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Gotcha! 2.0

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4 hours ago, RosesArePink said:


Ah, yes, I’ll bet BI works great in getting male attention! I’m too chicken at this point to wear BI out and about. I wrote a review in the Lantern thread about my grocery shopping trip while wearing BI. LOL. 


I went over to read and wow! lol I don't get hits like that but that's mostly because of my style. When I use BI, it helps others tune out my style and allows them to approach me instead of it always being me doing the approaching. I get hits from it with both men and women.


Now when I wore Sexpionage out on a trial run, it did make women more defensive if they were there with their partner. I only got one big hit with that one, and it was a doozy, so I'll stick with BI.

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Well, I have been experimenting a bit with using  Gotcha with BAM! or just cops. With extra cops I find there is a thin line for over doing it. Not that I get ghosted, just that cops do what cops do and that’s definitely not for 😈 conversation. BAM! Is easier not to go overboard with and really seems to enhances Gotcha. I’ve really enjoyed the ways it effects the Cute Veterinarian. But the downside is that it sometimes makes me a little over emotional.


Just for fun, I tried Gotcha with BLAM because I thought some alpha-nol might help me feel a little less emotional. And it did. I liked it! On the original Gotcha thread, people said they didn’t like alpha-nol or LAM! with it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I haven’t tried either, but I might. Gotcha2.0 is a little different, so maybe the new formulation will work better with alpha-nol? 

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