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  1. On me, this one starts off all baby powder. It dries down to a nice powdery floral. It's very well-balanced and blended, so it's hard to separate the different scents! It seems sophisticated.
  2. On me, this seems to be mostly a rich floral scent. When I first put it on, I couldn't put a name to it, but as it dried the rose really came out. I'm not really getting the citrus I thought I would be getting, though maybe it's what's giving me that tang underneath the floral scent. All the notes seem to meld together well.
  3. Kovvy

    Still Life

    When I put this on, all I could smell was pear-- a light, refreshing scent. Looking at the description, though, it looks like pear is not in there! Maybe it was the apple? When I sniff my arm now, though, I just get the barest hint of something a little spicy, maybe the sandalwood. It's pleasant, but it doesn't seem to last very long on me.
  4. Kovvy

    Myrrh Merlot

    When I first applied this, I thought it smelled like grape Smarties (the American kind of Smarties). As it dried down, that scent became a little more subtle and the myrrh came out more. 'Velvety' is the word that came to my mind, and then when I read the description, I saw that it was in there, too! There's still a hint of the candy, but I would agree with the others who have said that this perfume is sophisticated and kind of mysterious.
  5. Kovvy

    Summer Crush

    This starts out as a nice light floral scent. After a little while, the lemon is the strongest note, and it's lovely and sweet. I'm a sucker for citrus, and this one is yummy! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to last too long on my skin.
  6. I love Odalisque. It's very rich and decadent! I think I've gotten more compliments when I wear this than any other. Sometimes honey scents get a little strange on my skin, but I don't have that problem with this one. It's too bad it's sold out, but luckily I think I've got about 3/4 of my bottle left!
  7. Kovvy

    Moondust Cocoa

    Recently, I've been wearing Moondust Cocoa more often than not. I'm wearing it right now, in fact. It's great! It starts off just like you'd expect cocoa to smell, and after a while on my skin it's more of a mild, sweet amber with just a hint of the chocolate left. It's not super strong on me, but it's a very comforting smell.
  8. I got this one in a spray. On me, it's mostly a musk with some aquatic, oceanic notes. I actually forgot that there was citrus in it until I read the ingredients again. I think this one might swing a little more to the masculine side, but only slightly. I'm certainly not going to stop wearing it. Sometimes when I put it on, the pheros make my heart speed up quite a bit for a couple minutes. It's actually kind of fun, haha.
  9. I got this in a spray because it sounded excellent. I was expecting something like Love Potion Pink, because that one smells a lot like cotton candy to me, but it's pretty different. The fruit and berries come through pretty strongly on me, with a solid base of that LP magic. I normally don't care for patchouli, but the LP blends are usually exceptions to that rule. When my sister smelled it, though, she said, "Oh, it smells like cotton candy!"
  10. I really love this one! The pineapple is bright, and summery, and it's well-supported by the warm amber. I don't usually smell too much of the orchid, though. I've gotten quite a few compliments on it.
  11. I finally got a full bottle of Cougar. It's easy to put it off because it's part of the permanent collection, and I was always worried that the other perfumes I wanted would sell out. But I am so glad I got a full bottle. I love the smell of citrus, but I know it can sometimes be a little overpowering or too bright for some people. I don't think that would ever be a problem with Cougar, because the musk really mellows it out. It's one of my favorite perfumes. I usually switch it up, but when I first got my bottle of Cougar, I wore it for a week and a half straight. It feels good, knowing that I can buy more of this when I run out.
  12. This scent is really comforting to me. Kind of soft and fuzzy. It's sweet, but a little powdery. It's not incredibly 'foody' on me, which is neither here nor there, since I like foody and non-foody scents, but I thought it was a little surprising considering the ingredients list. But it does make me think of cuddling up with a hot cocoa in a blanket in front of a fire while snow falls outside.
  13. I really like the berries in this one. My skin seems to amp the patchouli, though, so it's a little strong for my tastes. Despite that, though, I keep finding myself going back in for another whiff of my arm. It is very soothing; I can see why people have been saying that they use it on their sheets!
  14. Wet, the violet really stands out. Violet, to me, smells kind of like SweeTarts. Dry, the scent is a lot more subtle, and kind of earthy and green, but still sweet with a touch of floral. I like it. I think you could wear this one pretty much anywhere. And as soon as I put it on, my heart started beating quite a bit harder, which I assume is the pheros, but I don't know for sure. It went away after a couple minutes. It wasn't unpleasant, but it's interesting to have a physical reaction like that.
  15. On application, this is a very baby-powdery smell on me. When it dries down, it mellows into a really nice, sweet scent that is (as others have mentioned) really well blended. It's very smooth, and every time I take a whiff, I think I can pick something out (is that the vanilla? The sugar? I think I can detect a hint of smoke, or orchid), but I can never be sure and it seems to change a little bit each time I smell it.
  16. I just tried Stealing Heaven, and on me it seems to have a light, fruity tone with a powdery, slightly aquatic feeling to it. Very bright, very nice, very happy. Sometimes I think I get a hint of parsley (?) but then it disappears again. It seems sophisticated to me, very well blended so all the scents mesh into a whole, and I think that it would be a good scent to wear (as other people have said) in a professional setting. I really like this one!
  17. I've had a sample of this for a while, but just put this some on for the first time a few minutes ago and have been reading the other reviews in the meantime. Fresh out of the bottle, the raspberry was definitely the strongest. After a few minutes, I kept getting strong whiffs every now and again of the florals, I think with the orchid being slightly stronger than the violet undertone. Now everything seems to have blended together into a musky, sweet scent. Just a hint of the floral-- now the violet seems stronger to me, a little dirty?-- and some almost-spice lurking behind it all. I like it! I was worried it might make my headache worse (I've had a mild headache the past few days that will go away for a while if I take medicine), but so far it actually seems like my headache has lessened! (Not that I'm saying it's because of the perfume, of course.) I haven't been wearing it for too long, so I'll see how it changes through the day, and whether I get any hits!
  18. Wet, the florals are definitely the strongest-- and very strong! It's kind of a cool and watery scent, too. On drydown, it's a soft, sweet, silky scent. Much more subtle, not as much floweriness, but lovely and feminine.
  19. Haha, actually, I've only dated two guys and they've both been quite a bit shorter than me-- at least five inches. It just happened to work out that way. If I were to choose, I think I would prefer tall, but I keep falling for shorties. It bothered my first boyfriend a little, I think (he was the shorter of the two), but that didn't stop me from wearing big boots every now and again! LOL! I think it'd be nice to feel 'dainty' every once in a while (though it helps that my guy is strong), and I think we get some weird looks, but I don't really mind.
  20. I'm usually a little leery of unisex fragrances, but I h ad to give this one a try after what I'd read. And I'm glad I did! I could easily see this working on a man or a woman. It's musky, with warm, rich amber, and just a touch of sweetness. Somehow it's a very comforting, safe scent, which makes it congruent for what the pheros are supposed to do. Can't wait to wear it out and about! I could just be misremembering, but it seems to remind me of Allumette, another unisex blend I just loved. Obviously it's missing that nice smoky smell, but the warm and safe feeling I get from smelling it brings it to mind. Hm.. maybe that's because it smells a little more masculine than what I'm used to wearing? I don't know. Love it, though! Edit: Perhaps it's Elevation Potion it reminds me of? I don't know-- one of the scents I really like!
  21. I'm 6'1", but very shy. I've not yet noticed any ill effects from any of the blends I've tried.
  22. Because I am weak, I am placing another order before my last one even ships. Haha! Darling Catalina, Goddess of the Blue Moon, and All Hallow's Eve with Lumina. I've just heard such good things that I can't help myself.
  23. Kovvy

    Native Soil 2010

    So I wore this again today (out of a bottle instead of my trial vial) and it was crazy different. At first, I didn't smell anything, so I put more on. Then I thought it smelled more like sandalwood, though I remember it being a cinnamony scent on me before, and then it morphed into something else, kind of dry and very strong (I probably just put too much on), kind of musky. I remember liking this one a lot, but I didn't today. And my boss, walking by, said, "Something smells like exhaust." I'm pretty sure it was my perfume he smelled, but luckily there was a vent nearby that was acting up, and he said that probably someone had parked and was idling right near the intake. I went into the bathroom shortly after that and wiped off what I could. I don't know if my body chemistry just happens to be wildly different today or what, but it was not at all what I was expecting.
  24. *jaw drop* Man, I picked the right/wrong time to start hanging around again. Depending on whether I wanted awesome perfume or rent money.
  25. Oop-- couldn't find this thread for some reason the other day. I placed an order, though I told myself I wouldn't-- perfumes I've been wanting for a while: Limelight and T.M.I. I'm looking forward to getting them! For some reason my brain thought that Limelight had Popularity Potion in it (maybe I remembered reading about someone getting theirs amped?), but I think it'll be great even without it. And now I can feel the obsession waking in me again...! The hunger...! I've even been avoiding entering the perfumes that I have into my Word file with links to the descriptions and when I got them. I really need to go through and inventory. And try to keep from buying everything I want-- my wallet wouldn't be able to handle it!
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