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  1. My friend Andrew is wearing this today( and probably buying a bottle now) and in the vial I didn’t care for it due to the big hit of dragon’s blood -which I’m not a fan of. But on him after dry down this is gorgeous! Deep, warm, spicy and vaguely identifiably resinous but not so overt that I recoil ( LMAO I’m not a big resin lover). Smoooooth and definitely sexy. I’d be into this on a man.
  2. I really like this one but not sure I love it yet. Love the tonka, vanilla and balsam big time. The tobacco is the type that doesn’t bug me and is just smooth and good but the mahogany is strong enough to be giving me pause. But not to long dry down yet and I feel like this is one I will need to test multiple times. It is really warm and sexy regardless. I know I’d love it on the right man if not myself.
  3. OMFG some man is putting this on around me soon. SEX BOMB! Damn this is dead sexy.
  4. Wow this takes me right back to 2014. Really a close rebrew. I agree the Apple packs a slightly bigger punch maybe but I agree that could be just the freshness of this new batch. Tart, sweet, fresh made a leeeeetle bit smutty with the honey tang. Then the amber and oak moss drydown really soften it and bring that powdery smoothness. Really lovely perfume and a fun morpher. Perfect for Spring and Summer!
  5. 2 bottles of the Lavender Quin. Sprays, full bottle of Odalisque and still trying to decide on some body care products
  6. I adore this version! I’m sure it’s no surprise that this one is my first BIG LOVE since my original PE Angelique. Or maybe it is, as I think I’ve been rather quiet about the rebrew variants never holding a candle to Angelique -for me personally. This is like Angelique and Odalisque OG had a beautiful baby. It’s actually aged into closer to Angelique over the past weeks. It’s a bit sweeter and heavier and weightier than the actual original Angelique which had an airier quality with the musk compared to the rebrews which have always been richer and smuttier. I have always enjoyed samples of Oda
  7. I absolutely love this! It is pretty damn close to that OG Lavender Marshmallow as Luna said. Swooooooon! Lavender is smooth with a touch of crispness that just feels pillowy when combined with the soft marshmallow fluff. Two full bottles for me!
  8. This is really a foodie dream. Very very Cinnabon in a perfume. Spicy warm cinnamon melds perfectly with a doughy rich bread note topped with a swirl of sugary icing and the pecans which are warm and toasty. The pecans are sweet but don’t go into the treacly range which nutty things often can head me into if combined with a warm or sticky sugar. Delish!
  9. It took awhile for my smell to fully come back last year but not as long as yours is taking. I’m going to order at least one Quintessence spray too. Lavender...shocking, I’m sure.
  10. I don’t think it’s an issue with Aja. It’s an issue with cops because of where on the body they are secreted in natural form. But Aja is a different compound entirely and plant based so I don’t think any of that applies.
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