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  1. Thank you so much that's lovely to read, SG - especially when I am still being a rubbish patient, and am getting frustrated at the need to take my recovery from this DVT slowly - because that is just SO not me, I'm afraid.. We are just waiting for..Something (^_~) and then Happy Sauce For The Hormones will be ready to roll! I'm sure you will find a wonderfully-appropriate pic for the label. Thank you again for your kind words - they truly are very much appreciated. Blessings and Hugs Ail )O(
  2. Moved to the correct forum and merged with the correct thread.. welcome KD77!! As Luna said, please review pheromone blends in the Pheromone Arena, and please also do a search before you make a new thread, to check if there is already one established that you can add your opinion to, as this avoids any doubling-up on reviews. Ta muchly! Many thanks lovely Luna! Blessings Ail )O(
  3. Ail )O(

    Pie In The Sky

    So.. My own bottle of the perfume the Lovely Man of My Life said he would love me to smell like, that Mara and I created over (umm..far too) many hours on the phone, arrived this morning, and Oh..it is just perfection! It has now been thoroughly roadtested by the aforementioned love of my life, and let's just say he thoroughly approves, and has even just texted me to say he smelled it all the way through his drive home, and almost drove straight back over so he could inhale it and nuzzle me again.. This is exactly what he envisaged he says - and SO much more besides..On me, the coconut
  4. Aannd so it begins..Earlier than HAD been anticipated.. So right this second I am visualising a BIG zipper..And I am visualising it going ALL the way across the lovely Beccah's pretty mouth.. Please.. Not really sure HOW you gleaned what you obviously HAVE worked out, but if you found out, then so can others - IF they wish to do so..So can you please just let that be the case? There's a LOT going on, as Mara has already said... Now I'm honestly NOT trying to be horrid or mean- and NOR am I trying to spoil your fun in ANY way, I assure you - so I truly hope it's not coming
  5. Hi tyvey! As your prize, please choose one of the gorgeous new LP candles, and if you can let me know your choice here please, I'll tell Mara, and she will get it posted out to you in your next order. Hope you love it, and congratulations again! That label idea ROCKS by the way, Rosebud! Night night, and Blessings to you all.. Ail )O(
  6. That will be left up to YOU, Starlitegirl.. I know you'll come up with a label that's perfectly fitting, and once I know for sure when the elusive ONE molecule WILL be in hand, the release of HAPPY SAUCE FOR THE HORMONES will be all-systems-go! I STILL love the name I chose for this blend..It just makes me laugh.. Blessings Ail )O(
  7. YAY! DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!! Congratulations to tvey!!! HAPPY SAUCE FOR THE HORMONES! The self-help book I was referring to, is Chicken Soup For The Soul! Okay..I think I might just have to rustle up a wee prize for you from ME myself, and not from LPMP, tvey.. Let me speak to Mara about that and I'll get back to you..I have a wee idea.. Beccah, the only question I can answer out of your very fluid (and clever) run of questions there, is that yes I input often on both fragrance and pheromone blends, and if I HAVE done so, it's generally either mentioned in
  8. *Is now FAR too awake to go to sleep* Okay..There is only ONE word left to get. It is indeed Happy Sauce For The - Have fun.. There is at least one thread about this blend, Starlitegirl - and maybe even MORE than one. It's been cooking for a LONG time.. Yes of course this is TOTALLY an unofficial contest - This in fact is merely Ail messing good-naturedly with all her friends here - to throw you a bit, and in doing so, stop you asking me about the OTHER stuff - the stuff that Staritegirl IS keeping zipped about! But - honestly, you are SO close now to solving this puzzle.
  9. No..Women doesn't fit.. The dots represent the EXACT number of missing letters.. And one of you got SO close it's frightening.. *Has stupid 10 MINUTE workout to do before bed* Ail grumping/ Seriously..Just WHAT is one supposed to be able to achieve in 10 blooming minutes? Even my usual WARM-UP lasts 15! \Ail grumping.. Blessings Ail )O(
  10. OOH! Some of you are SO close! Yes this IS indeed the blend you have been waiting for now for a fairly LONNG time.. The release was held up due to the molecule supplier being SNOWED under.. But.. Not for much longer! Wow..I can't honestly BELIEVE Rosebud didn't GET this one already!! Think of this VERY LITERALLY medically, and you will unlock it, Rosebud! The midnight hour is upon me once again so.. Night night, all! Blessings Ail )O(
  11. Umm..But there are like LOTS of things I COULD spill..But I can't..Mara would be very cross.. OOH! Wait! Okay..Here's one..I'm ALLOWED to tell this one! You will all have to look for Luna's birthday wishes thread. Now I don't have ANY idea who started the thread, but I posted a VERY easy to fathom clue as to the EXACT name of my new UNscented pheromone blend. Which is totally pertinent now..Cos guess what??? ITZZZ COMING - AND VERRRY SOON!!!. Okay..That was SO not ANY of the things I WAS going to be a BIT mischievous about - but it's surely got to be SOMETHING to keep you
  12. Indeed, Luna.. Mara's I'm practically stuffing her my hand in my mouth right now, JUST to make sure I DON'T get even NAUGHTIER, to be honest. ^_~ Blessings Ail )O(
  13. *Sneaks in, during a lull in the interminable boredom of still being allowed to do NOTHING while she recuperates from the stupid DVT - VERY grumpily!* *Looks to her left* *Looks to her right* >_> BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Intrigued, much? ^_~ *Elbows Julie* Yeah..That INCLUDES you! My work here - is done! *Exits stage-door-left - cos you know..That's where her ONE glass of red wine is waiting for her* >_< That two glass a night thing is just NEVER going to improve - no matter HOW often I say it..Have a good weekend everyone.. Blessings and Hugs Ail
  14. No need to wonder any longer, Bianca..Here you go! Just scroll down the page until you come to it.. Garland & Lace V2 Blessings Ail )O(
  15. Am not. Just said it would be good to get all 12 bottles. But it would ALWAYS be good to get all 12 bottles - because they all rock! *Shuffles feet and pouts* ^_____^ Blessings Ail )O(
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