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Whiskers & Tails


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I order ingredients from suppliers all over the world, and many of them send itty samples along with my purchases. Too tiny to use as an actual ingredient, just a sniff. Once in a while I group them all together in like types and blend them - all odds and ends, thus whiskers and tails. I would like to make this a regular thing, and for this one, I chose a bunch of light and airy notes that I thought would be like a delicate spring breeze. I would classify it as a gauzy fruity floral, with notes of violet, gardenia, orchid, primrose, mango, strawberry, vanilla, honey and cardamom. That sounds heavy, but it's not. It's more in the sheer floriental vein, and I am making this first W&T offering at half our usual price.

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I love this! The strawberry amps in the beginning, but settles down after 10 minutes, it then becomes indistinguishable to my nose from the other fruits. The floral aspects are more subdued. Normally cardamom likes to amp & turn to some type of Indian food smell on my skin, but it's behaving & staying in the background with this blend.

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I don't know what possessed me to order this one, because I despise fruity florals in general (there are a couple of LP exceptions, but I don't think I've ever gone FB on one, even so!) I think the line from the description about the scent being modeled after "a delicate spring breeze" did it. Because I want to smell like a delicate spring breeze, dangnabit!


Well, darned if I don't love it. It's very fruity when wet, but everything blends together beautifully once it dries down. I find the cardamom comes out more on warmer parts of my body (décolletage is definitely spicier ; ), but it is extremely subtle on cooler spots like the backs of my wrists. Both ways, it's lovely and not overpowering, adding a bit of warmth. W&T doesn't remind me of any other fruity florals I've tried, though again, I do tend to avoid them.


I can't distinguish all the listed notes, but I will say the violet is quite subtle. Normally I loathe that note in anything. I just point this out for anyone else who also isn't crazy about violet, don't let that trip you up. It is the least obnoxious violet note in anything ever, IMO anyway. All in all, a beautiful, soft scent that I think will wear well in hotter weather, too.

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Yeah the fruit is really bright in the beginning, but it drifts away eventually and the floral bouquet is actually quite dense on me, I do get the floriental vibe of it It makes me think of 11, sort of. But floral notes tend to amp and stick to me, so it's a quirk of my chemistry mostly. This is really pretty and femme - for example, if you enjoy Vampire Bait, for example, I think this would be something you'd like as well.

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