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Got my PE today & I love, love, love! PM, you balanced this out fantastically & in perfume form it has an 'oriental' feel to it!

I asked PM to do a PE for me based on a massage oil I used to make & sell. The recipe was: 750ml olive oil (I packaged it in recycled wine bottles), 30 drops sandalwood, 20 drops labdanum, 15 drops patchouli, & 5-10 drops black pepper EOs (approximately). I adore the way Mara balanced this as a perfume, it really does come across as classically oriental!

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That sounds beautiful. I love oriental, I hope I can try it one day.



I think there may be some available for Feb. releases & you will definitely love it! It is resiney, spicy yumminess.

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Forgot I had this, SP found it on my dresser and ask what it was, told him and

he used it to massage me this weekend, he LOVED the scent and the feel of it, very nice Beccah !!

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