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Glinda Glamour Skin Polishers


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"Our fabulous sugar scrubs are guaranteed to make all good witches sparkle and shine! An exfoliating treat in your shower!"

Pink Peppermint

A blend of zingy mint and sweet pink sugars with just a whisper of sensual amber.

Lavender Buttercream

Soothing French lavender and lovely lavender attar swirled in a bevy of rich buttercream accords.

Superfine Butter Scrub is crafted for gentle exfoliation of the face and contains no soap, only moisturizing butters and oils.

Cocoa Butter & Honey

A delicious melding of numerous types of creamy cocoa butter and sensual honey.

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Pink Peppermint smells fantastic! And I love the Superfine sugar. Sadly I can't use this one on my face because Peppermint makes my face freak out. I'm trying to decide whether to get the Pink Peppermint or the Lavender Buttercreme scent that I begged for for months. Lol. Literally my two favorite notes. Lavender and Peppermint

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At first I thought, oh, Pink Peppermint, I know what that will be like... but no. I should have known that Mara does Pink Peppermint better than anyone else. I mean, this should be a perfume. It smells soooooo good. I used it on my face and chest and shoulders - my skin feels so soft! I still dont know whether to get this or the lavender. I might have to get both!

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Okay, I saw these two Pink Peppermint reviews so I thought I'd try this. I knew I would love it because I also love peppermint. I almost always have peppermint gum, Altoids, candy, or other minty things on a daily basis AND peppermint white chocolate is one of the best flavor combos in the


Okay so anyway, I get this thinking I'm going to love it but seriously, I was not prepared for just how amazing this smells. OMG! I think this should be a perfume too! It smells so good that for a moment I considered tasting it WHILE I was in the shower! LOL! ???

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I've never tried these until recently, and now I think I need a lifetime supply! I don't know if this is meant to be used on the face, but that's what I've been using it for. About a year ago I started using Skinceuticals Retinol night cream, and aside from the occasional use of my Clarisonic, I haven't been able to exfoliate without gravely irritating my skin, and it's been driving me mad. They say that Retinol sort of "exfoliates" your skin all by itself. Don't listen to "them"! It's not true! Yeah, it makes lines less noticeable, but my skin has felt far from smooth since I stopped exfoliating.


On a whim, I tried a small amount of this scrub on my face, and OMG!!! This stuff is gentle enough for me to exfoliate EVERY DAY, even while using Retinol every night. It's like a friggin' dream come true... and it has me hoping that it's a staple in the shop, because it's like a miracle! I think it's gentle enough because the grains sort of "melt" as you roll them around your skin? It's absolutely AMAZING! 


And the smell!!! It's beautiful, subtle, and kinda sexy, if I may say so, for it being a scrub. I really, really dig this! I didn't realize that it left a bit of a scent on my skin after rinsing, until I went to bed a few nights ago, and got a tiny whiff of it on my pillowcase, which I did not mind at all.  


In fact, the very first time I used it was a night before work a couple of weeks ago, and no fewer than 3 people told me that I'm "so beautiful" that night! Seriously. Nobody's told me I'm beautiful in so long that I can't actually remember the last time. So this was a pretty sweet win. Lol. And of course I've been using it daily since, because who doesn't like being told they're beautiful? :)  


Thank you Mara, for creating such a fabulous thing! And thank you for sending a jar in my surprise box. 💗 I LOVE IT. 

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