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  1. Hubby is loving this so much he's asking for his own FB. This NEVER happens !! So a 60/40 spray for me and a FB for him. He may be doing some traveling in the New Year and this would be a very neat way to feel connected by wearing the same scent sometimes. Yeah ~ I'm a romantic like that πŸ’ž
  2. androstenol


    I made a deal with myself not to look at the labels before sampling each of the vials in the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection and I'm so glad I did. I got an immediate nose orgasm from this one !!! It struck me as Love Potion Pink/ OCCO/ Amber/ Honey/ Sexpionage sort of a mixture. This absolutely has to happen in my life. Do NOT be afraid of this one if you generally don't love rose. I just does this amazingly erotic marriage with the other ingredients to make it sooooo confidently feminine. It's also purrfect now - I can't even what a sex bomb this might turn into after a few months of maturing. Holy moley.
  3. @asterism that is really a nice review and I have nothing to add to that at all ! It's fascinating how similar my thoughts and experiences were to yours just now. You slayed it and I look forward to many more reviews from you 🀩
  4. I agree with @oceanjewel ! Usually this time of year I go for the sexy spicy stuff - but this little beauty just stole my heart. I read the name as "Hearthwood" on the sample vial and then couldn't find an entry for it I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to adequately explain why I love this so much. Applied wet, I was smelling woods and Wintergreen, so I was thinking...oh nice, a snowy woodland scent. But then it immediately morphed into...this enchanting, heart-warming, welcome home to me, emotionally supportive, quiet, complex creation. Do NOT be fooled into thinking this is just another one of those obligatory outdoorsy scents for this time of year. The energy from this is just very unique. Palo santo and birch ? Brilliant ! The amber ties it altogether for me. This may be my second 60/40 bottle purchase of this year. I find I'm plenty sensitive enough with just the perfume oil rollerballs for most of the creations - but this beauty shimmers and envelops and I think for me, I would enjoy spraying it on my tops, maybe even on the back just to feel completely surrounded by it. This may even be my favorite scent of 2021...it's just so supportive for the stress of this year. πŸŒ²πŸŒ³πŸŒΎπŸŒΏπŸ‚
  5. So soft, so lovely. This has an overall feel of green musk / green tea to me. Sometimes it's hard to tell from reading the ingredients list first how strong the overall effect will be and which ones dominate. Fresh out of the sample vial and wet on my skin, it was mostly fern/oak/wet earth to me. This is unlike the sandalwood/teakwood heavy creations made by commercial perfurmers for the male market. This strikes me as unisex and modern. Now that it's about 10 minutes after application and dry on my wrist, the wintergreen note has moved to the background, lending it a 'crisp dewy forest air" vibe and the whole composition is even softer. My mind is thinking there's a wee bit of sugar and amber in there, but it's not. I'm averse to strong rose scents and the use of rose stems here is genius. I think it's whole and lovely on its own and I won't be combining it with anything. I use Mega Matt during remote work and this is a gorgeous option for that. If you do have contact with co-workers, this will likely either not detect this at all or think you just had a lovely walk in the great outdoors. 🐸
  6. androstenol


    This found its way into my life again via a small free sniffie with the Autumn 2021 sample collection. I still swoon at the chocolate creaminess I get first thing. Without reading the list, I would have guessed chocolate, cacao butter, sage, copulins. My mind sort of just fills in the blank. And because I loved it on both first and second sniff, this is just going to have to be a FB for me, Yes, Universe, I'm listening !!!
  7. First of all - kudos to the artwork ! it so perfectly depicts the vibe of this Love Potion offering. I ripped open the box and slathered this goodness all over me. So it's still suffering from travel shock - I greeted the USPS at the door, hehe. Comparing it to my old bottle of Sang Real, it doesn't have quite the same "sex & blood" vibe but it might with aging. This is deeper and more sensual than Raspberry Chiffon but with that same lovely berry vibe. Over the years I have written about my oldest son and his love of Raspberry Chiffon. He came upstairs (still living with us due to pandemic) and immediately noted the berry scent in my office where I'm working remotely. He sniffed the bottle and then remarked on how different it smells on me than out of the bottle. Now about 20 minutes later, it's very very mild on me with little throw. I can imagine this will be killer with a bit of aging. This is the scent combo I always crave this time of year and it's purrfect !!!
  8. Woot, I step away for a few days and all the goodness has already begun ! Has been fun reading through the comments on this thread. I get as excited as anyone, hehe. The labels are awesome and nice and vivid. This could easily be my favorite release of the year.
  9. androstenol

    Sang Real

    My 10 year old bottle of Sang Real has aged unnnnbelievably well. Like a fine wine, this concoction is definitely more than the sum of its parts. It glows, it pulses. It is seductive, otherworldly. Spicy berries play in a deep bowl of sacred red liquid. Excellent for ritual, for meditation, for exploring your hidden desires. I've asked for a rebrew- here's hoping !
  10. I second Bridgid's Amber, it was lovely. Would love a rebrew of Sang Real, although there will likely be a berry-currant type offering in the Weenies and I can go with the flow on that. Thanks for your consideration !
  11. You know how you sometimes have those happy accidents ? I had a bottle of this standing on the base of my computer monitor along with some of the other bottles I like to wear to help me with remote work. I hadn't been using this very much because when I wanted a boost, I was reaching for Kahve with Mega Watt and because I adore coffee scents. Then recently I reached for this bottle 'on accident' to refresh the scent of Kahve (the labels are pretty similar !) and magickal things happened ! Not only do the two phero blends really compliment each other, but the two scents play really well together. The more muted spa-like scent of this along with the coffee/vanilla/cream scent just blend together to create a new depth to each other. It's very very rare that I've combined 2 scented phero blends before other than to add a bit of flavored cops to an un-copped scented blend. Bit this combo is now front and center in my rotation ! Perhaps you will like it too ?
  12. This is one scent I changed my mind about as I started using up the trial vial from the sample set. I noticed how truly relaxed it made me. I'm talking in the way that many people on this forum describe how Balm Bomb makes them feel, which is a reaction I never got from Balm Bomb. This (likely along with the Heart and soul) makes me feel like the universe is a friendly place, that I am ok. I have ordered a full bottle of this and also a full bottle of unscented Treasured Hearts for my arsenal of high-anxiety days/nights that I sometimes get. I wore this to my massage today immediately after a long day of remote work, just 2 swipes under my chin and mostly covered by my mask. I lost total track of time, I floated more than usual. At some point I thought the hour was up but she told me it was time to turn over at the half hour mark ! I was completely out of it, floaty, feeling amazing. The scent is very mild and skin friendly; I didn't have to worry that she would detect it and object to it. Wearing it to bed again tonight. If you're on the fence - this is not one of the more gourmand/loud/sexy scents - but get this for yourself for times when you need some comforting.
  13. androstenol


    This is not a timid lavender for sleep by any means. I had to do a double take on the ingredients list for this. I smell chocolate, maybe a touch of pepper ! One of those expensive chocolate bars you find in the health food stores with unusual ingredients, where you just hold the packaging up to your nose and innnnnnhale. With ingredients you never thought would do well with chocolate....but they do. And you buy it simply because it smells amazing, and you can practically taste it. This has unexpected depth to me. And yes, as mentioned above, I would combine with a scented copulin product, like one of the delicious cacao ones.
  14. 1. a sampler set of all 15 summer 2021 releases 2. Myrrh Merlot....almost gone 3. Midnight Rider...almost gone 4. Honeyed Pumpkin ...almost gone 5. Soleil D'Or with Aja ...almost gone This is gonna be awesome !
  15. Having recently sung the praises of Aja, I felt I had to walk the talk and reached for the bottles on my shelf labeled "Aja". Yes, I have a few bottles...yes I label them...I feel ok to admit that, hehe. This is the one that stood out to me and I applied generously. This has aged wonderfully ! It's all even more sensual, sweet, more blended. And then I went into my 99 F hot car to drive to the coast. A daunting situation for most brands of perfume oil. But not for LPMP ! This little darling performed like a champ. I was happily encased in the most positive, glowy sort of aura even when I ended up stuck in traffic, half of my body frozen by the a/c, the other sweltering. This was such a lovely choice today. Will be re-exploring the other Aja's I have, as well as the hedione ones, but this little guy has found a special place in my heart. ❀️
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