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  1. Hmmm... this is the one I was most looking forward to because I heart all the cherry scents that Mara puts out but they never seem to last on me! But reading everyone's early reviews, and knowing that I amp chocolate qualities like crazy, I'm curious, do you all feel like the white chocolate overwhelms the cherry? (Also, hi again everybody! I've been so busy with school I haven't had a chance to log in for ages! Miss you all!)
  2. I'd say Mega Watt as well, and for me (though I'm a female) it creates the effects that you've described a cheerful sort of "I can do anything and this is totally managable!" vibe.
  3. This is actually the one I'm most excited to try in UN form. I only have it in Determination Potion and I wish I had a million bottles of that. It packs that little extra punch I need to make it through my day and keep spirits up.
  4. I've worn this a bunch to school recently because times have been getting tense as folks are nearing finals and I think it's been really helpful. Heart and Soul, on me, winds up giving off a vibe that I suppose is akin to Open Windows where people just want to open up and talk but it's also very soothing and grounded.
  5. I wore this one today and I must ditto everyone who wishes the cherry lasted longer. I get a sweet fruity scent on a backdrop of tanginess and something that pulls the scent into a sharper almost green for me, which I'm assuming is the verbena. I've been craving a more cherry scent (especially since Lusty Cherry fades fast on me), and while this is nice, I think I'll be sticking with OCCO: Ambrosia for my cherrier needs, haha.
  6. Same here! I keep stalking the review threads because last time spell potions were released, I felt like Whisker Wishes was a clear favorite, whereas this year, it seems like everyone's loving everything!
  7. I would go with SS4W or Popularity Potion. For me, personally, when I wear Popularity Potion, I feel like I somehow wind up the center of attention or feel like the life of the party. It's entertaining and light and fun. But when I wear SS4W, I feel like Wonder Woman. I feel strong, sexy, centered, and all around dazzling. So Popularity Potion may make Plonk think, "hey, this girl's cool and fun to be around," but SS4W will make *you* think, "I don't give a shit what Plonk thinks, *I'm* amazing."
  8. Yay! Bang is a great choice and I love it when things turn out well for folks!
  9. I got my shipping notice too! Can't wait for spell oils!
  10. Starting out, I get a lot of the sweetness from what I'm assuming is the strawberry, vetiver, and sugar, while the hay and coffee remains in the background but steadily present. On drydown, there's nothing but coffee and hay to me and the fragrance settles in to being even and spicy. There's something about Totem: Horse that really reminds me of Wheat Siren, but sweeter. I compared the notes but they have nothing in common. Perhaps the hay feels like oats and wheat to me? Anyway, I like the way the scent started out but overall, it's not very "me" so I'll be leaving it in trial vial form.
  11. I'm curious, are there any Sugared Layerable spots still open for images?
  12. VexedGlory

    Elfin Plum

    On me, this wears as a warm spice. Considering when it was released, it definitely evoked a sense of December/Christmas/the holiday season. Like mulled wine or hot cider, even. The depth of the musk is something that absolutely comes forward, but sits nicely underneath the plum and fig. If you're someone on whom plum plays nice, then this would be a great scent. Unfortunately, since I amp plums and maybe it's the fig or nutmeg bringing out that extra level of spice, I will probably leave this in trial vial form and not take it further. But this is a great scent to wear in the cold weather. It warms you up in a sense.
  13. http://www.lovepotionperfume.com/articles/Sets Here you go! It's just on the left on the main page. Click "Gift Shoppe" and then Sampler Sets
  14. Oooh! You are in for a treat. Whisker Wishes is a miracle worker. I use it sparingly because it's so potent, but since you're someone who's never tried it before I think you'll really love it. I'm excited for you now! it's neat when people get the chance to discover something awesome for themselves. Meanwhile, I can't wait for the spell potions to arrive. I really want to double back and get Hex Deflection but I'm waiting semi-patiently.
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