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Maggie May w/Stone Cougar

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Scent: Magnolias for May, with other tropical flowers and greens, made a touch creamy with coconut and cocoa butter, on a musky base.

MAGNOLIA ~ Nobility. Psychic enhancer; inspires peace and harmony; fidelity.
PIKAKE ~ Self confidence, anxiety reduction, prosperity; powerful love attractant, spiritual love.
MAILE VINE/LEAF ~ Eternal love, respect, honor, spiritual connection.
COCONUT ~ Protection, purification, receptivity.
COCOA BUTTER ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love.
MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.
WATER ACCORD ~ Cleansing, purifying. Fertility, Goddess energy, fluid of life. Renewal.
RESINS ~ Sensuality, protection, spirituality.

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I think if you're a fan of magnolia you will enjoy this take on it, with the underlying creaminess and tropical vibe.  There's a hint of freshness which peaks through as it dries down.

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This is very floral to me! It’s a sweet magnolia scent and reminds me of the summer in my home state (good ole Mississippi). It’s very elegant but playful at the same time.  I picture this scent could worn in any social gathering.  It reminds me of L’ete de fleurs (my absolute favorite scent from here with the original Popularity Potion).  This one is just a bit sweeter. 

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@LyndaH ‘s description is right on the mark! As it dries down, the sweet creamy-ness really comes out. It’s gentle, soft and sweet and would make both a great going-out-on-the-town and also a great cuddly scent. Magnolia is always beautiful. I always look forward to spring when the (rare northern cold tolerant?) Magnolia tree in front on my work building is in bloom. 🌸

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