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How much to dab it if isn't a roll-on?

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Hey, all. When I bought PheroGirl, I got it as an oil in the little flat frosted bottle (so pretty). It's not a roll-on, obviously, but is it the same strength of cops as in the roll-on?


I have been doing just a dab as it's strong on me but I love what it mellows down to...my mind has changed since first use... 019-[Drooling]-[EmoticonKing.com].gif Nommy.


Would I be using more if it were a roll-on?

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Phero Girl is actually more cops-heavy than most of the cops only-enhanced fragrances (but the OCCOs have the most). You might use more with a roll-on simply because it's easier to apply all over with a roll-on, right? That's how I think about it. at least. But when I do wear this I slather by pouring a good-sized puddle on my forearms and then just rubbing it all over me like I was a cat. But that's for playtime so it doesn't hurt to overdo it a bit. I don't really wear this any other time; if I did I'd be more conservative with application.

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Wet your fingertip and paint a stripe from navel to cleavage.


Everything is poured from the same source bottle...trial vials, roll-on bottles, special bottles, whatever, so yes they are all the same strength. (Unless you order a spray. which is diluted with alcohol).

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