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  1. I refreshed the page and lo and behold ! Spray and beard oil !!! I'm loving the Crystal sage. Brings back memories of using smudge spray in my surroundings such as at a hotel when I could not burn sage / smudge. I'm also eyeing the lavender for stressful situations. Thank you for a super useful idea to get us started with 2021 !
  2. I have the Egyptian one and wear it daily. I attach the loops to my purse so I always have it. Very lightweight and comforting, pretty, and of course holds scent very well. I bought two of the tarot card masks for my son and his boyfriend - they both love them and I heard tell my son now wears the mask when he gives tarot card readings. That's pretty special ! I'm enjoying being able to express things that are special to me with the mask wearing, rather than having it be a chore. Thank you LPMP !
  3. @Anonymous2F You might try letting the Aja just sit for a bit and retry it in a few months. Mine was vinegary for quite a while on me. Then later - super sweet honey, reminiscent of Winny The Pooh. .Might have been my eating habits, further along in menopause, different skin pH...who knows.....there's a bit of magic in that bottle and now might just not be the right time for you.
  4. I would LOVE a rebrew of this, even with another none heavy phero blend, or as a 'clean' version. I know the "Dirty Old Man" phero concept is not being done anymore, but I can add cops to it myself if I want that. This Ohhh so sexy version of Compromising Positions is incredible. And sexy. Incredibly sexy.
  5. @Black Cat that is a poetic and spot-on review and one I don't think I can add anything to. I bought this in 2014 because the vetiver was not a note I knew well then (and even now) and felt it would let me study it I keep thinking it's an animalic source and have to regularly Google it to make sure it's a grass. I just don't pick up on the grass/hay/lemongrass qualities that others do. I get earth, musk, and leather. LOTS of leather combined with smoky woods. So fascinating ! And it is VERY strong. I just covered my wrist on top with a layer of Love Potion: Homme which I reviewed a
  6. androstenol


    Back when it was being sold, I bought 3 bottles of this. 3 ?? No lie. I found it helps me when I feel unsafe in a social setting. I'm a strong empath and not great at shutting out negative vibes. This bottle was formulated to help with that and goodness, it has certainly helped me. I don't think I've much analyzed the scent over the years. I keep in a certain row of my bottle organizer for "Emergencies". And I'm glad I have it.
  7. Hubby asked me to take the little 'scents box' I had made for him and put his bookshelf so that he could store more books there. I cracked open a maybe 5 year old bottle of this...OMG !! the coffee is front and center, along with smoky/musky woods, on that Original Love Potion base we all love. This is just so sexy I can't even !!! MINE MINE MINE. I need variety in my scents and I find after several weels of feminine scents, I love switching over to unisex and masculine and fall in love with that genre all over again. Also tends me make me feel less lonely on days when hubby is gone for 12 ho
  8. Merry Christmas ! This little concoction came me with me on my drive to the Columbia River with hubby on Christmas Day. We didn't have time to drive all the way into the woods so the river destination was a workable solution. I know I wanted a TC blend and I do have it straight in a rollerball. But I just adore the Tortuga scent and I finished off my sample vial instead. I feel the scent and phero are congruent (as have been mentioned many times before). I literally have hundreds to LPMP scents I could have reached for to combine with the TC...but I didn't. I have become bonded to this
  9. @greenappletartthanks for the contents description ! That seems like a very fun deal. Had to edit to add: : Lot # 708 has the last bottle that hubby and I created: Polar Bear Lovers. I may just snap it up, it's wonderful for wintertime !!! We went ahead and had some of the bottles enriched with PM, it's a great match.
  10. My sample is now 6 months old and this has aged beautifully. I swear I smell a bit of violet in there. Even with the thin wand application, this lasted an amazing 12 hours on me. I applied to give me extra oompf for a long day doing remote work and it kept me going. It has an interesting 'humid' quality to me, that was very pleasant for a winter situation. Loving the amber and still feel like I detect a 'leather' note in there that is not actually added. VERY yummy, sensual, sexy, confident, alluring scent. Get a bottle !!
  11. How about some True Confessions ? The heavy beta-nol makes me feel very close to the guy, and the only other ingredient is alpha-nold so you're not sending a sexual signal as such. I don't find it makes me overly talkactive....but your mileage may vary. Perfect Match would also be lovely.
  12. For hubby, wet he said: "very lemony" which I am guessing is the pine. For me it was instant ohhhh-Lordy sexy outdoor male scent. The pine is pretty strong for me even on dry-down, towards therapeutic sinus cleanser territory. Perhaps with some aging I will be able to smell more of the other ingredients. The cooling sensation mentioned above is for me more like an essential oil sensation, a bit like the way tea tree oil goes up your nose. Very refreshing. Would combine well with uplifting phero blends, even Mega Watt.
  13. Bought a FB off the description - yes it will make all your yummy Hallowe'en pumpkin/candy/cupcake/pancake/cake dreams come true. The alpha-nol is excellent with this. If you are on the fence about this....trust your gut and indulge. It leans a bit towards Gingerbread to me, but not as much as much as Bare Trap. Great for a down day. Great for remote work. You owe it to yourself.
  14. Labels are gorgeous. I will need to re-write the names of them with a Permanent Marker due to my reduced vision, since I won't be able to use the color of the labels as a clue. Might work on full bottles, but will need magnifying glass on samples. I'm super curious about the Blue Fyre with PM !!! Also love anything with just alpha-nol (as my nick suggests !)
  15. @laurue that was a great review ! I look forward to many more from you. My story for this is less exoctic. I love almost all chocolate scents from LPMP and hubby does not. But since Mama has a job and her own spending money - well I indulged. And yes, like Eastwood said, it just happened to have Sexology in it which is just fine by me
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