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  1. Thanks Eggers, and no, I definitely wouldn't want to get it in my hair! I guess with long hair you'd have to be extra careful when applying cops-heavy products at the back of your neck, but my hair is short so it's easier to avoid getting it in there. Actually with short hair I like the idea of adding a dab of the product at my the back of my neck as well, and that's where my husband will often kiss me, so it might be effective too. I agree, this was so lovely just for tired cuddling and sleeping. I think I will wear this again tonight for the exact same purpose!
  2. Thanks xev! I think I'll continue with the 3-4 sprays then. I did about 3,5 sprays today (one to back of neck, about one and a half to collarbone/neck area, one to hair), and didn't feel that it was too much.
  3. Nutrix, that could very well be the case! Or he was being a gentleman and avoided bringing up the obvious question regarding the appalling smell in the bathroom, because how could you confront a lady about something like that! It's funny though that I even though I do use a lot of different products, I haven't had that many perfumes prior to my phero experiments. I've always just used one scent at a time - and by that I mean that I would have just one bottle of perfume, I'd use it until it was empty, and then I'd buy another one. I thought that he might pay attention to the multitude of new scents I'd start to use all of a sudden, especially since I deliberately haven't told him anything about my phero experiments (and won't, if it's up to me!). I was a bit worried that I'd end up having to make something up or lie to him ("no, it's not a new perfume, I don't know what you're talking about"). But he hasn't said anything once. Maybe his sense of smell is close to nonexistent. Or maybe these don't register as new perfumes to him, as they are very different from most commercial perfumes.
  4. I can somehow understand why someone would say this smells of incense, because that was my initial reaction too after spraying it on. I can't smell notes, I feel so handicapped in this sense! The incensey-ness wore off quite soon, but the scent still reminded me of India. I thought I could smell sandalwood, and was surprised that it doesn't have any. What is it in this one that I'm confusing with sandalwood? Is it the florals? I have no idea what musk smells like. The sandalwood or whatever it is disappears too after a while, and what is left is indeed something like a luxurious soap or bath product. I don't like the beginning of the scent, but I do like it once it settles down on my skin. I bought a full bottle straight away, thinking I would like it, and I'm glad that I do. As for the phero, I'll have to do some more experimenting in social settings. My family didn't react in any way. I had some men staring or repeatedly glancing at me in public transportation, but that's not totally unseen for, and a sales attendant was very nice to me, but that could have just been her personality. I feel like as a newbie I have a hard time saying how much and what kind of attention I get with a phero or without it, as there's always so much variation. More experimentation is called for! For those of you who have this in spray, how much do you use? I'm afraid of using too much because the scent is quite light. Would 3-4 sprays likely be too much, or is it still in the ok-zone?
  5. Wow, I had to search all around for this thread, I almost started to think there wasn't one but that would have been too strange - and I knew I had read it earlier so I wondered if that was just a hallucination. Then from the name of the scent I realized this started out as a PE. First try of BBM this morning. I applied some after showering, thinking I would have time to linger in the bathroom on my own for about ten minutes until it had dried down. But as soon as I had put the sample vial away, my husband just NEEDED to come in. Rushed weekday mornings, what can you do, so I had to let him in. I was a bit embarrassed, because to my nose it smelled quite strong and unpleasant to begin with. He didn't say anything though, so I'm not sure if he noticed it or not. I tried to mask the bad smell lingering around me and started spraying random products in my hair, but I can't say that helped one bit. Anyway, in about twenty minutes it had dried down and didn't smell wonky to me anymore. There is no cops smell that I can detect. I do like the scent, but am not sure if I will love it. It's definitely different than I expected, and maybe better. I was expecting a cleaner, more simple vanilla scent (don't ask why, I have no idea), but on my skin this is just as described by many others in this thread: creamy sweet vanilla, somehow reminiscent of cupcakes. I like it more than I expected I would, and for different reasons. Surprising, but very nice. It is delicious!
  6. Good point, it's absolutely possible! He did come home at the worst time (me busy with the cooking, child hungry and whiny), and at moments like that I sometimes vent my general frustration in the situation on him. At the time, I somehow felt that the phero made me act "motherly", or in some way dominant towards him, and him act deferential towards me, and I felt that that was what was annoying me. I'm not sure about it though, and if we were acting like that it could have had nothing to do with the phero, because we sometimes slip into this kind of strange interaction anyway.
  7. I decided to give my LAM Pink Amber sample a go tonight. I was feeling very happy and sensual after coming home from a dance class, and I felt that LAM would have the kind of vibe that would compliment my mood. Took a quick shower and applied a small-ish amount of the scent to wrists, neck, collarbone, cleavage and tummy (sounds like a lot of places but I only dabbed a little bit of the oil with my finger). As the scent is supposed to be light I was cautious not to apply too much, thinking that as a newbie I could easily go over the top without the scent giving me indication of having applied enough. The scent is very pink, sweet and delicious. I absolutely LOVE it! It's so delicious and sweet I want to keep on sniffing myself, and I like the fact that it's quite light, even though I wouldn't mind having a similar scent in a stronger variant. As to the phero effects, can't say I had any luck tonight. My husband had his mind set on working this evening and although he was perfectly nice, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I certainly didn't draw him in like a magnet even though I tried to initiate a conversation with him several times. In the end we did have a conversation, but it was very serious and not at all the light and flirty kind. We talked about a certain issue I've been feeling sad and frustrated about lately (not related to the two of us or our relationship), so it ended up with me crying uncontrollably and him comforting me. Now he's working and I'm going to go to sleep alone. But hey, at least I smell really really good! I will try this one again to see if it has any effects on him, but I'll have to do it when I know he won't be preoccupied with his work. I do wonder whether I applied enough, but I think that tonight's disappointment was mostly about him just not being in the mood for loving.
  8. Oh and NuTrix, thanks for the suggestion that you gave me in my Welcome-thread to use this one! I think that was why I grabbed this to try for the first night - didn't dare try to mix it with BAM though as you suggested. Maybe later when I have a bit more experience!
  9. Ok, good to know it could just be about me and my vibe in regard to the sexiness! I definitely wasn't feeling the least bit sexy or in the mood for anything apart from cuddling. Will have to try again in another kind of mood to see if I notice a difference.
  10. I have a sample of this and I decided to give it a little try yesterday as I picked our child from his daycare. He's going through some kind of annoying and difficult phase (terrible fours?) and I wouldn't mind being able to "create a sea of peace and calm", or some "pleasant interactions" for that matter, like in the description for Mother's Little Helper. When I put this on I didn't remember what notes the fragrance was supposed to have, but on my skin I detected banana and cream and something like rum or brown sugar. It could have been the cherry, or cherry and caramel combined! I'm very bad at distinguishing scents and naming them. I don't remember noticing the vanilla at all, but I'll just have to try again. The fragrance was quite sweet and full and heavy, and very foody. I kind of liked it but at the same time felt that it could be a bit too much for me, or just not something I feel comfortable wearing. Neither my child or husband commented on the scent in any way - not that I asked them what they thought about it, though! As for the phero, I'm not sure if I noticed anything. Self effects, maybe. I was feeling surprisingly patient for most of the afternoon, but not superhumanly so. It didn't deter the kid from having a huge pre-supper hunger meltdown, but I'm pretty sure there is not a pheromone in the world powerful enough to do that! And it was completely my fault for being a happy mellow mum, just playing with my child and not starting to prepare supper soon enough, even though I should already know better. Maybe the kid was a bit happier and more obliging than usual, but nothing drastic enough that I could pinpoint it to the phero. As for my husband, I felt somewhat annoyed with him, like I felt and acted like I was his mum as well, and that's something I do NOT like at all. I do it occasionally, I don't know what it is about him or me or the interaction between us, but it's definitely something I don't want to be doing. But it could have just been me, I'll have to do some more experimenting to find out if this phero actually works for me, and in what way. Same goes for the scent as well.
  11. I decided to give my Cuddle Bunny sample a go last night, after my husband had put our child to sleep. I wasn't in the mood for anything too sexual and felt that this would suit my general mood. We rarely get enough sleep and are usually quite tired in the evening, and this was one of those evenings when I feel like just a little bit of cuddling and then going straight to bed (to get some precious sleep, that is!). My husband often continues working on his computer at home late in the evening, but apparently he had nothing too pressing to tend to last night, so the timing was perfect in that respect as well, because it turns out he had the same cuddling agenda on his mind! I quite liked the scent straight from the vial as well as on my skin. Very sweet and nice and soft. Sniffing on where I applied it on my wrist gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling, especially after some time (though it could have just as well been me feeling tired and cozy in general). The scent registered pink in my mind, I don't know why, but it could be because of the pink colour on the label. I didn't get any bad cops smell (not sure that I know what it's like, though), to me it smelled good and sweet straight away and I hardly waited for it to dry down at all before joining my hubby in the living room. I think I was rather cautious in applying and didn't put a lot on, just dabbed a little bit with my finger on my wrist (then rubbed together to get it on both wrists), a few dabs on my cleavage and the sides of my neck, and a tiny spot on the back of my neck. True to the name of the fragrance, it was a very cuddly evening! First off my husband wanted to cuddle for a bit on the sofa, but I think he would have wanted it anyway, because he initiated that already before I had come into the room and there was no way he could have smelled me then. We cuddled and talked for a bit, then drank some tea and did stuff on our computers, sitting on the sofa about a meter apart. I did note that he came to sit so close to me, because often in a similar situation I'd be sitting on the sofa drinking my tea and staring at my laptop, and he'd be doing the same but at the dining table on the other side of the room (it's a small room, but still we'd be much further apart). Also, he kept on looking at me, smiling and reaching out to touch me. After about half an hour I put my computer down and he asked if I was going to go to sleep. I said I was, and asked if he would too. He said yes, which made me very happy, because more often than not he stays up a lot later than me (working...) and I do like to go to bed at the same time. In bed we read for a bit but again he wanted to be very very close to me, and after we turned off the lights we cuddled some more, and it was so sweet and intimate. We didn't talk much, just stayed close, but then I was extremely tired. He kept snuffling my neck a lot more than usual, which was very cute, but he didn't comment on the fragrance at all. Oh, and I guess we also slept a bit closer to each other than we normally do (we both like to have our space, so we never fall asleep in each others arms), because I woke up at one point in the middle of the night and we were practically side by side, which is not usual at all. I didn't get any kind of sexual vibe from this (which was just as well for yesterday, as I wasn't looking for one), but I wonder if that would change if I applied it a bit more liberally? All in all a very nice first go with Cuddle Bunny! I like the scent and I believe I like the phero too. With my husband it did result in a very warm, fuzzy and cuddly evening and night, very sweet and intimate but not in a sexy way - nothing drastically different from what we would have had without CB, but I do believe this enhanced the atmosphere. I will definitely do some more experimenting with this.
  12. I tried a little bit of this on yesterday as soon as I got my hands on my first LPMP order, because I have something I really should focus on but find myself constantly distracted. It wasn't an ideal moment though, because I only had about one and a half hours before I had to go and do something else, AND I had just received the package of LP goodies and had no motivation to do anything else but explore all the lovely samples... I probably didn't put enough on, either, just a little bit on my neck and chest. I will be trying this again today, because the task I need to focus on is still there.
  13. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive my package yesterday, and straight from the mailman as well. I hadn't really expected it would arrive so early, as it had only been posted eight days earlier, and I was sure it would get caught in customs anyway and I'd have to pay a lot of extra to get my hands on my goodies. But USPS and my country's post were efficient and for once I was lucky with customs! I happened to be at home when the doorbell rang, and when the mailman handed me a box and I realized what it was, my hands started to literally shake! Oh yes, I was waiting for this so badly. So, of course, I tore the package open right away and unwrapped all the delightful bottles and the little samples in their organza bag. Everything was in good order and I was so happy to discover some free gifts as well: full bottle(!) of A Treasure of Amethyst, which smells quite delightful straight from the bottle, and several small trial vials (I believe these are what you call sniffees), all different and equally interesting! THANK YOU Mara and John!
  14. How lovely to come back here and see so many replies! First of all, THANK YOU everyone for making me feel so welcome! And thank you for the reassurances concerning my not-so-small first order. I really did do a lot of researching first, but you can put it all down to my perfectionist tendencies... It's not easy to be wired that way, but I really can't help it most of the time. But yes, I do fear this might have been the first step down a road of serious addiction! Well, of course first I'll just have to wait and see how it all works out for me. This thing about his testosterone levels has just been a thought that crossed my mind, among many others, when thinking about reasons behind our situation. I started thinking about it more when I first read about copulins and how they increase a man's testosterone levels. I did do some online research just now on low testosterone, and after reading a bit more I don't feel like it's really a very probable explanation after all. He doesn't really fit into the other symptoms that well. Somewhere I also read that in under 40-year-olds the most common reasons behind loss of sexual desire are stress (which he is under, most of the time) and being in a "bad relationship" (yes, it actually said that, which really made me cringe! how about "relationship problems" or something else a bit more constructive?!). He's just turning thirty. He's never had a high sexual drive, but I didn't expect it to be like this so early on. I will keep this testosterone thing in mind though and maybe will try to have his levels checked if the situation persists. Thank you so much for the input, this did give me some food for thought! In any case I don't think it's him being concerned about having more kids, as I have a hormonal IUD (very effective) and out of the two of us, I'm the one who really doesn't want another child. With us it's maybe not so much the Saint Mommy thing (though I can't be sure there's none of that involved, on a sub-conscious level or something). Probably more, like you said, a combination of sex never being that important (especially to him, more so to me, but I've accommodated...) and then the long "dry season". I think we both stopped thinking sexually of each other! I do so want to change that. And we've talked about it, but I fear that I've come across as unsatisfied and needy (which I am!), which might be a bit counterproductive. Doesn't really work to set up the right kind of atmosphere... Laundry list of needs not being met, haha! That is just the thing! I'm afraid that when we have talked about this, it's just ended up with me creating more pressure on him (usually late at night, accompanied with some crying: "why don't we ever have sex anymore, don't you want me, I'm so unhappy, our sex life is so boring..."). Yeah, I'm not sure I'd want to have more sex with me after a discussion like that! Light, complimentary, gentle. What a good reminder. I'm going to try and keep all this in mind. No more serious late-at-night conversations about what is so wrong with our sex life! In addition to wanting to get some more humping, I really do think it's a good idea to try and (re)build a happy, humorous, flirty, open and trusting atmosphere between us, and that's also where I hope pheros could come to help. During the worst times in our relationship we kind of dug ourselves into these trenches, where I was a cold sarcastic nagging wife and he a retreating, emotionally distant husband. Mostly we've come over that and communication is quite normal and loving, but I find that old habits die hard and it's easy to retreat to these positions, so it's really important to pay a lot of attention to that atmosphere between us. I've been experimenting with one phero product from another company which does seem to make me feel extra friendly and loving and him affectionate, but I'm really looking forward to trying some of the LPMP ones. *edited for typos
  15. Hello to all the wonderful people at the LPMP forum! I feel like I know you all and this wonderful community a bit already as I have been lurking around for a week or two, reading what seems like hundreds of reviews and trying to figure out what I want to order. Sorry in advance for any weird choices of words, English is a foreign language to me. I found my way over here from another forum (PT), which I initially found because I decided to do some research on human pheromone products and whether there are any that actually work. I guess I'm not the only one who started out on this road because of wanting to liven up their sex life. I'm a woman in my early thirties, married to a lovely man whom I have one small child with (preschooler). We've been together for almost 12 years now, lived together for 10 years, and been married for five and a half. I feel like we've come to a situation where we have lost that kind of spark, the feeling of a flirty, sexual atmosphere that we used to have. We've not had a downright relationship crisis, but at times I've also felt a bit alienated from him emotionally. Right now it's not that bad, we talk and joke and feel a general closeness to each other, but the sexual side is still a problem. We've had times when we'd only have sex once or twice a year. Now it's gone up to maybe once a month, but I'm still feeling sexually frustrated. I think I'd need it about 1-7 times a week to be happy and satisfied. There are probably several reasons behind our situation, some of which I might not be aware of. I'm sure that a big reason is that neither of us has really ever put our relationship and sex life first, especially after our child was born. For the longest time we were just mommy and daddy, nothing else. Also, he works a lot, at home also in the evenings, and is often exhausted, stressed and preoccupied. As for me, after giving birth I had trouble seeing myself as a sexual and desirable creature, which I'm sure has not helped a whole lot. And I've never been at ease with making the first move; in fact I often become most turned on if I feel that my man wants me. And as for him, I feel that he has some issues too, he even admits to being a bit uptight when it comes to sex. I mean, I'm literally a bundle of inhibitions myself but compared to him, I feel like a free love hippie chick. So, sex has become unfrequent and often very boring, as we don't talk a lot about it and don't experiment new things (which in turn is a bit counterproductive, as I feel it doesn't make us want it more). He says he's kind of ok with it, but I'm thinking it's just because he doesn't know what it could be like. I have to say though, I sometimes wonder whether it's something to do with his testosterone levels as well, and not just with being uptight and preoccupied with work. So, that's the sad situation we are in at the moment, though it's definitely not as bad as it used to be - at least we're talking about it. I'm not really expecting that I buy a bottle of pheromones and it does all the work for us by magically turning us into sex maniacs (though I wouldn't mind that every once in a while to be honest). I am however intrigued about whether a right kind of pheromone blend could lower our (especially his) inhibitions and make us (or him) more interested, assertive and aggressive. In my experience, problems like this are usually about getting stuck in a certain mindset, and a few positive experiences can change that mindset and get you moving in a different direction. A kind of positive affirmation. This being my starting point, I was initially interested in the strongly sexual pheromone blends. After reading about the products and their reviews here I've come to realize that pheromones could be used for so much more too. I do have some other issues as well, namely being rather shy and self-concious in many social situations, so I became very interested in the more social blends as well. I understand that LPMP has a long history in artisan perfumerie and that pheromones are a fairly recent addition. I haven't been interested in perfumes myself. I usually only have one commercial perfume at a time, which I use daily and for all occasions. BUT I have to say that after reading so much on the LPMP scents I'm REALLY looking forward to getting to sniff them for myself. I'm not an olfactory genius, so to speak. Rather an olfactory dummy. I believe I'm really bad at finding different notes in perfumes, and if someone asked me what kind of scents I usually like I would really be at a loss to answer. Honestly, I have no idea how to put scents into words. I know if I like something when I smell it on my skin, and some scents give me a headache, but I have no idea which ones those are. The commercial scents I use tend to come in pink bottles, but apart from that I don't know if they have anything in common. Reading the forum has been an interesting experience, trying to figure out if this or that reviewed item might be something I could like. Because I feel I really don't have a clue, I decided I'd just order a ****load of samples and find out for myself. Oh, and reading the forum has also constantly given me the munchies! So many scents are described in minute detail as being delicious or smelling like chocolate, cake, cupcakes, vanilla, banana, whipped cream... So I found I just had to have something to eat almost all the time! Here is what I ordered, and I'm really quite ashamed of the extensive list... But I wanted to get most of the stuff I really want to try at the same time because I live in Europe and I'm a bit anxious about how long it will take for me to get my order, if it gets stuck in customs and all. I figured I'll just get a LOT of samples at once so I won't feel like I need to immediately reorder and wait again. Not sure if that makes sense or not, but it made me feel better. Oh and THANK YOU Mara and LPMP for the newbie sampler sets! I wouldn't have been able to make such an extensive order without them! Full Bottles: Goddess of the Blue Moon w/ La Femme Mystere (spray) Get Happy w/ Treasured Hearts (spray) Sneaky Clean w/ SS4W (spray) UN Popularity Potion (spray 1x 60/40 alc/sil) UN Focus Potion (roll-on sil) Trials: Heart's Ease w/ Balm Bomb Compromising Positions w/ Sexpionage Beth's Blushing Milkmaid OCCO Blue OCCO Gold OCCO Pink OCCO SLF Cougar Potion Kitten Nip w/ Mother's Little Helper Honeyed Love Potion w/ Gotcha! Unbridled w/ La Femme Noire Phero Girl BAM! Sugared Vanilla & Honey Enduring Appeal w/ Cougar Soaked w/ Audacious Sexology Like A Magnet Pink Amber Bosom Bows w/ G2 Cuddle Bunny Stealing Heaven w/ Open Windows Tease w/ Lace Whew. I hope I got it all right. Well, anyway, I'm really glad to have found my way here! And when I get my order you might be seeing a bit more of me, once I get around to testing all that stuff.
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