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  1. Umm..Nope.. NO steps for hintz allowed! Itz a scavenger hunt.. Seek and ye shall FIND!! I promise! ^_~ Blessings Ail )O(
  2. PSST.. >_> HSFTH.. Remember this, ladies? Yeah..You got it! That's the one..It might have slipped your collective memories, but has NEVER slipped mine.. Sooo...ETA for SCHEDULED release is Hallowe'en 2011..!! Watch this space! I know it's been a long time coming, and that it may have even started to feel a bit like one of those Urban Legends (see what I did there? ^_~) to some of you who have been on board with us for aeons, now - but trust me - I'm a doctor (as you know!) and this IS coming BEFORE the end of 2011!!!!! Will it be worth the wait? Well I seriou
  3. I waxed lyrical and talked about this fragrance at length in the Potion Of The Day thread, and it is without a shadow of a doubt the Lovely Man Of My Life's favourite LP scent on me ever - even edging past his beloved LP Red..But I can hand on heart say this right now.. I would head for the hills - screaming, if he wore this around me..! It is of course horses for courses I know, but he does NOT wear foody or gourmand scents - ever, and in fact we both ended up in a fit of the giggles three years ago when he attempted to pull off Mugler's A-Men - the male version of the ubiquitous Angel..I
  4. *Ail stands looming over Beccah (in the strictly VIRTUAL sense, of course) looking at her with a friendly (but still steely) glare/smile..* Hmm...Clever, clever lady.. You gleaned a lot from being told pretty much - NOTHING, but please don't make me have to use that big old ZIP again, Beccah darling! ^_~ Patience is a Blessing that shall be rewarded.. Oh yeah..Who am I KIDDING? Very few of the peeps here subscribe to THAT piece of Gumff.. ^_~ Blessings Ail )O(
  5. Hehehe.. For sure it's not.. I didn't even consider anyone MIGHT think it was THAT blend.. Silly-Biscuit Ail.. >_< Blessings Ail )O(
  6. ..And I would DOUBLE (and bold) Julie's "NO..And that's all I'M going to say.. Blessings Ail )O(
  7. Here you go.. AD - Androtics Pheromone Research. A pheromone company LPMP no longer deals with, although many of the ladies and gents here are still customers. LAM - Lust After Me. A defunct product by AD that consisted of A-Nol (A-Androstenol) and Copulins. LAM Like a Magnet. A wonderful product by LPMP that consists of A-Nol and Copulins in a light fragrance (see what we did there? Except we didn't..Not really.. Like not at ALL..Not even if we were PUSHED to say that.. >_>) TUTH - Turn Up The Heat. A male product by AD that is very high in Adrostenone and is occasionally
  8. Bruiseviolet, the only hormones/pheromones that are in any way to be used with more caution are A1(Androstadienone) because it has been proven to have a depressive effect on many men who use it, and of course Methoxyestratetraenone for the reasons I have already stated. The others you mentioned are lab-created Isomer derivatives, and are nothing whatsoever to do with Methoxyestratetraenone, nor to do with the very wonderful Estratetraenol, which as you may know is ONLY produced in pregnant women, and when a woman wears Est around a man, the calming and soothing properties it has on him ar
  9. I've been using pheromones for almost 15 years and creating pheromone formulae for the last several, and I get no self-effects whatsoever. Absolutely bugger-all.. This is very possibly due to the fact that on a daily basis I am on so much medication that I practically RATTLE when I walk, but it doesn't dampen my enjoyment of wearing pheromones by even one iota, as I adore to observe the effects they have on others around me - especially The Lovely Man Of My Life.. I have a team of eager and dedicated testers who I rely on 100% when I am trying to evaluate the efficacy of a new formul
  10. Ail )O(

    Remind Me Again

    Hi Beccah.. In case you weren't aware of this, here is the link to the thread where the whole "Remind Me Again" process is detailed from start to finish, including Bookworm's wonderfully-powerful Incantation. Remind Me Again - Time to empower! Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as those of us who were involved enjoyed being a part of such a special and magickal ritual. Blessings Ail )O(
  11. Hi Liz! You are more than welcome to host the contest this month if you like, because I've had a hard weekend health-wise, so I'm not really up to getting this organised..If you don't want to do it though, then as long as everyone is okay to wait until later on in the week, I will get it up and running. I'm OK now, and feeling far less ill than I was a few hours ago, but I still just really need some proper rest, and to have some quiet time just curled up in my bed tonight. Thank you and sorry! Blessings Ail )O(
  12. As I said in the title - Tapadh leat, Julie..And yes, Mara already knows I've felt you may have locked onto certain things directly from my mind over the last wee while..^_~ I'm glad to see they DID get through, because I truly can't thank you enough for making this particular perfume vision come to life for me - and so eloquently and with such empathy, too.. Night night! Blessings Ail )O(
  13. Oh my..Where should I start..? I had added this as a post in another thread, but I really want to make sure the lady who has touched my heart so deeply tonight, gets to read my words, as HER words about my perfume concept were all I could have wished for - and more besides.. Julie my lovely and wise friend, your haunting words have truly done my fragrance vision proud.. It was VERY important to me that Seven Tears (Selkie, was its working name from the get-go) be done full justice, and this perfume vision has been on the cards for a very long time, in fact Mara and I first discusse
  14. Thank you for your warm wishes, Calii.. Yes my progress is (to me) painfully slow, but very sure, and I'm getting there a wee bit at a time.. There is way too much misinformation out there, and although the world of pheromones is still pretty much largely male-dominated, there are certain molecules that are unequivocally sexually-dimorphic in the way they work, and EST is one that's just for the ladies.. Not to mention the fact it is EXTREMELY expensive, and the gents could be spending the hard-earned cash they are parting with to make this a part of their pheromone arsenals, on molecules
  15. Hi all! Sorry I haven't been around too much this summer so far. Apart from working on fragrance concepts for here (heh..heh..heh..) and trying to get an ETA for the launch of Happy Sauce For The Hormones - amongst other things.. (*Ail zips the lovely Beccah's mouth TIGHT shut at this point* ^_~) I have been just taking things (a bit) easier.. Well my DVT recovery is slow but steady, and I continue to improve every day. I have just had my halfway three-month Thrombosis Review which went very well, so as long as I don't try to run before I can walk (and it's unfortunately very, VERY me
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