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  1. Wore one of the masks today, and it was so comfortable. The adjustability of the elastic makes such a big difference. I was able to size it exactly to my face, neither too tight nor too loose.
  2. Magnolia is the first impression. Floral, fruity, and really pretty. It's a nice spring scent. Sarong feels like when everything is blooming and the sun is shining, but it's not hot, yet. There's a lushness to it. The juiciness keeps it from being too floral or too coconutty. It fades to a very quiet, not quite powdery floral that's mostly magnolia and coconut with a little bit of sandalwood underneath. It fades really quickly on me, which is the only drawback.
  3. There's a whiff in the beginning that almost reads as chocolate, but I'm not sure where that's coming from. Toujours Belle is thick and syrupy in a dark way, like molasses. This is sweeter than I anticipated, and the currant isn't as bright, but, by God, is it gorgeous. It's heavy, but not loud. It's languid and sensual. Thick and viscous. Not a daytime perfume. I feel sleepy and lazy wearing it, in a good way. Like the cat who ate the canary. After a while, the amber starts to warm it up and the currant comes out a bit more. It has aged so beautifully that I bought a second bottle.
  4. Wet, it is milk chocolate with the barest hint of the orange and blossoms reading floral. As it begins to dry down, they come out more along with the amber. The chocolate becomes more of a foundational note. There is a powderiness that makes it seem cottony. Within half an hour it is mostly amber, orange blossom, and myrrh. Chocolate always seems to amplify amber on me. It develops into a dry powderiness that is still kind of floral (that isn't the exact right word, but it's what I'll go with) with the chocolate mostly appearing as a light sweetness in the background. I don't really get any o
  5. When wet, the cops are a little more obvious with this one over the others, so it needs a bit more care. It starts out sweet and candy like, then it becomes more buttery. The dry down is really subtle and not too sweet. Delicious. Here's where I'm going to come out of left field a little bit: I know guys sometimes wear a bit of cops to attract women. I think the butterscotch scent is unisex enough that, surprisingly, a guy could wear a smidge of this (or however much they wear) layered under another fragrance.
  6. Garland Latte is very spicy, with the coffee giving it some darkness. The spiciness is a sweet kind reminiscent of holiday baking. I also get a bit of smokiness, but I'm not sure where it's coming from. About 25 minutes after application, there is a sweet custard-iness that must be the eggnog. The spice eventually calms down and becomes more balanced with the other notes. The long, long drydown smells kind of like a pumpkin latte. The coffee is never a prominent note, though, but is always kind of hanging out in the background.
  7. Would it be possible to get a photo of the Frogs fabric?
  8. Bare Trap, LOL. I kind of want it just for the name alone. I cannot wait to get my hands on the candied apple LP! I'm really curious about the notes on some of these, especially Blue Fyre, The Stag, Rum Woody, Weenie Roast, and, of course, Bare Trap.
  9. A really unusual scent, and I mean that in the best way possible. When I first put it on the apple and chocolate are fighting for dominance, with the chocolate in a slight lead. The raspberry very occasionally peeks out. I'd describe it as fruity and chocolatey, but not red. It's sweet, but not too sweet. The chocolate isn't dry at all, but neither is it too sweet. The long, long, long drydown is sweetness and amber. Amber sometimes goes sharp on me, but not here.
  10. Baharat is spicy with a hint of something fresh underneath. It's not a holiday cooking kind of spice, more of a dry spice, but without being dry. I don't know if that makes any sense, lol. It's a soft spiciness. I'm not really a spice person, but I cannot stop sniffing this. There's a softness to it in general. I'm wondering if that impression is coming from the cotton, because for reason smelling this makes me thinks of lots of bolts of brightly colored fabric in an open market. In the crook of my elbows, it retains more of an herbal aspect. The long dry down turns to a slightly more masculin
  11. Are there going to be 'Weenies this year? I was just wondering because I'm thinking of ordering a couple of masks, but if there will be new releases in the next month or so, I will wait. Don't want to cost you extra paypal fees and shipping costs if I can help it. Not sure if this question is too soon. Hope you've had a chance for a breather after the sale.
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