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Should you use pheros if you're pregnant?

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I've been building up quite a stash of LPs for my friend who will be visiting later this month (next weekend, in fact), since she seemed intrigued by the idea of pheromones but doesn't have much money to spare. In a couple months she'll be moving back up here for good, but that really has nothing to do with this question so I'm not sure why I'm mentioning it.


Anyway, she just messaged me last night and told me that she just found out she was a month pregnant! This blew me away-- she's been having problems with her cycle and stuff all her life, and her sisters have had a lot of trouble getting pregnant as well. Also unrelated. Not sure why I'm rambling so much..


Um, so, is it safe to use pheromones while pregnant? Or should I tell her to hold off until she's given birth? I don't think there's anything dangerous about pheros, but pregnant women have to take a lot more precautions, so I thought I'd ask the experts.

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I wonder why no EoW ?


I cant speak for Dr. Stone, but it has been shown that copulins (the main ingredient in EoW) increases testosterone production in men. It has been hypothesized that these elements work by increasing GnRH release from GnRH neurons in response to the pheromone signaling of the copulins. GnRH works directly on the hypothalmus to cause the release of LH and that affects the testicular tissue in men to produce more testosterone.


Since these systems are the same in men and women it follows that GnRH would be released in women exposed to copulins as well (not tested). In women GnRH release of LH stimulates the ovaries, and increases the production of female hormones, rather than testosterone.


You really don't want to be doing anything to upset your already pregnancy-regulated hormone levels during pregnancy.


This may be a non issue, however, since women already produce much more copulins during pregnancy than they do even at ovulation (high estrogen=high copulin output).


Back in the day when I was pregnant with my first child, I couldn't figure out why every male I came across was hitting on me... a lot of it very blatant. I felt like a swollen beach ball, but evidently they though I was sexy as all get out. Now I know why!


I would also stay away from DHEA, DHEA-S, pregnenolone, androsterone, any of the estratetrienes, and all androgens like androstenone or androstanone. Alpha androstenol should be okay.



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