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Questions!! I am sooo confused ?

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Sorry if this is in other posts but I'm SOOOOO confused.

Okay so I know less is more with pheros and I have been dabbing my snugalicious with Cuddle Bunny but it hasn't really been doing.... Anything with my husband ?.

I have it in oil roll on. It is winter right now but my house is pretty warm and standing next to a heater doesn't get any reactions either. I really would like to know other people's methods and dosages that get the best hits. (I am aware that everyone's sweet spot is different) but getting a rough idea on how much is less and how much is too much would be TONS helpful and I would be ever so grateful for any help.

Oh I am also 21 years old and not on any hormonal contraception.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi there!


With a phero enhanced perfume, I usually do a small swipe in my cleavage, and a small swipe near my belly button. Then I kind of smoosh it around with my wrists. Always let it dry down before putting your clothes on. Esp with anything with copulins!


Try it a few times.. and just see how things go. Pheros aren't magic. Sometimes he's just not in the mood. But often pheros can enhance what's already there - so don't give up yet! And some guys just don't respond to certain pheros. My guy responds better to more dominant, aggressive pheros like Doninance, Leather, and Blatant Invitation. When I wear pheros with more Est, like Cuddle Bunny or Lace, he gets annoyed more easily. I still wear them, I just choose my time.. lol


Good luck!!

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Oh thank you ? that was very helpful. Do you think maybe since hubby was a little unwell it could have rendered the pheros almost useless to his nose .... Or something like that? ?


I tried raw chemistry pheros for women from eBay (way before I found LP) and even though I had to spray alot, it really worked. He got very attentive and bitey, ? which is very unlike him. Hmm I shall try again ?

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Hello. My dosage is different will all my pheros, but with Cuddle Bunny I tend to wear a swipe in my cleavage, and then I draw a small circle around my navel, and then smoosh it gently with my wrists, like Bella said above.


Sometimes too much phero won't have an effect, and sometimes it's because you're not wearing enough. But if your hubby wasn't feeling well, that certainly could have been part of it - not because the phero is rendered "useless", but simply because not feeling good would make him less inclined to feeling sexual.


Plus, like Bella mentioned, not everyone responds to pheros in the same way. Cuddle Bunny has a softly feminine vibe vs say, LFN, Blatant Invitation, Leather, Dominance and Sexpionage all have a more dominant vibe (due to their inclusion of the pheromone "-enone"). They inspire different behavior in different people - both in the wearer, and in people who are exposed to the wearer. Some men don't respond well to the soft feminine vibe, preferring a more dominant thing, some prefer it the opposite way around, and some will respond to pretty much anything... There's a lot of experimentation involved with pheros, especially if you're hoping to affect a certain "target", ie, specifically your husband.


It took me a while to realize that while my BF will pretty much "respond" to anything I wear, sometimes he doesn't respond at all to cops. And that for some reason, Lace, when worn without cops, will have him unable to leave me alone.


I wonder if the phero that you tried from the other company contained -enone? If it produced a "bitey" response, it's possible that it did. -Enone can produce a more aggressive (literally) sexual response in men (and women, too). I might suggest you try a more dominant phero if the Cuddle Bunny doesn't work out for you - or even if it does! My preference is for LFN. I have that one in a spray, and two spritzes to my torso is enough to get my BF in the mood, (and I'd better not have any plans!).


Good luck & have fun experimenting with a few different blends! :)

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I did some research on the Raw Chemistry brand...it lists that it does include Est and Cops...not sure if those are the ONLY mones in there or if those are the predominant ones. That being said, Cuddle Bunny is Est and Cops and even though I haven't had the chance to use it, there are tons of good results in the Cuddle Bunny thread. Check it out. :)

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Thank you everyone!!!! Hehehe hubby is better and I can't wait for the weekends. I'm not really focused on "sex" at the moment. I'm just trying to make him a little more cuddly and romantic because he isn't really good at it........ Sometimes I feel so evil. ?

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