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Will More Phero'd Wax Melts Be Returning?

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I had perused the wax melts and did not see any with pheros unless I missed them, which is easily possible. Will they be making a return? <crossing fingers> LOVED that Summertime Sparkle with ANOL!!!! Like filling the room with rays of sunshine and getting a warm, smiling, heart! :heart0974: Highly recommend!

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Thanks Mel! I think I missed these because I really wasn't considering or wanting a Christmas scent right now and just passed it by and the Chocolate Orange idea didn't do it for me wither. No worries, I have done more than enough damage this month and I think Mara will kill me if I add more to my continuous order! The wax melts can definitely wait until next time around. Would love to see more Summertime Sparkle with Anol, not a scent I would wear but a really nice smell for your home. Also a phero enhanced Sugared Honeycomb would be soooo nice too!

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