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    This is one of my favourites of this batch of NR's. It's like a soft, lush comforting embrace. It's quite subtle, the kind of scent I'd wear when I don't want it obvious I'm wearing anything at all if that majes sense. I get mainly creamy vanilla & marshmallow on a smooth musky background, with very little lavender. I think that's probably why I really like it, I don't amp the lavender to sickening levels, it remains as just a subtle hint in the background. If I didn't know it was there I probably wouldn't notice it. This is a scent I could see myself slather on for bedtime too
  2. This one is lovely, really takes me back to my childhood. I used to almost obsessively collect those small scented soaps and this scent somehow reminds me a lot of those small soaps. It's NOT a soapy scent though. It's not an "everyday scent" for me, but something I could see myself wearing on a summer day out when I wanted something light, feminine & not too in your face or foodie. It's a lovely subtle floral that doesn't smell perfumey.
  3. I didn't go full bottle with this one because I was scared of the smoke & myrrh notes. I tend to amp smoke & spice/herby notes to nauseating levels. I don't get any smoke with this one though. Unfortunately I don't get much more than a subtle hint of the rose in the background which is disappointing to my rose loving nose I seem to amp what's probably the alcoholic beverage note. It completely dominates the scent with an almost ginger like quality. It's a bit like Effervescence. It's not as light and fresh as Effervescence though which I think is probably the myrrh and musk. The rose does come out a touch more after dry down, but the boozy ginger note still dominates. I think if I were to wear this I'd have to go very light on the Rose Dust and slather on Sugared Roses to maie it more of a Rosebud scent. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely fragrance, just not very me.
  4. So it's more "Synchronicity" than "Sensual Harmony"? Maybe you're right... I should hold off for now. I think i'll save my idea of a "sensual harmony & sugared roses" combo for when you re-open orders for PE's
  5. Can't wait to try this one I was hoping it would be just like the original but a new variation is exciting too. It sounds like the new one is a lighter, (maybe more summery?), version of the original. Do you still feel like the scent is congruent with the dom phero Dolly?
  6. Thank you yes, it's me, but it's just temporary until I find a funny or original one
  7. Keeping my fingers crossed that Barbara's Soft Sandal Rose is like a cross between sugared roses & sensual harmony Put me down for one bottle please.
  8. Dominance!! OMG!! Is this a rebrew of the original Dom? I still have 1/2 of my bottle...only use it on special occasions. I'm terrified i'll run out because its soooo amazing!
  9. I went for bottles of rose & violet, (because I HAVE to have anything with rose or violet), as well as tuberose & cherry. Oh, and I impulsively also added banana in the hopes it'll be like "Me Jane" That's ridiculous! There's NO such thing. Everybody knows that.
  10. You ladies know there's a Sugared Tuberose too right
  11. This one is fantastic on its own, but it could easily be incorporated into a more complex fragrance mix. It's a fresh & fruity scent, not sickly sweet like black currant jam is. The freshness to me smells like the leaves on a black currant bush do, ( if you've smelled any). It gives this sugared an almost floral undertone even though this is a fruity scent. I got this one in a (quite possibly silly) attempt to create my own layer dupe of one of my favourite LP's; "Love at first bite". I tried layering it with hot cocoa, but to my surprise the chocolate overpowers the black currant almost entirely. I was expecting it to be the other way around. I guess I'll have to find another combination
  12. This is pure gourmand goodness It's like a giant nutty, gooey piece of pastry fresh from the oven. Absolutely lush. Sadly it fades very quickly on me, the scent is pretty much absorbed into my skin by the time it's dried down
  13. Do you want us to go through with the check out, or just put it in the basket? I don't want to rack up horrendous PayPal fees for you
  14. Ok, so I'm not loving the scent of this, but I'm also not disliking it. It's quite mellow & definitively not in your face so even if it's not as heavy in violets & vanilla as I'd like, I can live with it. The phero effects outweigh any of the "not quite loving the scent" issues. Plus it mellows/fades a lot on me on dry down. I recently got a new colleague at work that I'll be working very closely with during my night shifts & on calls for the next 6 months. My first impressions of this woman can be summarised with one word; bitch...,(when she's in a crap mood; c*nt). As a result I was really dreading going in for the long weekend of nights I had to do over valentines day weekend. The first night was horrid- a mix of being completely blanked by her & being the recipient of snappy remarks or orders in an attempt to make me look incompetent to the nursing & theatre staff we work along. When getting ready for my second night I applied Love is Love, basically as a last resort thinking even if it doesn't work it can't make things any worse. I was totally gobsmacked by the results. We certain didn't get along like BFFs but she smiled, engaged in small talk, did a little bit of teaching (she's quite a bit more senior than me) without being patronising & even laughed at some of the jokes & banter I shared with the surgeon! Third night I also applied some LiL with the same results. This stuff is just fab for work & getting along with arsy colleagues! I totally have to get a bottle of UN GG to amp my favourite scents with
  15. This one is lovely, a perfect bedtime scent. I'm usually not a big fan of lavender but this ones notes blends very well with the creamy vanilla. The balm bomb in it is nice and relaxing, though it doesn't seem to encourage sleep like B2 does to me.
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