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Kaveri's Mother Lakshmi


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A base of smooth white musk, over which are layered a combination of 4 lavender and 2 lotus varieties. A drop of amber in the base, and drops of cardamom and chai to spice it up just a tad.



In the ridiculously long email I sent Mara to explain what I wanted in a PE for my mother, I asked that it evoke the atmosphere of strong but peaceful. That is exactly the sort of feeling that this PE has. When I sniff the bottle, my nose takes in the cardamom first. But perhaps that's because we drink it in chai at home all the time, so I recognize it the fastest. Anyway, I think that really adds to the character of strength. It makes the fragrance feel very present, very alert. And the lavender and lotus create this soft, comforting vibe. I would describe this scent as a semi-spicy musky floral. Even wet, and after drydown, there's a smoothness to the scent that I attribute to the musk and amber, I assume. And it's a fragrance that lasts forever. As I have said before, I'm quite thankful for this, because it means I can hold off on the slathering and preserve something created in tribute to my mother and her mother for a long time. Just a dab of this goes a long way. I know Beccah has the remaining bottle, so Beccah, if you read this, I hope it brings you a sense of peace and strength too! :)

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It does! I'm very glad that you started a review thread for this. I wanted to, but I didn't feel like it was my place to. I love, love, love this PE. The lavender is very prominent on me at first, but it settles down into a creamy, slightly spicy, smooth skin musk on my skin. It really is a beautiful scent & I will be looking forward to any future PEs that you craft :) ETA Mine is sitting next to my picture of Lakshmi on my altar. Looks so pretty there!

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I remember reading the story behind this when the Private Editions for October came out--congratulations, I'm glad it came out so beautifully! I'm also fascinated to hear more about the scent itself, since I would not have been able to picture lavender with some of the other notes, and both of you give a great sense of it.

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