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Cotton Candy Clouds w/Gotcha! (2023)

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Scent: Happy and light, refreshing but sweet watermelon scent.

MELONS ~ Water magic, fertility, creativity.
MILK/BUTTER/CREAM ~ Nurturing, soothing, eases troubled relationships. Goddess energy.
AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.

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At first all I smell is sweet, soft melons and it reminds me of a mixed melon ball fruit salad my grandmother used to make. So sweet, mellow and melon-y. Towards the end of the day, it turns into a sweet, milky skin scent. Guess the melon must have burned off, but even with the melon gone, it was still nice. And, of course, Gotcha is pretty wonderful.

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This is a very sweet, summery, light scent. It smells like sweet watermelon but on me fades down to a slight sweetness over time. I’ll get wiffs of it now and then throughout the day but I think I get use to the scent over time. It’s very nice when I do get the wiffs.                My boyfriend first said it smells like my natural scent but even more like me.😆 He also kept saying “you smell sweet. What is that scent? It reminds me of something “ I suggested Watermelon and he went “that’s it! It smells like watermelon sour patch kids.” (His favorite candy).  For the pheromone it’s very enticing for my man. But I’ve noticed gotcha effects me the next day. It makes me more flirtatious. I very much enjoy the self effects I get from it. It’s a very fun scent for a fun pheromone. It makes date night a fun night 😉

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When I tried this on Day 0, it smelled somewhat smoky to me and very similar to a cotton candy accord from a different fragrance I smelled recently. I left it alone for a while and tried it again with Super Happy Funtime on Day 14. That one is more potent and has more sillage. It is currently my top contender for  Best Fragrance While Changing Diapers (2023) . 👶🏻🧷👌🏻😆


Going back to this fragrance, I no longer smell smokiness. While wet, I can distinctly smell the melon. It says watermelon in the description, but I'm getting more of a cantaloupe scent. It is reminiscent of a melon ball salad like what @RosesArePink mentioned. I decided to compare this to the Phero-Charged Money Potion (2023) due to the similarities in melon scent. Cotton Candy Clouds smelled simpler and subtler, while the Money Potion smelled brighter and stronger. 


During the dry down, I get the wonderful cotton candy scent. I don't know how the combination of melons, milk, butter, cream, and amber resulted in that scent, but it's sooo good! I was huffing my wrists and arms during bedtime because I enjoyed the scent so much! Unfortunately, this fades way too fast on my skin. It significantly faded to perhaps only 10-30% of its strength after 20 minutes. I could still smell it, but I had to really get in there. I reapplied after 3.3 hours so that I could enjoy its scent again. I enjoy this the most around 5-15 minutes after application. If this lasted longer on me and had more throw, I might have seriously considered getting a full bottle. 


My search for my favourite Cotton Candy scent continues... 

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