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  1. Umm..Nope.. NO steps for hintz allowed! Itz a scavenger hunt.. Seek and ye shall FIND!! I promise! ^_~ Blessings Ail )O(
  2. PSST.. >_> HSFTH.. Remember this, ladies? Yeah..You got it! That's the one..It might have slipped your collective memories, but has NEVER slipped mine.. Sooo...ETA for SCHEDULED release is Hallowe'en 2011..!! Watch this space! I know it's been a long time coming, and that it may have even started to feel a bit like one of those Urban Legends (see what I did there? ^_~) to some of you who have been on board with us for aeons, now - but trust me - I'm a doctor (as you know!) and this IS coming BEFORE the end of 2011!!!!! Will it be worth the wait? Well I seriously hope so, because I could have attempted to have it made up with another very similar isomer of a molecule that may or may NOT have rendered the same results three times OVER before now, but those who have followed this Acronym from the very time of its timorous inception until now, will be well aware of exactly HOW LONG I had a team of peeps testing and re-testing this formula for me, over a period of SEVERAL months, before I could CONFIDENTLY state that it *"Does EXACTLY what it says on the tin!"* (* Referencing a UK TV advert for the product "Ronseal"), and I hope you all will appreciate the reasons why UNTIL we could get a hold of the EXACT Molecules required, neither Mara nor I wanted to release this.. But..That time is now NIGH!! MWAHAHAHA!!!! (Exits stage-door left - or hobbles, maybe - you decide.. ^_~) I'll be back..around LATE SEPT ("Oh what a night!") (come on Julie and Halo - you SO know THIS one! ^_~) to tease ya'll just a tad bit more.. C'mon..you KNOW you love it! It simply wouldn't be ME if I didn't leave you all hanging (mercilessly) by taunting, tantalising and tempting you all just a TEENY wee bit now, after all! ^_~ Tell me: Have you all missed me? Well yes or no, I've SURE missed EVERYBODY here! Like I said..Watch THIS space... Blessings Ail )O(
  3. I waxed lyrical and talked about this fragrance at length in the Potion Of The Day thread, and it is without a shadow of a doubt the Lovely Man Of My Life's favourite LP scent on me ever - even edging past his beloved LP Red..But I can hand on heart say this right now.. I would head for the hills - screaming, if he wore this around me..! It is of course horses for courses I know, but he does NOT wear foody or gourmand scents - ever, and in fact we both ended up in a fit of the giggles three years ago when he attempted to pull off Mugler's A-Men - the male version of the ubiquitous Angel..It was just SO "All wrong" on him, and was as "off" as things of that genre are "RIGHT" on me...It would seriously just be totally incongruent for him to wear something like this on his 6 foot 7" frame..A bit of tobacco coupled possibly with a dark carob note, is about as foody as he gets, but he ADORES gourmand scents on me.. For SURE!! ^_~ On some men Special Delivery may of course come over as very sexy and appealing, but the majority of TYPICAL Scots guys in general (one of which number The Lovely Man Of My Life DEFINITELY is) are NOT fans of foody aromas on themselves, which is probably a large part of why they don't work on my countrymen - well not for ME, they don't.... On the other hand, if he COULD inhale it on me morning, noon and NIGHT, he would definitely DO so and that's just DANDY by me! ^_~ I have this in an Est Spray Mara made up for me, and can tell you that NOTHING more perfectly demonstrates the marvellously calming and cuddle-inducing effects that a *WOMAN WEARING ESTRATETRAENOL HAS ON A MAN WHO IS EXPOSED TO HER WEARING IT, than this juice - because EST literally does turn the Lovely Man of My life from a Grumpy Grizzly Bear after a horrid and hard day's work, RIGHT into a calmer, more centred and more balanced Cuddle Monster of a TEDDY Bear, within as LITTLE as ten minutes of being exposed to me wearing it..I can actually SEE the shadows lifting from his weary, tired eyes and his mind shifting happily into soft-focus..Yes, it really is THAT good, ladies..! I know there's very little left of the Special Delivery rebrew now, but those of you who already KNOW you get great reactions from wearing EST around a man you care about in a BIG way *yes not ALL women experience this I know, because there are definitely some men who do not LIKE to feel the more gooey, almost Soul-bearing way they WILL feel around a woman wearing it* I urge you to please, PLEASE consider having Mara make it up into a Beta-Spray for you, because seriously? An EST spray with Special Delivery worn by a woman, is like she has been given a bottle of Nectar - almost like Mana from Teddy Bear Heaven, and is like a Free Pass if you will, into the Sanctuary of The Realm of the Teddy Bear God..It's..AWESOME! *Emphasised because men will NEVER achieve the same effects if they wear EST around a woman, as a woman WILL get when she wears it around a man* Special Delivery - it delivers ALL that you could hope and wish for in a fragrance signature - and ALL you could possibly imagine in your wildest dreams - and then some! Blessings Ail )O(
  4. *Ail stands looming over Beccah (in the strictly VIRTUAL sense, of course) looking at her with a friendly (but still steely) glare/smile..* Hmm...Clever, clever lady.. You gleaned a lot from being told pretty much - NOTHING, but please don't make me have to use that big old ZIP again, Beccah darling! ^_~ Patience is a Blessing that shall be rewarded.. Oh yeah..Who am I KIDDING? Very few of the peeps here subscribe to THAT piece of Gumff.. ^_~ Blessings Ail )O(
  5. Hehehe.. For sure it's not.. I didn't even consider anyone MIGHT think it was THAT blend.. Silly-Biscuit Ail.. >_< Blessings Ail )O(
  6. ..And I would DOUBLE (and bold) Julie's "NO..And that's all I'M going to say.. Blessings Ail )O(
  7. Here you go.. AD - Androtics Pheromone Research. A pheromone company LPMP no longer deals with, although many of the ladies and gents here are still customers. LAM - Lust After Me. A defunct product by AD that consisted of A-Nol (A-Androstenol) and Copulins. LAM Like a Magnet. A wonderful product by LPMP that consists of A-Nol and Copulins in a light fragrance (see what we did there? Except we didn't..Not really.. Like not at ALL..Not even if we were PUSHED to say that.. >_>) TUTH - Turn Up The Heat. A male product by AD that is very high in Adrostenone and is occasionally applied in a SMIDGEN above the upper lip by some women right before sex, should they wish their partner to be more sexually aggressive. Too much Androstenone ("None") on most women turns them into rabid, horny bitches from Hell on heat.. IS - Instant Shine. A product by AD which has its main component as TAA. TAA is an (as yet) undisclosed Putative pheromone that AD claim to have isolated and created. OCCO is Overt Cops (for your) Covert Ops The strongest pre-dosed dosage of copulins available here, in a gorgeous choice of cover scents.. These truly pack a wallop - buy some - NOW! ^_~ H & S is one of my creations, and what's been said in the product description is exactly what it does, so have a wee read at that, as it's about a bit more than just good bonding.. B-Nol - is Beta-Androstenol. Alpha Androstenol is the isomer that can cause people to talk your head off and also gives a woman a more youthful glow to her - both inside and out, and beta-Androstenol worn in heavy-duty amounts is about as near as you will currently GET to being a legal truth-serum.. Used in smaller amounts, and at a lower strength, B-Nol offers amazing bonding properties to a situation, and it can give people a sense of trust if you wear it around them. Fab molecule. Open Windows is Ail's Open Windows, another formulation creation of mine, and very aptly and accurately described in the product description. A definite must if you ever want to just be seen as having a spark and a verve for life, but those around you. Hope this helps you a wee bit! Please feel free to ask any more questions that you may have. Blessings Ail )O(
  8. Bruiseviolet, the only hormones/pheromones that are in any way to be used with more caution are A1(Androstadienone) because it has been proven to have a depressive effect on many men who use it, and of course Methoxyestratetraenone for the reasons I have already stated. The others you mentioned are lab-created Isomer derivatives, and are nothing whatsoever to do with Methoxyestratetraenone, nor to do with the very wonderful Estratetraenol, which as you may know is ONLY produced in pregnant women, and when a woman wears Est around a man, the calming and soothing properties it has on him are unbeatable in most cases. Many men will turn into complete Cuddle Monsters in the presence of a woman wearing Est, but of course there are always exceptions, and some men may find the fact it essentially makes them almost vulnerable, slightly disconcerting. I'm one of the very lucky ladies who finds that wearing Est around the Lovely Man Of My Life without FAIL turns him from being a 6 foot 7 grizzly bear after a bad day, into a 6 foot 7 squishy teddy bear, within half an hour of exposure.. Methoxyestratetraenol on the other hand, is worlds apart from ESt, and to be honest, it's hard for me to try to explain the whys and wherefores of that in layman's terms, so just know that if you stick to molecules that HAVE been proven to be effective and don't be tempted to venture or stray into the territory of the unknowns until they HAVE had significant testing, then you will be absolutely a-ok. Skye: You will be absolutely fine as the amount of Methoxyestratetraenone recommended to be used to amp that formula/blend, was supplied to Mara by me, myself and I -and it was negligible, because so LITTLE is required to achieve the effects Meo-Est offers.. The data on the health concerns of using Meo-Est had not in fact been made known at that time, but I was aware that it was a molecule to be used frugally.. I know there are some women who DO still use it, but I prefer not to, as I don't want to put my health (which is already hanging on a somewhat shaky nail!) at any risk of POSSIBLE repercussions, and I also prefer to make sure I am responsibly informing everyone about what's what. Ultimately we all make our own choices in everything we do in life.. So choose wisely, is my only caveat.. Blessings Ail )O(
  9. I've been using pheromones for almost 15 years and creating pheromone formulae for the last several, and I get no self-effects whatsoever. Absolutely bugger-all.. This is very possibly due to the fact that on a daily basis I am on so much medication that I practically RATTLE when I walk, but it doesn't dampen my enjoyment of wearing pheromones by even one iota, as I adore to observe the effects they have on others around me - especially The Lovely Man Of My Life.. I have a team of eager and dedicated testers who I rely on 100% when I am trying to evaluate the efficacy of a new formula, so when for example Happy Sauce For The Hormones finally launches (which should NOT be too far in the future now), I'm hoping it will be a runaway success, as the data on it took me months and months to compile and analyse before I was totally satisfied it does exactly what I wanted it to.. Now I do NOT want to be a killjoy here, but please, PLEASE those of you using formulae containing Meo-Est or the single molecule, be very aware that it is not something you should use lightly.. Methoxyestratetraenone is a hormone that is ONLY found in cancerous female breast tissue, and it is a known carcinogen..That is a cold, hard FACT!!! In horror months ago, I read reports of men who were casually and nonsensically using as much as 100 mcg off Meo-Est a DAY, showing clearly that although the factual data on Meo-Est has been made widely available to the pheromone community, they are choosing to IGNORE the fact it could cause them harm to use this molecule - simply because it has been reported to have a similar calming effect on a woman, as does A1 (Androstadienone) and Epiandrosterone.. So in the majority of these males (there are ALWAYS exceptions), their small heads (not-so) temporarily are taking over from their big heads, in their quest to achieve a sense of "comfort" in their target woman - JUST so they'll get laid.. As for women using this? YOU do the Math.. Sorry to put it in such crude and blunt terms, but I always try to look out for our members here, because you all mean a great deal to us, so I am telling it like it is. Meo-Est is NOT a molecule to be trifled with by any manner of means, and if you DO decide to use it, then please exercise a wee bit of caution and limit your usage to the most minute dosage possible.. Finally..Self-effects do NOT happen to every woman or even to every man, so don't worry about the fact you don't get them, because it's always wonderful to watch what's going on around you when you wear them.. In the majority of people who DO get self-effects, they will wear off in time, particularly if you do NOT have a 2 or 3 day break every week from using pheromones, because your burned out and depleted Neurotransmitters are getting NO opportunity to reset, unless you "rest" from using Pheromones.. Blessings Ail )O(
  10. Ail )O(

    Remind Me Again

    Hi Beccah.. In case you weren't aware of this, here is the link to the thread where the whole "Remind Me Again" process is detailed from start to finish, including Bookworm's wonderfully-powerful Incantation. Remind Me Again - Time to empower! Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as those of us who were involved enjoyed being a part of such a special and magickal ritual. Blessings Ail )O(
  11. Hi Liz! You are more than welcome to host the contest this month if you like, because I've had a hard weekend health-wise, so I'm not really up to getting this organised..If you don't want to do it though, then as long as everyone is okay to wait until later on in the week, I will get it up and running. I'm OK now, and feeling far less ill than I was a few hours ago, but I still just really need some proper rest, and to have some quiet time just curled up in my bed tonight. Thank you and sorry! Blessings Ail )O(
  12. As I said in the title - Tapadh leat, Julie..And yes, Mara already knows I've felt you may have locked onto certain things directly from my mind over the last wee while..^_~ I'm glad to see they DID get through, because I truly can't thank you enough for making this particular perfume vision come to life for me - and so eloquently and with such empathy, too.. Night night! Blessings Ail )O(
  13. Oh my..Where should I start..? I had added this as a post in another thread, but I really want to make sure the lady who has touched my heart so deeply tonight, gets to read my words, as HER words about my perfume concept were all I could have wished for - and more besides.. Julie my lovely and wise friend, your haunting words have truly done my fragrance vision proud.. It was VERY important to me that Seven Tears (Selkie, was its working name from the get-go) be done full justice, and this perfume vision has been on the cards for a very long time, in fact Mara and I first discussed it back in very early 2007.. I come from a family who not only believe in, but who have also interacted WITH the Selkies of The Shetland Islands - the shape-shifting Seal People, several times during our long or relatively short lifetimes... Thankfully to date though, our encounters have ONLY been with the GOOD and KIND Selkies.... Those who will guide a wandered lone Fisherman safely back on course and back to shore..Those who help a distressed child to find his or her path back home.. Those who watch in happiness as two people who they have quite deliberately brought together (though those two people will put it down to mere chance), become an Eternal Chain of love and passion - one intertwined with the other... Now some members here will read my words and will either perhaps mock me, or just won't believe. And as i always say, that's OK. I never ask anyone to believe as I do - just to keep an open mind so as not to close it on those opportunities to see PAST that which we PHYSICALLY see with our EYES alone, and not with our third eye.... Conversely, there are those on this board who will smile softly - almost knowingly to themselves, and will try to hide their slight envy when they learn that due to my beloved and so sorely-missed dad being born and brought up on the Isle that is the main Selkie stomping ground -I have spent a great many times over this last 43 years just soaking up the bewitching and ever-changing scenery, and absorbing the atmosphere of the so enchanted Shetland Isles.. But always, always FAR from the water's edge. For I am very fearful of water.. This is not a perfume I would or COULD ever wear - and nor did I ever think it WOULD be, for when Mara and I talked of it over the years during several long and creative phone calls, we knew it would have to be cold, aquatic, ethereal and, enigmatic..And that is NOT my usual taste in perfumes as you all know.. But what MY full bottle will be for me, is an eternal memory and MY personal Homage to my wonderful dad and his haunting homeland..and for that reason ALONE, Seven Tears will probably become my most treasured LP perfume - of all..Forever.. Thank you Julie for breathing life into my visualisation and for making it come across exactly as I'd dreamed and hoped it would.. Thank you lovely lady from the bottom of my heart.. I think I shall be crying a LOT more than just Seven Tears tonight - but of sheer JOY.. Brightest Blessings to you ALWAYS, Julie/Luna - you wonderful woman..I'm just lost for words.. Ail )O(
  14. Thank you for your warm wishes, Calii.. Yes my progress is (to me) painfully slow, but very sure, and I'm getting there a wee bit at a time.. There is way too much misinformation out there, and although the world of pheromones is still pretty much largely male-dominated, there are certain molecules that are unequivocally sexually-dimorphic in the way they work, and EST is one that's just for the ladies.. Not to mention the fact it is EXTREMELY expensive, and the gents could be spending the hard-earned cash they are parting with to make this a part of their pheromone arsenals, on molecules and blends that WILL garner them the results they seek.. Blessings Ail )O(
  15. Hi all! Sorry I haven't been around too much this summer so far. Apart from working on fragrance concepts for here (heh..heh..heh..) and trying to get an ETA for the launch of Happy Sauce For The Hormones - amongst other things.. (*Ail zips the lovely Beccah's mouth TIGHT shut at this point* ^_~) I have been just taking things (a bit) easier.. Well my DVT recovery is slow but steady, and I continue to improve every day. I have just had my halfway three-month Thrombosis Review which went very well, so as long as I don't try to run before I can walk (and it's unfortunately very, VERY me to do that, I'm afraid >_<) I should be OK long-term, and they hope I will make a full recovery, although it's VERY early days still. I've had a few scary and very bad times healthwise in the last few weeks, which have had the Lovely Man of my Life's heart in his mouth more than once (and mine too!), but I'm doing better now and just working through this recovery process as patiently as I can..Which as my dearest friends here well KNOW is NOT something I am good at - like..At ALL> >_> However.. There is nothing QUITE like being hammered with the blunt, sobering truth that "You could SO easily have died just three months ago, Ail," to bring it home to you that life is something we have for such a short time, and it really is so important to do what my dad always taught me. Many will know the first part of this, but dad always added his own wee sentiment to it, that I have tried so hard to live my life by for as much of my adult life as has been feasible.. "Yesterday is history, tomorrow still a mystery, today is called the present, because it is a gift. So life is precious and remember to live every day as if it is your LAST, Ail - because after all - ONE day you WILL be RIGHT.." As many of you know I sadly lost my dad suddenly and tragically 23 months ago this Tuesday 27th..I miss him a bit MORE with every day that passes, but I know for a fact he was with me the night I was taken into hospital..I could smell his very distinctive Dutch Cherry Vanilla tobacco all around me as I waited to be attended to, scared to death of what was coming next.. Now.... Hold onto that tobacco's scent description - please.. I'm not going to tell anyone WHY right now - but just try to remember it - and visualise what that would smell like..And if you do, make sure the cherry is a TRUE, and woody cherry. NOT comstock.... Anyway..Now that my long and winding waffle is over for another wee while, I will tell you all that I am now focusing on going forwards having FINALLY made the adjustment to a few minor necessary lifestyle changes - so onwards and upwards as they say! Now..I am bumping my thread here, because I recently was surfing whilst in hospital (which is not as fun as it sounds cos I have the eyesight of a bat without my contacts in, and it's not easy to see those silly wee hospital PC screens!) and I noticed on another forum some APPALLING misinformation given to men about the usage of EST when worn by MEN.. Well I'm sorry boys, but I can guarantee the ONLY thing that's going to happen if you use EST around the ladies is that you will get great self-effects, will feel very calm and relaxed and will almost definitely WANT to cuddle... EST, just like Copulins, is ONLY produced by women- pregnant ones at that, unlike with Copulins, and it is a nesting, bonding pheromone.. I'm very drained, so putting this in layman's terms for now - ESTRATETRAENOL is the BOMB for us ladies who wish to calm the (sometimes) savage male Beast in our life and turn him into a Teddy Bear (not ALL men respond to EST thus when worn by a lady of course), but it's a big thumb's down if you are hoping it will make your lady cuddly when YOU wear if around HER.. Now conversely, if you have HER wear some around you, then you will be the one who wants to cuddle and hopefully, that will start a chain-reaction and will have your lady feeling affectionate too.. But otherwise, if you as a man try to induce cuddling by being the one wearing the molecule then no - all bets are off, I'm afraid.. Game over, it's a non-starter. OK..That's about enough clich├ęs for a week! ^_~ I really don't have it in me energy-wise to keep my eyes open quite long enough just now to get all scientific - and I do try to avoid doing so most of the time here in any case! Anyway.. EST is the bee's knees for ladies to wear around men, but sorry guys, if you wear it, the only one you will be calming, relaxing and making feel all cuddly - is YOURSELF.. and NOT the lady you are with. ATTENTION DOLLY! My poor mum has been trying (and failing dismally I think) to email you for a few weeks now, so please can you email me now that I am home again (give me a few wee hours to get a sleep first please, as it's 1 AM here just now) to let me know if she managed to get you? Otherwise, you maybe have thought a parcel went astray, but it didn't.. Will explain fully when you email, but my poor mum has been beside herself when she found out she was supposed to get something to you and didn't realise it was rattling around in her car boot! Anyway. Email me sweetheart please, and I shall explain all! Night, night all.. Blessings Ail )O(
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