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Michelle's Summer Pumpkin


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In the vein of our old fave, Pumpkin Juice Cocktail, this is a luscious pumpkin with a summery spin - teamed with tart and bright apple and pineapple, and a dash of spice.

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Mara made sure to tell me about this one 'cause she loved it!


It's really nice, and I honestly couldn't quite picture it, despite having tried Pumpkin Juice Cocktail previously.  But it's like a cider that someone decided to add some pineapple to and it's one of those "compulsively sniffable" kind of combos!  It becomes a bit more spicy over the long drydown.  And that label is TOTES ADORBZ.

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This one is light, but with a base of spiciness underneath. I can detect the fruit (mostly pineapple), but it serves more to lighten it up than to announce it's presence as fruit. There's definitely sweetness, but it's not a heavy, cloying type.I'm not sure what kind, but like a brown sugar or a light syrup, like a light maple syrup. It's more mid-weight. In fact, I'd describe the perfume as a whole as mid-weight. Not as bright as a lot of summer fragrances, but not as heavy as most pumpkins. It's also not quite as spicy as most other pumpkins, but the spice is still prominent. Within an hour most of the fruitiness is gone, and what remains is a slightly creamy pumpkin spiciness.

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