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  1. I don’t think it’s an issue with Aja. It’s an issue with cops because of where on the body they are secreted in natural form. But Aja is a different compound entirely and plant based so I don’t think any of that applies.
  2. Yesssssss! YASSSS! Yummmmm! YAY!! I love this so much. I’m so glad Mara remembered I requested a Balsamic vanilla floral. When she asked me about it last month I did not remember but that’s not too uncommon for me these days but we talked and she agreed with me saying a lush lily is really the floral I’d want and omg KAPOW! I love. So glad Mara made this. Thank you! The vanilla and balsam are wonderful and rich and smooth. The lily is lush and sweet but not cloying. This is like my original first LP LOVE Sugared Lilies with LP’s signature vanilla.
  3. Hi there! I was wondering how to register for trading within the community.  Thank you very much!

  4. In the vial I could smell a lot of bamboo which can get stabby on me, so I put it aside for awhile hoping it would settle. Now that I’m wearing it on skin, it’s much more wearable for me with the citrus and especially the Musk. I love a green musk combo. The citrus fades really fast which was to be expected with any citrus but even more so with EOs. Very wearable scent for everyone. Really nice for spring/summer. Great idea pairing this with Mega Watt!
  5. The peach and honey are way in the background for me. The peach is there, but it’s so intermingled with the mimosa and the green elements that it’s hard to identify. The honey does come out more in the long drydown. I think the aloe and clover make it just a little too pokey for me, which is sad because this is a glorious example of a perfect Spring perfume.
  6. This is definitely a new take on cherry blossom. The hibiscus and tea make it much fresher than your typical cherry blossom scent. It does read a bit soapy on me during initial stages. Long dry down gets softer and a little more cherry blossom-esque. Really really softens up but also fades fairly fast on me. Very nice freshly showered skin scent.
  7. The open is all bright tangy grapefruit and the darker zing of currant. It stays cheery and somewhat bright but also softens rather dramatically pretty quickly. The marshmallow reads as pillowy and almost powdery in feel. Doesn’t smell strictly powdery but that dry feel of powder with the softness. Really lovely! I think I will wear this often this season.
  8. I agree with Luna about the spa feel to this one. The lavender is herbal but really disappears quickly for me under the other bracing herbal notes. I get the tiniest hint of cedar. A lot of eucalyptus and other herbs. The B2.2 will likely make this a great sleep scent for many. It’s refreshing for me, so not so much a sleepy tine scent for me. Very nice.
  9. Ooh I’m glad to know it’s more Apple forward. I think that may make it workable for me ( on the man.)
  10. I am the exact same with Dom. Never sold a bottle so fast! I do *okay* with Leather, but the one that works really well for me for motivation and just the right amount of confidence/assertive is La Femme Noir. Better than Mega Watt for me honestly. I have ADHD if that’s helpful or relevant. Highly agree with the Balm Bomb, B2.2, Teddy Suggestions. B2.2 is best for me but it’s kind of a knock out punch for a lot of people. Helpful at bedtime or for full on anxiety. Teddy is too light for me. Balm Bomb is kinda my all around pick for the majority of people. I like it a lot myself.
  11. I have not worn this on skin or tried on the man yet but I feel it’s important to let everyone know my eyeballs rolled back in my head when I smelled it in the vial. I’m glad nobody saw me. Lol.
  12. What a fun Spring into Summer Fragrance! Berries, honey, sugar might veer into the sickly sweet territory, but the lemon zing and ginger help that with their sharper, fresher tones. The cream blends particularly well with the honey note. Omg yum. People will follow you around with this one. Watch that social distancing! Lol
  13. Lol I relate to that assessment. My worst OD ever was with Cougar and alcohol. Can’t do it. And it is one of my favorite pheros. I’m with you on the amounts as well. And I generally need higher doses with most pheros.
  14. It’s soooo amazing. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a place to direct customers that Is directly orderable. Great work! 💗
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