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    Wet this is all sweet smoke. It really does smell like a campfire with roasting marshmallows. It's really nice. I think it's more of a hanging out and chilling fragrance. It's too smoky to really feel work appropriate, even if it's sweet smoke. It smells like you've been sitting next to a campfire, with the smoke permeating your clothes. There's something adding a touch of coolness, adding to the impression of having been out on a cool night next to a campfire or fire pit. Far more smoky than some of the other s'more scents. As others have said, this is a good autumnal scent, despite being in the summer collection. Definitely comfy and cozy. I'd love to try layering it with an apple, or other fruit, scent. I know I keep describing it as smoky, but it's a woodsmoke scent, not a cigarette type smoke. After 15 minutes, the sweet notes start to differentiate and you can pick out the chocolate and vanilla more clearly. (And something that is giving me amber vibes. Not sure what, though.) An hour later, some of the sweetness has died down and I get a roasted aspect. Not necessarily coffee, but like the roastedness of coffee. (I do realize I keep saying, "Not thing X, but LIKE thing X." LOL. Not sure if it's my nose or descriptions that more work, but in the meantime it's all about the vibes.) By three hours in, it is more chocolate. A straight up food type of chocolate. Somewhere in between milk and dark chocolate. Sort of how milk chocolate with almonds tastes slightly less sweet than regular milk chocolate. Like that, but without the almonds. (Told ya. Vibes.) Overall, a scent that is cozy and relaxed while still being fun. Much like a s'more itself.
  2. Funnily enough, I've found I can only wear Open Windows in a phero enhanced fragrance like this one. The UN doesn't work for me at all. I think I can't get it into a small enough dosage. Whenever I try the UN, I don't get many hits or self effects, except for one. I'll be going along, doing whatever, and all of a sudden, I get INCREDIBLY self conscious and insecure. It only lasts for maybe 10 seconds, tops, at a time, but it is like running into a brick wall of those emotions. It's like being a teenager x20. Then it subsides just as quickly, but leaves me shaken. It'll happen 3 or 4 times a day if I try to wear Open Windows UN, regardless of the cover scent. Whether I'm alone or with other people doesn't seem to matter. But it doesn't happen when I wear OW in the phero enhanced scents. Weird. (But I also realize I sometimes have unique reactions to the pheros, so *shrug*.) But this whole conversation has made me curious as to differences in cultural reactions to pheros. Not just in how people feel the effects, but in how those effects are expressed. For example, with @Mister Pheromert being in Germany, would hits look different than somewhere like the US, where hits, particularly with strangers, might be expressed more effusively. Are different pheros better suited to different styles of cultural expression??? Idk, food for thought.
  3. A not overly sweet coconut backed by a dry honey. Really lovely and feminine. Up close is more coconut, while further away is more floral. It reminds me of a more fleshed out Coco Chrissy. As the other notes die down, the aja blooms and takes over, leaving a lasting honey scent.
  4. Love the labels! So bright and vivacious. Really fits the mood of summer and leaving wandering out into the world again. Also a great way to celebrate the LPMP family.
  5. This has aged beautifully. I got it off the trade board a while back, so I never had it when it was newly fresh. But, even in the time I've had it, it has mellowed considerably. In fact, mellow is probably the best word to describe it. The orange is there, but it isn't super bright. More of a candied orange. I get the chocolate, too, but it isn't like a chocolate bar. In fact, for so many food notes, it isn't foody at all on me. It's not too anything. It reminds me a bit of walking into a gift shop. The kind that sells local candies and treats, but also candles and lotions and things. Where the scents all kind of blend together to smell really good in the background, but without one specific theme. Not overpowering, like walking into a B&BW, just low-key background pleasantness that makes you want to wander the aisles, looking at all the bits and bobs. I find it calming and relaxing. It smells like how a lazy day feels. For when you want that chilling out vibe.
  6. This starts off with a strong watermelon burst. That burns off pretty quickly and allows the other notes to be more noticeable. The melon is still there, but I can also smell the peach. There is also something adding a bit of green to this. It's not strong, just hovering a bit on the background. Like the stem of a plant. It's very fresh, with a hint of brightness, but that greeness is what helps to anchor it. There is a watery juiciness that, even when it doesn't straight up smell like watermelon, feels like watermelon. That refreshing, cooling, hydrating aspect. The first few minutes are sweet, but that sweetness backs off pretty quickly, leaving it more airy. There is something about it that reminds me of how when you get out of a pool you still smell kind of watery. Not aquatic, just that sense of water. After a few hours, that sense of water dries off and it turns into more musk with a little pink. It is very quiet and faint at that point, though. It's great on it's own, but I'd also like to try it layered with LP: Pinkor Sugared Berries. Overall, I'd say it is a quintessential summer scent.
  7. Padma is quite the morpher on me. It starts off as a very light floral. Reminiscent of a more traditional perfume, but soft and nice. Very feminine. Then, after 5 minutes, starts becoming more almost grassy, and a very green heart develops. At this point, it is far less commercial, as it is fresh and unexpected. Next, at the 20 minute mark, the frankincense and myrrh show up. Through all of this, though, it is still a quiet fragrance. Eventually, it settles down to a light scent with just a bit of patch hanging around the crook of my elbows. Nice for a day you want just a hint of something without it being the star of the show.
  8. Very Christmasy, in a fruity way. Goes on tangy, fruity fresh. Crisp, but with some fullness underneath. The fullness is what really helps it be more of a winter scent than what you might expect from the fruitiness of some of the notes. The cedar provides a hint of masculinity, making it more unisex. Orange is the most distinct scent initially. When the orange dies down an hour in, the other notes are very well blended, in a way where I find it hard to make out the different notes. It's a very nice scent. The best way I can describe it is vivid. I'm not sure what that means, but that is my impression. I find it very long lasting, but that's just how Aja rolls on me.
  9. Didn't they drop closer to the sale last year? I wonder when/if that will happen this year? i am ready for some summer scents, too.
  10. Reading the notes, I thought for sure I would want a full bottle of this, but it's a little too masculine, even for me. It should wear very well on guys, though. As of now, I'm happy with my trial vial, and might test it with one of the sugared layerables to see if that lightens it up a bit. Becca Rustica is a very deep, masculine scent. Wet, it is all tobacco, becoming more woody as it dries. There's also a hint of something that is subtly spicy, but not quite spices. This is rich and full, with some sweetness from the tobacco and Tonka. This smells like how old, lacquered wood looks. The beginning is more of an evening or winter fragrance, heavy, but not overbearing. As it dries down more, it stars to lighten a smidgen. After 30 minutes, it lightens considerably. It goes from this big, bold fragrance that's almost trying to intimidate you to a much more close wearing one that's more intimate and letting you in. The sweetness comes out more about 45 minutes in. Then, after an hour, it gets really smooth. I feel like this scent tells a story, of initially trying to impress, then slowly opening up. I think it could be a good date night scent, sort of mirroring that journey. (Also, because, y'know, it smells good. 😁 And the phero doesn't hurt, either.) So go out there, guys, and rustica some bacca.
  11. (This is another quick review of just the first 20-30 minutes. When I have a chance for a longer wear, I'll do a more thorough review.) Buns of Cinn is a really sexy sent. I'm not sure how much is fragrance and how much is phero, though. (Also, the Bang Bang seems slightly more sexual than old school Bang, but maybe that's the perfume. Who knows? I also haven't been wearing pheros much lately, so my lowered threshold could also be a factor.) Regardless, it is sexy and foodie at the same time. Though, on me, it is more toasted cinnamon bread than cinnamon roll. More in the cinnamon coffee/crumb cake line. The pecans are very distinct as pecans, and that nuttiness adds some support and heartiness.
  12. I didn't have much experience with the old popularity blend, but I really liked the Charisma in this. No testing on others, yet, but the selfies were nice. Onto to the fragrance. It starts out a mixture of the earthy scratchiness of patch, the creaminess of the cocoa butter, and the brightness of the grapefruit. Unfortunately, patch and grapefruit are both notes that I have to watch out for since they don't always get along with my skin chemistry. While the patch stays distinctive, even dominating, throughout wear, it doesn't become completely overpowering. And that's saying something because I amp patch like whoa. The grapefruit, on the other hand, came to fight. Sometimes I can wear grapefruit, but when I can't, it turns straight to b.o. It's not too loud, as this isn't strictly a grapefruit scent, but I find it noticeable at the application points. However, unless this has been a problem for you in the past, it should be fine for others. Just a 'my skin chemistry' thing. As for the scent itself, approximately 20 minutes in the LP comes out one. It's a brighter LP. The patch and grapefruit really balance each other, and the scratchiness of the patch really calms down. This is LP, but LP on a bright, hot summer day outside.
  13. I can't do a full review, yet, as I only wore this for about 15 minutes pre-shower. I did want to note a few things, though. 1. The scent wasn't nearly as anise-heavy as I feared. I'm not a huge anise fan and tend not to like ones where it is the main focus. Here, however, it blends well with the other notes and is just one thread in the fabric, adding some sweet softness. In fact,that is how I would describe the scent as a whole for the time was wearing it. Soft sweetness. Pillows and comforting. Not too powdery. It reminds me of anther LPMP fragrance, but I'm not sure which one. I'll have to wait until I can consult my list. 2. I was very stressed/anxious when I put this one, and the phero worked wonders. Chilled me out almost instantly. I'd only previously tried Savage Beast in its eponymous blend, which made me really emotional. But here it really worked and was very soothing. For me, it may be a case like Open Windows, where I can only wear it in the diluted form.
  14. I've only ever gotten a few of the scents as sprays (usually when it's all that's offered) because I've discovered I'm more of an oil person. But with those few sprays I've noticed that the pheros tend to hit me harder and faster, though not last as long. That may be something to consider since they are phero'd.
  15. @Eve @luna65 Thanks for your responses. The amber in the 2017 version didn't work on my skin, but I may give this one a try.
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