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Hi All,


I'm new to pheromone wearing, and I'm having a lot of fun. I wish I had signed up for this board when I originally purchased synchronicity. I definitely dropped my guard, but it turned out to be a good thing. The man that I'm interested in dropped his too and we actually are getting somewhere now. Thank you!


I get great service anywhere when I wear Super Sexy or Me,Jane - which I love.


I also bought the spray for the hair, which men really like, and it does inspire them to take care of me. I'm finding that I have arguments with my female friends when I spray it - they don't like the scent at all.


Any suggestions?



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Maybe go a little lighter with the spray if the scent is what's throwing them. Or you could create a scented cover spray. Someone suggested for me to mix in a scent with my leave in conditioner which I thought was a great idea. Maybe you could try something like that since the spray would still be there. Are you sure they're reacting to the scent or could it be the pheromones? What pheromone spray is it?

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