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Shafiqa w/La Femme Noire

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Scent: Deep, incensey and exotic. MUST be tried on the skin! Majmua scents present best in oil form so they can meld with your skin chemistry.


INDIAN MAJMUA ~ an atmospheric combination of Sandalwood with multiple assorted attars of woods and flowers. It is considered deeply sensuous, and also deeply holy.
INDIAN OUD (Agarwood) ~ Love, aphrodisia, spirituality, health.

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I’ve never smelled majmua before so I had no idea what to expect from this one. Oh my gosh it’s so good!! Oud is usually overpowering on me, I love it but it’s a lot, but the oud in this seems to play around off in the distance but still close enough so you know you’re not alone. I don’t even know how to begin to explain the majmua except to say it is amazing! Deep but not heavy, just so sexy. It’s intoxicating and mysterious but makes you want more. LFN is perfect for this one. 

eta: also try layering this with the solid vanilla Occo, just trust me 🤤

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10 hours ago, RosesArePink said:


Okay, now I’m curious. 

I am terrible at describing scents😂 I want to say it’s very very slightly citrusy, but not a bright or fresh citrus, it’s deeper. That’s the feeling I get anyway, it’s probably not citrus at all. It keeps the oud from being overwhelming and it’s just a deep, smooth, really intriguing scent. I know that probably didn’t help at all😂

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I don’t normally enjoy citrus scents, but this is maybe a deep floraly citrus?🤷🏼‍♀️ With oud. Idk, that’s the best I can do😂 Try it, I hope you love it!

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