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Jennifer's Farmhouse Afternoon

Black Cat

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Jennifer's Farmhouse Afternoon

A lazy summer afternoon, laying in the cool green grass with the scents of nature carrying on the breeze... To achieve this aura, I combined quite a long list of fresh and watery green notes, just tiny drops of each, added a micro drop of two moist earthy notes, and a dash of lilac and rose stems, not enough to make it a floral, but just a hint traveling on the breeze. Quite an authentic experience! IMO, this would be an awesome perfume to layer with Sugared Apples.


I was going to be wonderfully systematic and work my way through the NRs so I could figure out if there's anything I have right away, but I couldn't resist going to my PEs.


Here is some of what I wrote to Mara:


"I am thinking of my best friends' farmhouse in Strafford Vermont. Of a spring/summer feel. There's a certain feeling I get, on a Sunday late spring/early summer afternoon, when all the windows are open and cool breezes are coming through, cats are sacked out on the bed with me, and I have a good book and all is quiet -- time seems to get suspended. Or when I visit my friends in Strafford... they have a two hundred year old farmhouse in the valley, and we have picnics underneath a big tree, with an old quilt spread on the grass. There is a sense of total peace, of being exactly where one ought to be, right in the heart of the present moment."
I talked about how I loved the earth and grasses notes in both Summer Belle and Spring's Jasmine Rain, and that I wanted something where those notes were the star (instead of providing the gorgeous grounding to the fruit/floral notes in those). I mentioned wanting a touch of lilac but not for this to be a floral.
A tall order, right? Well, bearing in mind that this is just the preliminary report and it has barely had time to settle after traveling across country, all I can say is that this is EXACTLY what I wanted. It's a soft delicate amazingly complex blend of grasses and earth. It's not a floral; the lilac and rose stems are playing very, very quietly in the background. It smells like dewy fresh fields. Very natural, very green.
This is going to be perfect for me for summertime -- I can get overwhelmed by the heat (and yeah, I know what we get in New England isn't exactly heat, but it still overwhelms me!) and this is so soft and fresh. I can picture dabbing it on first thing in the morning, when I'm being quiet and peaceful with my morning coffee, and I bet it would layer nicely under a number of things later on in the day. Also -- it is the perfect scent for when you're stepping out of the shower and want something refreshing and light.
Just gorgeous, Mara! Thank you so much!
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Cheesey! So good to see you here!


It looks like there are still a few bottles of this.... if interested, I think you can let Mara know here: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=9437&page=1


Can't help with extra reviews, but I'll just say I have really loved this one. It's my favorite clean smell these days, very soft and green and fresh.

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OMG.. I just love this. It's just what I thought it would be. Mara really nailed it. This smells just like being outside on a farm, there's even almost a cool'ish feel to it.. the earth, air, grass & plants on the wind. A breath of farm fresh air. Feeling very serene & connected.

It's very nice on it's own.. you definitely must wear it solo first! But, it's also very layerable. A made to order seasonal. Seriously.. I'm waiting on my Sugareds but make it more seasonal and add Sugared Pumpkin or Apples. Spring, some Lilacs.. I could go on but you get the idea.


I have to add that I think this will go very well with OW or my favorite mix of TH with a little EST mixed in.

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