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  1. Scent great until meets my skin. Wow! Effects! I thought that pheros did not diminish over time. I believe when I first tried OW (one of my top faves) it was spray form. I have been using OW in oil exclusively for probably at least the past year. I used 2 Sprays to my wrist of the Trial Size, and just wow! I haven't had these self effects or this much of a blatant immediate effect in a long time. Very sick- look horrible- got stopped twice in store by male workers to ask if I was ok- was totally being normal other than feeling sick, and have shopped many a time feeling terri
  2. Has anyone noticed anything with to much copulins? I am wondering if since LFN already has cops- maybe adding more is to much? This is for indoor sexy time, not socially!
  3. Thanks Stacy! I would love to try dom noir...! Right now I put on OccO Black or Red with my Sex and Violins/Dom. I love the LFM with cops idea, but I don't have my LFM on me right now. I have a big box of pheros that I will have access to in a week or two. I haven't had a chance to try SS4W or Bang. I might get some samples in my next order. My Occo Black is out too. Also saw a ton of good things from Gotcha which is another I hadn't had a chance to test out. I mostly use OW, Dom, LFN, and Cops. Luna65: Yes. Aka Molecule L Assuming it would give an elegant, godd
  4. Hi Stacy! Sorry if I missed a post where my questions were already answered. I searched a lot before I posted. One of the things I specifically searched for were any posts I made on 235 because I am pretty sure I would dab some dominance or tal under my nose when I wore it, and I think it worked well. I just can't quite remember. Thank you for your response! I know it's ok to add cops to blends I was meaning more effects wise; Anyones elses experience with Combining tal or Sex & Violins with copulins. I also would like to brighten the feeling of LFN on me. I have a whole box
  5. Also has anyone tried TAL with Copulins? Interested in how these two together would go. Might try sometime soon. Also Sex and Violins with Cops.
  6. I am thinking of layering OW with LFN Is this a bad idea? Anyone else tried this? LFN with TAL? I love LFN, but I feel like when I wear it I am just amplifying myself and myself is very intense already. It can make me very in my head and even on the sad side if I wear to much, so thought maybe OW could open it up a bit, or might just make it way worse ha. Why I'm here asking Right now I have is/a, mx235, TAL, OW, lp red/ow, Sex and Violins/Dominance, Occo Ambrosia/Popularity potion, Occo Ambrosia/LFN, occo red, gold, pink, ambrosia, aja copulins, and Lp pink. I am also wondering abo
  7. I FINALLY tried Popularity Potion! Why oh Why did I wait so long!?! HA I first received it as "Sweet Chic" I think this scent is great for PP and may buy a FB if theres any floating around. I now have an UnFB PP reminds me of an absolute FAVORITE mix of mine from another company that one day disappeared and was never heard from again :/ (The Mix not the company.) I want to do a more in depth report when I get more time with it alone (not mixed with other stuff like cops etc.) I am still trying to find my sweet spot with this one as I seem to OD sometimes which turns into WOA to much
  8. Hello~! My favorite OCCO'S are Red and Ambrosia. I believe my next full order of something will be of Ambrosia as my Trial vial is out, and I've used red so much it's time for something new~! I also like Black and Had a full bottle of Gold that I am trying to use up. The Gold Occo I have is a bit much for me though I do like it in tiny doses I can pretty much lather myself in Red and Ambrosia and be fine *Wink* Pun intended!
  9. Ok! Here goes! Apply in morning I LOOOVE the Scent Reminds me very much of honeysuckle (which I loooove ) or a lightly sweet flower. I take a bath that night not even of it until..... I get out start toweling off and it's scent just floats on by! Well it held on! Next day... Still there and STRONGER! Now here's where it kinda sucks for me :/ The first day if it had stayed like that I Love it and would for sure get more, but the scent the second Day on my skin a lot of the sweet if not all is gone and what is left is the- well what I will refer to as that 'someone took a num 2 and di
  10. Dominance Is now one of my top favorite can't live without phero's possibly #1 in competition with OW for the #1 spot. I wish I had tried it earlier, but it seemed some of the other similar? pheros didn't quite get along with me so I thought Dominance would probably be to much for me. I AM SO GLAD I DECIDED TO TRY IT. For whatever reason it's love at first wear~! I've many experiences from AMAZING!!!! to bad bad bad HA The eye rolls etc. are completely worth all the AMAZING hits and self effects I get with it. I will post a better more detailed report soon
  11. Happy Birthday~!

  12. La Femme NOIR ~ I have OD on this a few times still trying to find my exact sweet spot. Anywho it seems to make people extremely unfriendly with you. Do not OD with this one no bueno~! It's amazing in just the right amount though Which seems to be somewhere around 1 smallish swipe of my roll on/Fragrance. Out of everything I have I need the least amount of this one.
  13. I don't know what it is exactly, but my nose picks up something specific in this and I'm loving it. I don't know how to describe it unfortunately, but it's wonderful <3 I LOVE the green glitter pretty in it too!!!
  14. @roseblackthorn 1 Spray OW Shopping is now a whole new experience! Well more like everything involving others is a whole new experience I will *Never* go shopping without my OW again! Hit after Hit, Simply amazing. Much more helpful, many smiles, few almost dihl looks sort of like in a daze while helping. Just so much more helpful <3 Wonderful, Just perfect Also OW helped me today as I was doing something I have very much been wanting to do but a bit intimidated by it and a lot anxious, but I've wanted to do it so much I was just going to make myself and hope for the best. I dec
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