. It's everything I love about LPMP, it lies close to skin, it's comforting, it's sexy. It's unisex. It's hypoallergenic. It's a smidge to the masculine side of unisex for me and I feel like it would pair well with The Love God phero blend. If you're lucky enough to have some - try it like that !
  8. @raydee8_lovethat's a great report of selfies ! I get similar selfies with unscented SWS. But the scent ingredients work synergistically with the pheromone blend so yes, it could well be both ! Congratulations on getting so much done ! I often use a SWS blend on Mondays when I just don't feel like working, and I have a super productive day. Now that my sample bottle is a few days old, I'm getting more coffee. Or maybe it's just my body chemistry changing due to having my period. It's so fun how it morphs even on me.
  9. I'm in Middle Management in Health Care. My go -to is SWS. I've tried OW and it was very interesting, but people got very giggly and non-professional, talking about their childhoods and stuff and nobody got any work done. With SWS, we all stay on target, there's still a group vibe. And no gossiping. People do open up with SWS but it's more on a respect-vibe level. It's just more of my happy place. I do SWS during office time and with patient visits. OW would be after hours with my work group of for team building exercises. Also I'm approaching menopause and
  10. Looking back at my last post, I've had the same jar for 6 years ! It's almost empty now, perhaps a darker pink color to the cream, same great magickal scent, ingredients did NOT seperate. This is my special date night jar for when I've shaved my legs and they are super dry and I want them to have that healthy feel, glow, and smell. Especially for wearing a dress and sandals. Truly no other product I've ever tried is as good. I'm 1,000 % satisfied with the ingredients, its ability ot moderately mositurize, perform over time, and then to keep its scent. A TOP performer f
  11. If you managed to snag a bottle....this has aged so well ! The rain pushes it into a more minty/ spa-like version of White Licorice for me. I am easily able to wear this without it going plastic-y on me, whereas I had to give the "White Licorice" to my son. I am still working off my sample bottle, haven't touched the Full Bottle. I admit to a fair amount of reverence related to this, as I was very fond of Prince and just can't get myself to slather. It's a sacred scent.
  12. Throwing my hat in for a rebrew of Love Potion Gold. It's exquisite and I'm not EVER using up my last sample bottle. I used to mix the little sample bottles with epi and Dominance and convert them into a lightly scented spray. Was great for work and respectful social situations while I still smelled ultimately feminine. I know we have several variations on this theme, but this one was ....very special. From the threads of the 2013 rebrew : Our delicious signature base of vanilla, amber and patchouli is blended with the golden sheen of honey and glittering with bright c
  13. What a hoot - saw my post from 6 years ago on this thread. Held the bottle up to hubby's nose....yep, he remembers it. And I still adore it. It's one of those scents I don't feel like picking apart. My body and soul just love it and need it. I'm happy to see the rebrews of this.
  14. @vika it sounds like you're well on your way ! Your nickname reminds me of Viking - what was your inspiration ? Mine is just from being a strong responder to both the androstenols.
  15. Hello @Vika and welcome ! Congratulations for taking the leap and making your first post. The folks at my work are very strong responders to the LPMP phero blends and I'm taking full advantage to advance my career. I can't wait to hear your experiences !
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