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  1. I didn't have much experience with the old popularity blend, but I really liked the Charisma in this. No testing on others, yet, but the selfies were nice. Onto to the fragrance. It starts out a mixture of the earthy scratchiness of patch, the creaminess of the cocoa butter, and the brightness of the grapefruit. Unfortunately, patch and grapefruit are both notes that I have to watch out for since they don't always get along with my skin chemistry. While the patch stays distinctive, even dominating, throughout wear, it doesn't become completely overpowering. And that's saying so
  2. I can't do a full review, yet, as I only wore this for about 15 minutes pre-shower. I did want to note a few things, though. 1. The scent wasn't nearly as anise-heavy as I feared. I'm not a huge anise fan and tend not to like ones where it is the main focus. Here, however, it blends well with the other notes and is just one thread in the fabric, adding some sweet softness. In fact,that is how I would describe the scent as a whole for the time was wearing it. Soft sweetness. Pillows and comforting. Not too powdery. It reminds me of anther LPMP fragrance, but I'm not sure which on
  3. I've only ever gotten a few of the scents as sprays (usually when it's all that's offered) because I've discovered I'm more of an oil person. But with those few sprays I've noticed that the pheros tend to hit me harder and faster, though not last as long. That may be something to consider since they are phero'd.
  4. @Eve @luna65 Thanks for your responses. The amber in the 2017 version didn't work on my skin, but I may give this one a try.
  5. How does the amber compare to the 2017 version? Is it as strong?
  6. 1. Resurrecting threads is great. Everyone's body chemistry and tastes are so different, that the more reviews, the better. Sometimes, I'll specifically look for one person or another's review in a thread because I know their experiences will be most relevant to me. You could turn out to be that for someone! 2. As these scents age, they can change. So later reviews can offer an interesting perspective. A scent that may not have been someone's thing when it first came out may morph into something they love. Hearing how it's changed over time may lead to someone giving it a secon
  7. For me, Mega-Watt is all about the selfies. It's perfect for a situation like a college student studying for finals, or, in this day and age, working from home. It's all about the focus. It helps you get things done. Not in a Dominance bulldoze through your problems way, but in a tune out all distractions way. It's calming and reduces the stress while allowing you to work on what needs to be done. Like a bottle of "get in the zone."
  8. (Note that my impressions are from the Before Times. Have no idea how masking and distancing affect the effects.) I find that both LFN and LFM create a sort of starry-eyed reaction in others. For me, though, LFN seems to get a stronger reaction from women. It's like i suddenly become the queen bee. Other women going out of their way to try to accommodate me or get my approval. Some become downright deferential. I've had several apologize for being in line in front of me, even though they were already there when I arrived, lol. It creates a sort of regal aura that makes others tak
  9. Thanks for holding it. I'll try to get an invoice in shortly. I am extremely fortunate to currently have power and wifi, but with the storms, the Texas electrical system is not doing well, so I don't know if that will continue. But I VERY MUCH do want that virgin fb of Livng Doll, so if my things on my end take longer that is why.
  10. Is it possible to request a hold on one fb of the VIRGIN Living Doll? I will be sending an invoice in the next day or two. I'll definitely be getting a men's sampler just for fannish purposes! (And also because they sound amazing and I want to try them even if I can't wear them all. ) I've figured the Ozzie description refers to one H. J., but I'm still not sure on some of the others. Tsai? Khave? Bacca Rustica? Anyone know?
  11. I was about to say that when I looked closer, there were other fannish references, too. Think I see at least Lucifer and White Collar. Crocodile Dundee? Eta: and, lol, i would expect nothing less for something inspired by the show
  12. Welcome! I second snatching up a limited edition if you like it. Some go fast. New collections are released several times each year. You picked a good time to get started. "Pherotine" will be coming up soon. That is usually a collection where each scent is enhanced with a different phero. It is a good way to sample a wide variety. The phero enhanced perfumes are at a lesser concentration than the unscented pheros, but still pack quite a punch. (Not sure if it will happen this year, but usually during pherotine, there are smaller bottles of the UN pheros available, to
  13. I'd love Steamy Bikini or Mistress Mine. Very different, but both so good. Or Passion & Envy. That one is so great. Guavas in the Mist! Oh, man. Not being able to travel really has me craving something tropical and fruity. A travel collection for all the places we can't go! *wistful sigh* When I'm back to my collection, I'm going to have to copy Luna for a week or two and do themes. A perfume based vacation. The only question is world wide tour or tropical getaway?
  14. Same. I keep going, "It's almost March again! How is it almost March again?" This past year has both flown by and been endless. Excited about Pherotine even though I still need to order the sprays.
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