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I wait for you. My senses, sharp as an axe, fill with the scents of the damp earth around me - Sandalwoods, leaves of Ivy, Fern and Tobacco. The sensuality of the aroma envelops you, captures you, makes you yearn for me as I burn for you. Come to me. I am your Maniac.

The wet and the drydown are very similar on me, so I'm not even going to separate them. This blend smells like an expensive men's cologne. Every element blends perfectly into a a lovely woodsy scent, with a deep, masculine edge.


My guy friends don't like it on me, because it doesn't smell like a woman's perfume. But I love it. It's a lot like borrowing your boyfriend's shirt because you love the smell. It doesn't smell like me, but I want to cuddle up and breath it in anyway. This is a secret treat to slather on when I have the house to myself and can snuggle up in an oversized flannel shirt to watch movies of the week on the telly. (Well, yes, I could put it on my man, but it isn't exactly his style. Plus, this way I can have an extra secret boyfriend without all the drama.)


For you guys out there: This is defnitely sexy. If you like woodsy blends, try this one out. You will get attention.

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Okay, I was lucky enough to pick up 2 of the 5ml bottles of this one on sale. I say lucky enough because wow, this is dangerous (a literal qoute from a woman I know). I got this today and had to give it a try. I really have to believe that the name scared people away.


On me, the sandalwood REALLY comes out strongly for about the first hour. Then I get mostly green for the next 2 hours or so with the sandalwood taking a supporting role. Then the sandalwood comes back and the tobacco starts to come out. This is a very balanced, very masculine scent.


I decided to roll on a little to each side of my neck and a bit to the tops of my hands and rubbed it around. Then I went to see if my usual test subjects gave it a thumbs up or thumbs down. I went over to the receptionist in my office building and before I could say anything but hello I heard, 'ohmygodisthatyou?' My scent trail caught up with me and she caught wind of my scent. 'Uh, good or bad?' Loved her response, 'Bad, I have a boyfriend.'


This led to a conversation about how 'Maniac' made her think of being totally ravished and wanting to be ravaged. She was totally jealous because her boyfriend won't even try anything but Aqua Di Gio and I always smell great. :666: She always talks about having a boyfriend yet WOW can she flirt with me (especially when I smell good). I've never bothered to try and take things further than flirting, however.


During the conversation one of the other tenants came over and and told me my cologne was dangerous. She flat out told me never to wear it to the office complex again. I was supposed to save it for when I was on a 3rd date. Huh? (Yeah, when I am not phero'd up or if I'm not rocking some great cologne, these women aren't nearly so forward.)


The scent this stuff just reminds me of a suave, powerful man with absolutely no redeeming qualities who is only interested in having his way with a woman. In spirit this reminds me of Boddice Ripper's darker twin. Very nice and Very masculine but not exactly appropriate for daytime. Bring on the night.

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