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  1. I am treating myself to: 1. Buns of Cinn with Bang Bang ! because yes, sometimes this woman wants to smell like a sexy baked treat ! 2. Odalisque with Blatant Invitation, because it's classy and I have loved all its previous versions 3. Lilu with Sexpionage - I respect the power of Sexpionage and this is a VERY interesting/mysterious fragrance for it. Also hubby REALLY likes it and who am I to argue with that ? 4. Kahve with Mega Watt - because this turns me on, I don't know why exactly. Looking forward to wearing it for remote work 5. Catch me if you can with Swimming
  2. @eve it's certainly appealing to me right now at 11 PM ! I'm going from sample vial to sample vial, just had Odalisque in my hand which of course caused the usual olfactory arousal. And then this gorgeous palate cleanser ! I seriously want to lick the bottle. I will have to try again without sniffing cops first, but man this stuff wakes me up in the most delicious way. Reminds me of the Teeccino dandelion coffees I've been drinking in the evenings, they are no-caf and come in some delectable flavors. I am all over this. Full bottle for me !
  3. The sample of this comes in a very generous size, thank you ! I have always found the old Super Sexy for Women phero blend (now Classy Dame) to be a total mood lifter for me. I think I was responding to that along with the water and ozone and I interpreted this as having uplifting bamboo in it. I see now from the ingredients that this is not so. I do find the flowers to be in the background and to me this is a comforting, soft, gentle, even tender sort of scent for me, a bit creamy and green. Heather brings me back to my days walking through fields of heather in Europe. It's likely too d
  4. I simply don't have the scent-scrying ability that @luna65has. But that being said, I went full spray on this puppy because of my ardent love of the previous releases of this. And it's everything I need it to be !! 2 tiny spritzes along my jaw have lasted me all day. This creamier, brighter version of Love Potion Original just really fits me so well. I adore this, I need this. And thank you for the Charisma phero blend with it. Really helping me during pandemic to feel like people like me and I like them back. With so few interactions to help with my concept of self - this becomes rather cruci
  5. Update: A few more months into remote work, a few more months for the oil to settle and mature. I tried it yesterday and it saved my buttocks. I didn't feel like yet again making cold calls to people I will never meet, never see. I was spiraling down mentally. This uplifted me something fierce. I felt like I was a good person to get to know, and then that translated into the people on the other side of the phone. I had been using SWS but it has a more serious vibe and would not have touched my issue at that time. Phone calls were longer, with more depth and more genuine concern. I am grateful
  6. Love Potion GOLD !!! I dared not hope we would get this back, I'm so excited and grateful. Also the Sogni Incantati - I bought it in a spray and was guarding like the dragon in Lord of the Rings. I am NOT kidding. These are worth their weight in gold (see what I did there....Love Potion GOLD ...) Enjoy everyone !!
  7. @Potion Master Fantastic ! I never would have guessed ! Zipping on over to the website now
  8. I'm loving the "White Light" mask spray so much. Hubby says it smells like me. To me it smells like everything that is magickal about LPMP. I'm spritzing it at my throat and collarbones, even clothing. I would ADORE it in a perfume oil base. I would buy tres many bottles. No kidding.
  9. Dirty Old Man always got me in the mood. EVERY TIME. It's similar to Sexpionage so that's not totally surprising. I also like to wear Hunter Trapper sometimes. Good question !
  10. I sprayed 3 sprays of this onto my mask cause - yanno - 3 is better ? No way Jose. 1 spray is plenty and this LASTS for days. The sage is very grounding. Of course then I had to try the other sprays, and I only had 1 mask...so the Cotton Candy was next and it's a WONDERFUL combination. I was shocked. The cotton candy floats on top without being sugary, a bit like Love Potion Pink. And then the sage rests underneath with a very calming, earthy presence. I'm not going to get tired trying different combinations ! So much fun !
  11. @Beccahthanks for that tip ! I was cautious when testing this because of the rose otto. But never fear ! Mara knows how to make a well-blended spray !! This seems to activate all my chakras, just like when you do a 'white light' sort of protective ritual/ energy work/crystal work. Truly remarkable. I plan on spraying it around me when I do remote work making calls to difficult people
  12. This has become my favorite sleeping potion. I am concerned about dousing myself with pheros for remote work AND at bedtime, so I've cut back for bedtime and this scent is amazing for that. The humidity of it is magickal. I apply some across my wrists, place one across my pillow by my face and inhale. Along with a slight winter breeze from my cracked window, this just calms me so much. I'm not really getting floral from this; just a beautiful humid green concoction from my almost 2 year old bottle. It has a Bag Balm effect on me without the phero being present in this. If you haven't yet disco
  13. I refreshed the page and lo and behold ! Spray and beard oil !!! I'm loving the Crystal sage. Brings back memories of using smudge spray in my surroundings such as at a hotel when I could not burn sage / smudge. I'm also eyeing the lavender for stressful situations. Thank you for a super useful idea to get us started with 2021 !
  14. I have the Egyptian one and wear it daily. I attach the loops to my purse so I always have it. Very lightweight and comforting, pretty, and of course holds scent very well. I bought two of the tarot card masks for my son and his boyfriend - they both love them and I heard tell my son now wears the mask when he gives tarot card readings. That's pretty special ! I'm enjoying being able to express things that are special to me with the mask wearing, rather than having it be a chore. Thank you LPMP !
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