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Am I allowed to read people's journals? I think I recall (maybe Dolly) saying that I could read them, but I can't recall clearly, and I don't want to cross any privacy barriers.

Having said that, my curiosity did get the better of me, and I read one entry from Mara's musings - my thinking being that the journals of LP's 'fearless leader' might be more public than most. It was the one back in May of 2011, and the conversation revolved around flat-breasted & chesty women & media messages... I've got to say, I was hooked! I couldn't bring myself to stop reading! I really hope that that's okay. If not, if the journals are meant to be read by invitation only, I apologize Mara. But I was so intrigued and entertained and cheered by what everyone wrote that about an eighth of the way in, I was glued. I didn't *want* to stop reading. That conversation demonstrated so clearly what a unique forum this is, and what a wonderful, unique, interesting, caring bunch of women I've stumbled upon. Opposing opinions were presented with respect, then countered and recountered the same thoughtful way. I really want to say that I was impressed with the kindness everyone showed, (and consistently shows, from what I can see), for it makes LP a relaxed and welcoming kind of place where each individual is welcome to be herself. Or his self, as the case may be.

Not only that, but I laughed myself stupid, too. And laughing one's self stupid is never a bad thing. It made me feel great, and very lucky to have happened upon this little community, and I would like to read more - if that's okay.

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That's so awesome. Thank you for the go-ahead. I enjoyed myself so much last night. I sat there on the couch tee-hee-ing while my boyfriend was playing a video game and wondering what the hell was making me snort and giggle. I just love being here. Great fun!

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