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  1. Scent great until meets my skin. Wow! Effects! I thought that pheros did not diminish over time. I believe when I first tried OW (one of my top faves) it was spray form. I have been using OW in oil exclusively for probably at least the past year. I used 2 Sprays to my wrist of the Trial Size, and just wow! I haven't had these self effects or this much of a blatant immediate effect in a long time. Very sick- look horrible- got stopped twice in store by male workers to ask if I was ok- was totally being normal other than feeling sick, and have shopped many a time feeling terrible with no one stopping to ask if im ok. I am wondering if it is simply because it is the spray form? Or perhaps the fact that I have ton of pheros that I switch around so it is more than possible that many of my pheros are several years old if not more. Wouldn't mind buying some brand new bottles if things need to refreshed, but of course id still rather use what I have. As far as what I have in oil I still notice effects the same as before, just not the wow factor I had with this one today.
  2. Has anyone noticed anything with to much copulins? I am wondering if since LFN already has cops- maybe adding more is to much? This is for indoor sexy time, not socially!
  3. Thanks Stacy! I would love to try dom noir...! Right now I put on OccO Black or Red with my Sex and Violins/Dom. I love the LFM with cops idea, but I don't have my LFM on me right now. I have a big box of pheros that I will have access to in a week or two. I haven't had a chance to try SS4W or Bang. I might get some samples in my next order. My Occo Black is out too. Also saw a ton of good things from Gotcha which is another I hadn't had a chance to test out. I mostly use OW, Dom, LFN, and Cops. Luna65: Yes. Aka Molecule L Assuming it would give an elegant, goddess aura, then with cops... that is ripe for picking Sounds good to me
  4. Hi Stacy! Sorry if I missed a post where my questions were already answered. I searched a lot before I posted. One of the things I specifically searched for were any posts I made on 235 because I am pretty sure I would dab some dominance or tal under my nose when I wore it, and I think it worked well. I just can't quite remember. Thank you for your response! I know it's ok to add cops to blends I was meaning more effects wise; Anyones elses experience with Combining tal or Sex & Violins with copulins. I also would like to brighten the feeling of LFN on me. I have a whole box of different pheros I could try (just not on me at this moment) like taa, or topper, but if there's really nothing I can do brighten it I will just keep using it as I have been, and be careful to not use to much. My od spot with this one is very low. Love lfm and lfn.
  5. Also has anyone tried TAL with Copulins? Interested in how these two together would go. Might try sometime soon. Also Sex and Violins with Cops.
  6. I am thinking of layering OW with LFN Is this a bad idea? Anyone else tried this? LFN with TAL? I love LFN, but I feel like when I wear it I am just amplifying myself and myself is very intense already. It can make me very in my head and even on the sad side if I wear to much, so thought maybe OW could open it up a bit, or might just make it way worse ha. Why I'm here asking Right now I have is/a, mx235, TAL, OW, lp red/ow, Sex and Violins/Dominance, Occo Ambrosia/Popularity potion, Occo Ambrosia/LFN, occo red, gold, pink, ambrosia, aja copulins, and Lp pink. I am also wondering about MX235. If I wore MX235 and a dab under my nose of Sex and Violins (Love the self effects) Would it throw off the 235 vibe to much? Or possibly TAL (also love self effects)?
  7. I FINALLY tried Popularity Potion! Why oh Why did I wait so long!?! HA I first received it as "Sweet Chic" I think this scent is great for PP and may buy a FB if theres any floating around. I now have an UnFB PP reminds me of an absolute FAVORITE mix of mine from another company that one day disappeared and was never heard from again :/ (The Mix not the company.) I want to do a more in depth report when I get more time with it alone (not mixed with other stuff like cops etc.) I am still trying to find my sweet spot with this one as I seem to OD sometimes which turns into WOA to much turn it off! get me off this crazy ride ha! I cant wait to see how the hits go when I go out for a night of fun. So far everyday just doing errands. It seems like I just morph into this social butterfly and everyone but everyone seems to want to talk to me, or is interested in what i'm doing, or trying to get closer. Words I would use to describe how I feel mostly: Happy, Fun, Doing my own thing (and whatever it is however simple/Mundane is great ha) Open, Talkative, Friendly Yep! It's happened again... I've found another favorite~!
  8. Hello~! My favorite OCCO'S are Red and Ambrosia. I believe my next full order of something will be of Ambrosia as my Trial vial is out, and I've used red so much it's time for something new~! I also like Black and Had a full bottle of Gold that I am trying to use up. The Gold Occo I have is a bit much for me though I do like it in tiny doses I can pretty much lather myself in Red and Ambrosia and be fine *Wink* Pun intended!
  9. Ok! Here goes! Apply in morning I LOOOVE the Scent Reminds me very much of honeysuckle (which I loooove ) or a lightly sweet flower. I take a bath that night not even of it until..... I get out start toweling off and it's scent just floats on by! Well it held on! Next day... Still there and STRONGER! Now here's where it kinda sucks for me :/ The first day if it had stayed like that I Love it and would for sure get more, but the scent the second Day on my skin a lot of the sweet if not all is gone and what is left is the- well what I will refer to as that 'someone took a num 2 and didn't quite wash their hands good enough' scent! It makes me to uncomfortable to wear in public. Thinking that other people will think that's what happened! I do still have my lil vial of it, and do love the first day scent so I am definitely going to keep it and try it in the proper situation once I meet someone to see about hits Third day HA yes! Third day! On the second day I purposefully attempted to wash it off that night, yet can still detect a slight scent third day only if I put nose up to spot I had it though definitely holds on!
  10. Dominance Is now one of my top favorite can't live without phero's possibly #1 in competition with OW for the #1 spot. I wish I had tried it earlier, but it seemed some of the other similar? pheros didn't quite get along with me so I thought Dominance would probably be to much for me. I AM SO GLAD I DECIDED TO TRY IT. For whatever reason it's love at first wear~! I've many experiences from AMAZING!!!! to bad bad bad HA The eye rolls etc. are completely worth all the AMAZING hits and self effects I get with it. I will post a better more detailed report soon
  11. Happy Birthday~!

  12. La Femme NOIR ~ I have OD on this a few times still trying to find my exact sweet spot. Anywho it seems to make people extremely unfriendly with you. Do not OD with this one no bueno~! It's amazing in just the right amount though Which seems to be somewhere around 1 smallish swipe of my roll on/Fragrance. Out of everything I have I need the least amount of this one.
  13. I don't know what it is exactly, but my nose picks up something specific in this and I'm loving it. I don't know how to describe it unfortunately, but it's wonderful <3 I LOVE the green glitter pretty in it too!!!
  14. @roseblackthorn 1 Spray OW Shopping is now a whole new experience! Well more like everything involving others is a whole new experience I will *Never* go shopping without my OW again! Hit after Hit, Simply amazing. Much more helpful, many smiles, few almost dihl looks sort of like in a daze while helping. Just so much more helpful <3 Wonderful, Just perfect Also OW helped me today as I was doing something I have very much been wanting to do but a bit intimidated by it and a lot anxious, but I've wanted to do it so much I was just going to make myself and hope for the best. I decided to wear my OW for the effects on others as well as myself, but I didn't realize how much it was helping (self effects) until I was actually in the situation. It really helped me to feel a lot less nervous. Im very thankful. I could tell when it started to wear off a bit at the end. The People I was around were smiling and laughing a lot. I dont know if they are normally like that, but I do feel like a good deal of it was due to the OW. I would also like to note though there have been a couple times I have used two sprays. Nearly all of my experiences have been with one spray in the morning then late afternoon another spray.
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