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  1. For me, Mega-Watt is all about the selfies. It's perfect for a situation like a college student studying for finals, or, in this day and age, working from home. It's all about the focus. It helps you get things done. Not in a Dominance bulldoze through your problems way, but in a tune out all distractions way. It's calming and reduces the stress while allowing you to work on what needs to be done. Like a bottle of "get in the zone."
  2. (Note that my impressions are from the Before Times. Have no idea how masking and distancing affect the effects.) I find that both LFN and LFM create a sort of starry-eyed reaction in others. For me, though, LFN seems to get a stronger reaction from women. It's like i suddenly become the queen bee. Other women going out of their way to try to accommodate me or get my approval. Some become downright deferential. I've had several apologize for being in line in front of me, even though they were already there when I arrived, lol. It creates a sort of regal aura that makes others tak
  3. Thanks for holding it. I'll try to get an invoice in shortly. I am extremely fortunate to currently have power and wifi, but with the storms, the Texas electrical system is not doing well, so I don't know if that will continue. But I VERY MUCH do want that virgin fb of Livng Doll, so if my things on my end take longer that is why.
  4. Is it possible to request a hold on one fb of the VIRGIN Living Doll? I will be sending an invoice in the next day or two. I'll definitely be getting a men's sampler just for fannish purposes! (And also because they sound amazing and I want to try them even if I can't wear them all. ) I've figured the Ozzie description refers to one H. J., but I'm still not sure on some of the others. Tsai? Khave? Bacca Rustica? Anyone know?
  5. I was about to say that when I looked closer, there were other fannish references, too. Think I see at least Lucifer and White Collar. Crocodile Dundee? Eta: and, lol, i would expect nothing less for something inspired by the show
  6. Welcome! I second snatching up a limited edition if you like it. Some go fast. New collections are released several times each year. You picked a good time to get started. "Pherotine" will be coming up soon. That is usually a collection where each scent is enhanced with a different phero. It is a good way to sample a wide variety. The phero enhanced perfumes are at a lesser concentration than the unscented pheros, but still pack quite a punch. (Not sure if it will happen this year, but usually during pherotine, there are smaller bottles of the UN pheros available, to
  7. I'd love Steamy Bikini or Mistress Mine. Very different, but both so good. Or Passion & Envy. That one is so great. Guavas in the Mist! Oh, man. Not being able to travel really has me craving something tropical and fruity. A travel collection for all the places we can't go! *wistful sigh* When I'm back to my collection, I'm going to have to copy Luna for a week or two and do themes. A perfume based vacation. The only question is world wide tour or tropical getaway?
  8. Same. I keep going, "It's almost March again! How is it almost March again?" This past year has both flown by and been endless. Excited about Pherotine even though I still need to order the sprays.
  9. Would love for you to report back. I am curious to see what everyone gets.
  10. Forgot to update that my order made it perfectly to my current location, though I guess the lack of panicked crying made that obvious. And an extra thanks, @Potion Master, you know why.
  11. You know how in every early 2000s remix there's a hype guy in the background constantly repeating the name of the song, or the artist, or even just, "Remix! Remix!" Well, this is Gossamer Threads: the Remix by Sugared featuring Oakmoss and the hype guy spends the whole time going, "Oakmoss! Oakmoss!" (Trying to figure out if there's a bit of lavender in here, or if it's just the Oakmoss that makes my breath catch. My allergies: never fun, but always an adventure. )
  12. Got my Black Magic Friday haul! I got a bottle of time travel: 1400 and a bottle of themyscira and a bunch of samples! Awesome! I definitely encourage anyone who was on the fence to get one. Not only do you get the perfume at a discount, you also get the fun of opening it and all the anticipation of waiting to find out what you get. It's like getting yourself asurprise present!
  13. @Potion Master Quick heads up. I just sent an email clarification regarding the address for my order. Wanted to make sure you get it before the package is sent out.
  14. I'll be taking the gamble with the 2 fb. Half of the fun is going to be the anticipation! And if it ends up being something I can't wear, it'll be set aside for the trade page that I will eventually, someday create.
  15. I'd like to reserve lot 803, lot 804, lot 808, lot 856, lot 850, lot 864, and a feminine black magic Friday deal. Thanks. Will send invoice request tomorrow.
  16. Hah! Thanks. I feel like I've described something else as smelling like a pirate bar (at least in my notes, if not an actual review), so apparently I guess I have really strong feelings about how pirate bars should smell.
  17. This is what an Errol Flynn swashbuckling movie smells like. Or, rather, I'm not sure that 'what you would expect a pirate bar to smell like if they smelled good, instead of what pirate bars probably actually smelled like' is technically a perfume category, but is in my mind. And Rum Woody very much fits that vibe. There's something in this that reminds me of the beginning of The Pirate and the Maiden, which is where I think I'm getting the association. Rum Woody is masculine, but still remains unisex enough to wear if you don't mind wearing masculine scents. It's feminine enough t
  18. Mmmmmmmm. Rich, sweet tobacco, and spices. Not too spicy, though. On the whole, very nicely balanced. The pumpkin makes it feel very autumnal. I'd say it's uniseix, veering slightly towards masculine, but still easily wearable for a woman. It's what you expect from the notes, but a touch sweeter. I think that sweetness is what allows it to be more unisex. As it fades, the tobacco remains the strongest note, while the pumpkin starts to overtake the spice a little. I know I'm repeating myself, but it's just a really deep, rich, fall scent. I love it.
  19. This is another that's really unexpected. Up close, I get the bright tart blueberries, while further away, it's more pepper. I also get some of the myrrh up close as well. I really like the blueberry and myrrh combo, but I find the pepper makes it slightly unpleasant to me. I think this is one of those where the pepper absolutely makes it or breaks it for you. If you're a big pepper fan, you'll probably like this. If you aren't, it's a prominent note that is very noticeably there. And I shook it really well, too. After a while the pepper isn't quite as intense, but is still strong enough to ti
  20. I would describe this as a nice, thick, marshmallow scent that has a burnt edge like it's been in front of a fire, backed by the sweetness of vanilla. It's foody, but not too foody, with a controlled sweetness. I'm not getting the other notes strongly as individuals, but they are creating a background pillowy depth. It's not terribly long lasting on me, but I still get hints of smoky sweetness.
  21. I cannot wait to see how LP: Candied Apple ages! I have a feeling it is going to be divine. It starts off very bight with the apricot and raspberry. (This is the part I think will be most affected by the aging. I expect it to become both a little muted and also richer.) The apple is a very tart one. Or maybe it's the other fruits making it seem that way, but either way tart fruitiness. It's so bright, it is almost shiny. As it dries down, the sweetness and depth start to emerge. This helps make it more well rounded. The raspberry goes a bit play doh, as it is wont to do on my skin, but only m
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