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  1. Snoopy, have you (or anyone else) compared this to Heart Throb? I've had trial sizes of Wanted Man boosted scents but have always had mixed results and never gone for a full bottle. I've always suspected that I need some social to soften it a bit. From your review the results sound similar to what I get from Heart Throb, but HT has Cops which isn't always a good thing. They have their time and place, but the idea of something similar without Cops is appealing.
  2. I've never found anything unphero'd which smells similar to Ambuscade. You could always ask if it's available phero-free or go for a similar smelling PE. I'm tempted to do so myself.
  3. In no particular order: Ambuscade Dark Desires Captain Fantastic Shade (RIP) Eternal Sunshine
  4. I can only add to what Snoopyace has said about this stuff. Over the last few months it's become a go-to social for me. Works well with both sexes and spreads a happy chatty vibe among everyone who comes within range. I credit it with turning one particular woman, who is generally quite hard-nosed and aggressive, into a docile kitten. As for the soulmate aspects, it definitely works for this too. A couple of years back there was a woman who was very interested in me and was very forward in letting me know. She turned into a bit of a stalker, but eventually got the message that I wasn'
  5. Halloween ads already? It's only the middle of September... I just received a sample of this in my latest order. It starts off quite wet and green on me, but the greenness gives way to a damp earthiness on drydown and the musk comes to the fore. There's a touch of sweetness, but I wouldn't call it a sweet scent at all. Definitely a scent for the cooler months, but I can see me wearing this often.
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