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Phero blend similar to BI without Cops?

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Are there any phero blends close to BI without the copulins? The closest I can seem to find is Leather. I got unscented BI 1xcops and I love the effects on myself and others, but I get this overwhelming powder smell that may be from the cops.

I can detect the cops in it and I get the musky smell i'm used to eow being/having after dry down so I'm not 100% sure it's the cops. I don't know what it could be though. I never once got the powder smell from the straight eow. I noticed it with Beths Blushing Milkmaid roll on, Cuddle Bunny sample, Phero Girl sample and now BI spray. I LOVE the scents of BBB and Phero Girl until the powder takes over.


I am thinking of trying Lace. My everyday mix for awhile now has been Alpha-nol and Meo-est so maybe it will be similar.




Note: First time trying the sample of Neanderlicious I have and no powder smell :P uggg confusion :toast: Going for a big 2nd application now to be sure no powder smell! I get a very soft scent with a certain sweet note to it that I really like. Ok so after an hour or so it did completely turn to the powder smell. I thought this one was different because the pthers seemed to have a very strong overwhelming powder to it in the first few min. but with this one all I could detect was the scent and a soft possibly could be described as slightly powder scent, but it seemed different to me. After the hour or so though It completely turned into the powder.

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Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Leather contains cops too?


Lace is awesome as a sparkly and feminine social phero...I use it ALOT... great for giving you a bright & feminine vibe and it puts everyone in a good mood :666:


Open Windows is great to for drawing people to you, and brightening mood in general, but it's not a sexy phero if that's what you are after.

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